Panio in Trouble?


Could RoseMarie Panio’s days as leader of the Westchester Republican Party be numbered?

While Panio still maintains she has no intention of stepping down, a motion calling for her resignation was made at last night’s meeting of the county GOP’s Executive Committee. It was floated by Cortlandt Republican Chairman Daniel Sadofsky.

The measure was not seconded at the meeting and it never came up for a vote. But it does seem to reflect a movement within the party for new leadership. A recent item on this blog that stated Panio’s intention to stick around as party leader has so far garnered more than 40 comments from angry Republicans calling for a change at the top.

“I can understand how people feel,” Panio said today. “They are disappointed, as am I.”

Panio, though, still believes she is helping the party and said there’s little benefit to her stepping down before her term expires in September.


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  1. the consultant on

    Rosemarie Panio is wearing blinders..”she is dissapointed”
    what about the republican ticket…
    who put John Faso over the top at the convention
    Westchester…since when is westchester a pro life
    right wing republican county..the vacuum created
    at the top of the ticket and the maneuvering with
    mike long that made john the joke spencer the
    republican nominee was a disgrace…even back in the
    days of ed michalean and tony colavita we nominated
    mainstream candidates, from lew lehrman, to andy o’rourke
    but rosemarie made her deal with the devil
    including julio cavallo and zehey jeries from yonkers
    she sealed her we need a no nonsense
    articulate and progressive leader that is not
    simply a rehash of the old guard….rosemary
    had her chance to be a stablizing voice, instead
    she chose to cave in…and must shoulder the
    blame for the spano loss. because a vacuum at the
    top was created from jeanine running for the senate
    (the brain child of kieran mahoney which should have
    been stopped) to nominating a parochial former
    assemblyman and lobbyist, john faso who not only
    was pro-life in a pro-choice state but who
    voted against things like equal pay for women
    shame on you you can leave

  2. There are fine replacements Legislator Jim Maisano-Richard Hoffman- Mayor Joe Delfino- Tony Colavita .ITS TIME FOR CHANGE PANIO = DISASTER FOR THE GOP.

  3. Rosemary is a nice lady, but she really needs to put the best interests of the party before her own. She is incapable of providing the leadership necessary to rebuild the party. She cannot raise money (I understand the party only has a few thousand dollars left in account), she cannot locate impressive, competent candidates and has absolutely failed to build any grassroots organization. This party is in crisis and needs dramatic reform. Rosemary, please step down.

  4. Give me a break on

    We should nominate Mike Spano or Ursula Lamotte for chair. They would make dynamic candidates and are proven winners.

  5. mike edelman was the mouthpiece for the pirro’s because jeanine pirro gave him a sweetheart deal. edelman plays no role in the gop. edelman is not a district leader and holds no capacity in the gop. edelman’s only involvement in the gop is to make a profit on its candidates. the first start in building the gop is for edelman to resign from news12 and the party spokeperson should be rob astorino-george oros or dee barbato.

  6. the consultant on

    you accuse mike edelman of getting a “sweatheart” deal
    you want to spell out what you think that is because
    as far a I know mike never received a dime from the
    pirros or anyone connected to them..he has defended jeanine
    and al out of friendship and they and everyone else knows
    it…besides wasn’t jeanine the republican candidate for attorney general this shouldn’ta repubublican commentator defend her candidacy..Edelman is not stepping
    down any time soon..and news 12 picks its own commentators
    You will note he is no longer introduced as having any
    relationship with the party and those you have mentioned
    are ineligibile to appear on tv becuase they are now or
    will be soon candidates for office…sorry you don’t like
    mike, but apparently the public loves him…because unlike
    some of you he doesn’t defend the indefensible..the two
    leaders rosemary panio and zhey jeries have taken the party
    into the back rooms..they are the ones that will resign

  7. re gop commentsw about mike edelman.
    mike has been a republican since 1964…he has run campaigns
    for only republicans for over 30 years includinng..carl vergari for da 4 times, martinelli for mayor 5 times,
    20-30 republican judicial campaings.campaings for the us congress..and most notably he won against 100,000 vote
    democratic edge the 2005 campaign for Janet DiFiore now
    the only county wide republican standing…He has a 95%
    winning record..He Has neve handled a democrat altough
    it was offerred on more than on occasion..
    He appears regularly all over the nation on WABC and WCBS
    radio affiliates as a republican consultant on national
    issues…He is quoted frequently in the New York times
    the daiy news, the new york post, and the journal news
    as well as the new York Magazine, and Long Island Newsday
    In fact he has more claim to being a true republican
    commnetator than anyone else I can think of in this county
    I guess that is why news 12 likes him..and as an aside
    he is also entertaining..that’s why I won’t miss newsmakers
    when he is on…