Mission Accomplished


What’s left to do after you have led the state Democratic Party to a sweep of New York’s top offices and knocked of a handful of once-untouchable House Republicans. Well, if you are Herman “Denny” Farrell you step down while you are still on top.

In a statement e-mail to reporters this afternoon, Farrell announced his plans to step down as state party chairman at the end of the year. Here’s highlights of his press release:

“With possession of every statewide office in the state, as well as a pickup of three congressional seats and a possible state senate seat, it is fair to say in all humility that the party has never been in better shape in modern history.

“As a result of our unparalleled victories and unity, and the fact that the party is the strongest its ever been, I believe we have accomplished the lofty goals set for us when I took this job.

“With that in mind, I am proud and humbled to announce that I have decided to step down as state chairman, effective January 1. I do intend to remain as Manhattan county leader and chair of the Assembly Ways and Means Committee.”


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