How much is enough for Assembly Democrats?

  As bad as things are for Assembly Republicans in Albany, they are likely to get worse after Election Day.

   The Republicans now control only 45 of the 150 seats. And this year they are faced with the retirement of six of their number, while having only one real shot at picking up a seat currently held by a Democrat. Their caucus could easily shrink to 42 or 43 members, some Republicans say.

  Plus, as always, “the Democrats can just carpet-bomb some districts with ads because they have so much more money than we do,” one Republican complained.

  Republicans expect to retain the Yonkers seat being vacated by Louis Mosiello (Michael Spano is their candidate to get his old seat back) but they are not so confident about retaining one seat on Staten Island and the other in the Albany suburbs. Other now-Republican seats near Plattsburgh, Syracause and the northern Catskills look safer.

   The main Republican hope for  a pickup is on the eastern tip of Long Island, where first-term Demcorat Marc Alessi is being challenged by Daniel Penico,a 28-yeart-old county legislature staffer.

  How many seats are enough for the Democrats? A hundred gives them enough votes to override gubernatorial vetoes, but, as one Democrat said, “we always want more.”


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