Spano Defends Panio


Departing State Sen. Nicholas Spano came to the defense of Westchester Republican Chairwoman RoseMarie Panio today, saying that criticism of her was “displaced aggression.”

Spano, in a telephone interview a few moments ago, said leading the party was a thankless job and that Panio was getting too much blame for the defeats suffered by Republicans on Election Day – including his.

“The demographics are changing, no fault of hers,” Spano, the Yonkers Republican, said. “The Eliot Spitzer, Hillary Clinton landslides were no fault of hers. And I think it is unfair to attack her. It is not going to be a fun time for her.”

Instead of criticizing Panio, Spano urged Republicans to “step up and help her.”

As for his own future, Spano, who was defeated on Election Day by Democrat Andrea Stewart-Cousins, said he has received several job offers but has made no final decisions.

“The one thing they can’t offer me is the job that I love the most,” Spano said.


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  1. the consultant on

    Nick is definitely a gentleman..but the fact remains
    that Mrs. Panio bears a lot of responsibility for
    the weak republican ticket leading to nick’s demise.
    anyone able to get in the forties at the top of the
    ticket would have insured that nick did not lose his would have only taken a switch of 900 votes
    coupled with the fact that john spencer running for
    the senate could not carry one ward in his home
    town of yonkers makes it clear that the leadership
    thankless job or not, had the responbility to field
    the best candidates if only to preserve the new york
    state senate seat from westchester..that wasn’t done