Hillary at Borders!


Anyone wishing for a signed copy of “It Takes a Village,” should plan to be a Borders in White Plains on Wednesday.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton will be signing copies of the updated, 10th annversary edition of her book, starting at 7 p.m.

Tickets are required, so anyone wishing to attend should head to the store beginning Monday at 9 a.m. They will be distributed on a first come, first served basis. Borders is located at 60 South Broadway in White Plains.


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  1. jimmy carter appeared in white plains on his way
    to the nomination and he turned out to be the
    worst president in the last 60 years..But I digress
    Let’s talk about the McCain cunnundrum John McCain
    is the front runner for the GOP nomination..and he
    is beating hillary 47-43 based on the lates WSJ
    poll./However Mc Cain is also calling for an increase
    in troops in Iraq..and this may be a strategic error
    because if the president does not committ additional
    troops then McCain can say I told you so..but if the
    president puts more troops in and they fail to
    secure Bagdad..and do not turn the war around
    the McCain doctrine will be discredited and so
    will his frontrunnier status…Iraq cannot be won
    with a military solution and although i like john
    McCain a lot becuase of his libertarian streak..his
    basic problem is that he is a military guy who wants
    to win a war that is not winnable..watch out for
    mitt romney and chuck hagel if Mc Cain get his
    wish for more troops//and also watch for hillary
    to start overaking Mc Cain in the polls if more
    troops are committed

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