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Neal Comer, an attorney from White Plains has been appointed by state Supreme Court Judge Denis Donovan to oversee the much-disputed re-organization of the Westchester branch of the Independence Party.

The appointment follows Donovan’s earlier ruling that the re-organization meeting held by the party in September was invalid because several members – especially those allied to an insurgent group led by former party Chairman Nader Sayegh – were not properly notified that it was taking place.

Donovan ordered the party to hold a new re-organization meeting that would be monitored by the court. Attorneys for party leader Giulio Cavallo have appealed the decision

In his most recent ruling, Donovan set Comer’s fee at $350 per hour – to be paid by the party.


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    any scrutiny of julio cavalo’s dealings inside the independence party whether of the reorg, or of the use
    of monies paid to the ind party club, and thereafter
    utilized by the chairman will be like shining a light
    under a rock and watching the vermin run for the hills!

  2. I heard cavlow had his last Christmas party last week along with Doug”the vegatable man’Colety at the westchester manor.Mike how can Panio allow this????everyone knows what is going on with cavalow…..why would doug keep sticking his head out and jeopordize what is left of the REPUBLICAN party???And at the door they asked for donations???I guess cavalows slush fund is coming to an end???
    I like to see if they come up with 25 big ones by next week for the monitor and where it comes from.The chimp keeps appealing the Judges decision like he has a chance.Word of advice to the chimp bag your bags and stay up in albany because down here you are known as a loser!!!Nick Spano is not here to help you guys anymore fix cases!!!Chimp did the grievance committee contact you yet for your clients lying on the stand and you knowing about it??? More to come….


    because the potential to make money from candidates next
    year outweighs the ethics of being a republican party official, and isn’t that what this whole thing is about

  4. well i wouldnt want to make money that way,i guess these guys are desperados,and Panio should really step in and tell Doug take a back seat till this done with.Bu you are right it is abou money!!!

  5. Mr. Blain, please note you forgot to mention that the monitor is to be paid, not only by the party, but by GIULIO CAVALLO, DHYALMA N. VAZQUEZ, & MARIO CASTALDO personally as well.

  6. Re: Justice Donovan Court Order and Decision on Westchester Independence Party (Score: 0)
    by Anonymous on Thursday, December 28 @ 21:43:15 EST
    A-BOMBER dropped a bomb on cavalo today appx.hit was about 6:15pm, at castaldos bunkers 519 waverly in mamaroneck,2 casaulties reported cavalo, castaldo are in shock when the bomb hit them,Dalma and the Chimp were no where when they bombb dropped!!!more to come stay tuned more bombs to drop……………

  7. After checking the Legal Searches, we have new information about Joe Spiezio. Mr Rivera you are right that Joe has business Newark. He is being sued in Newark for RICO, racketeering and corrupt companies. He stole HUD money in West Orange and the FBI wants him to go to court in Newark. Big RICO investigation. The Journal News wanted to have Spiezio investigated by the FBI. It is being looked into in Newark.

  8. NEWS FLASH ******

    Royal Insurance Co. wants the $800,000 back , because the District Attorney believes that Joe is involved in many of these suspicious fires caused by arson. The District Attorney’s beliefs as reported in the Journal News. The case may have been fixed with the help of your Uncle Joe and Emmett.

  9. Is Spiezio going to pay for the oil bills this winter? This slumlord belongs in jail.

    A:) Checker Title Co.
    B:) Joni Management Co.
    C:) Trolley Barn
    D:)Commerce Building
    E:)Gazette Building
    G:) God help him

    F:) Fire/ Arson
    H:) H.U.D money intermingled
    I:) I.R.S Tax bills unpaid

    J:) Jail=Joe Spiezio

    L:) Louise M. Spiezio / Lawrence Kalkstein
    S:) Spiezio Holdings

  10. Maria Santiago on

    Mr. Spitzio & Mr. Kader, why do you steal from the poor people. You steal welfare and HUD money and the poor people get nothing. You have to go to jail, this disgraceful. I pray for you.

  11. all ficticious names!!!Attempt to form an Interim County Committee of the Westchester County Independence Party was FOILED!

    Mamaroneck, NY – December 28, 2006 – Standing in front of an auto body shop / law office, also known as the Westchester County Independence Committee Headquarters located at 519 Waverly Street, Cavallo and company were served, at their feet, an Order to Show Cause, issued by Supreme Court Justice Nicholas Colabella.

    The Order restrained the respondents (Cavallo, Vazquez and Castaldo) and all other persons from taking any steps to form an Interim County Committee (ICO) of the Westchester County Independence Party under the provisions of the State Committee Rules.

    Fearing a lawful reorganization, the ICO by Vazquez and Cavallo is clearly a deliberate attempt to circumvent Supreme Court Justice W. Denis Donovan’s previous decision and order rendering Giulio Cavallo and company powerless for acting in any capacity to lead the Westchester Independence Committee.

    Also present at the auto body shop was County Republican Executive Committee Member and New Rochelle GOP Chairman, Doug Coltey. What is a GOP leader doing at an ICO meeting for the Independence Party? Why does the GOP continue to fund Cavallo and the Independence Club?

  12. The Cavallo money trail must be investigated.

    The Yonkers Insider is calling on Law Enforcement agencies and other Government agencies with the authority to investigate the Cavallo money trail. There needs to be an inquiry into Cavallo’s money fund, which is The Westchester Independence Club. Did Cavallo use contributions to this group for personal use? Also is the State GOP funding his appeal to try and stop a legal re-org? This must thoroughly investigated by the proper law enforcement entities and if it is found the State GOP is funding his appeals in attempt to help Cavallo hold onto power, those State Republicans should be held accountable. Also look at the candidates who gave to The Westchester Independence Club? Were any Maximum contribution amounts to a certain committee violated by Judicial or other candidates. Cavallo calls himself a kingmaker of the Judges and also the kingmaker in other races as well. His cooperative coalition with Republicans like Zehy Jereis and Doug Colety is troubling. In light of the effect of Rob Astorino and Rory Bellantoni getting past over by the Independence Party. Has Cavallo steered money to Jereis and Colety, as part of their deals? This criminal organization of Cavallo, Jereis, Colety, Vazquez, Castaldo and countless others must be investigated by law enforcement and stopped. Also John Ciampoli, who also describes as the advisor for “Team Corruption”. He stood by, while Team Corruption attempted to do their illegal activities. Mr. Ciampoli does have higher power to answer to, he is an officer of the court and that is a higher power. Ciampoli’s conduct must be looked at by the Grievance Committee of the 9th Judicial District. The Yonkers Insider will continue to ask the tough questions and look into these most important issues. Also The Yonkers Insider compliments GOP Analyst Mike Edelman for speaking and telling the truth about certain GOP leaders deals with Cavallo. Mike Edelman has real integrity and character and a message to Mr. Edelman: Keep speaking out and telling the truth. Integrity is coming to the Independence Party, real soon. As soon as the reorg is completed, The Westchester Integrity Committee will return honor, integrity, dignity and democracy back to the Westchester Independence Party. The Westchester Integrity Committee will respect all voters and District Leaders of the Westchester Independence Party and will not seek to disenfranchise or violate District Leaders and Independence Party voters rights, like Cavallo Team Corruption has in the past.

    The Yonkers Insider

  13. Letter from Contractor in Sharon, CT


    To Whom It May Concern:

    I have read several articles on a person that you have been reporting on for the past year or so. It is a man vested in Westchester Politics and is most certainly a questionable character. He claims he is a well connected politically and he is a Doctor. As you will see he is not any of the them!

    I was a small local contractor in Sharon, Connecticut. I was hired by Gulius Cavallo to clear a piece of property approximately 6.5 acres, build a road and a bridge for the construction of his new home. After that was completed he then contracted me to build a new home for himself and his wife Carmela.

    The first payment I received from Cavallo was returned because of insufficient funds twice and did not become available until two weeks later, when new checks were issued.

    He explained that the mortgage company would only release certain amount of funds as the project progressed. I agreed to let my payments slow down so as we could pay the subs on the job. He was not using any of his money or did not have any?

    As time went by, Mr. Cavallo made numerous changes to the property and the proposed home, subcontractor payments were slower and on some occasions the checks they received bounced. My payments at one point became extinct due to lack of funds by him and his lender refused to extend themselves any further.

    At this point Cavallo started promising me all forms of commercial work in NY State. He met me one day with two brothers that he claimed were his partners and also his nephews? He also stated that they would be in charge of his home and were going to make it much bigger. He explained that it was being done by them for a political favor they owed him.

    He just kept telling me in order to scare me that he controlled the Westchester District Attorney and he handled these two brothers legal problems or the brothers would have been indicted by the DA for a bunch of criminal activity. I do not know these guys nor wish to know them, but they appeared to be very very shady.

    At this point one of the brothers tried to offer me small payments every week in cash. They wanted to meet at one of there Connecticut restaurants for the money weekly and it seemed illegal between what Cavallo said and now the money! I refused and said absolutely no and I want my full payment from Cavallo or I will lien the property.

    I did some looking around these two brothers because everything now that Cavallo and these two men told were completely false and these two brothers were from New York and in Bankruptcy and in serious legal problems. They were Gus and Tom Gianopolous and owned a lot of Dunkin Donuts and Bennigans Restaurants. I found this amazing that this was even going on.

    I asked Cavallo to pay me in full for the work completed up to date and let thses two guys that had no idea what was going on to complete the work. He said he did not have the money and they would pay. After a few weeks of this, I then liened the property. I will provde a copy of the lien for you records.

    After a month or so, I also received a letter from a law firm he used claiming I owed him money and he had this law firm send letters to some of the subs claiming that I had been removed from the property for misappropriation of funds. I recognized the name as a person that Cavallo said would do what he asked him because he wanted to be a judge!

    Mr. Cavallo tried to continue with these two men and obviously the job stopped and remains a complete eyesore in the Town. The property is located at 95 Main Street, Sharon, Connecticut. The home remains unfinished and the house half framed.

    I’m writing this letter because this man in my opinion is corrupt and uses people’s names like, Spano, Pirro and Judges that he controls. This man cost me my business, my home and I will not let him get away with it and retained counsel. He cannot silence me and he will not get away with this. He uses people’s names and they will be in trouble also and may have nothing to do with this man and that was the purpose of this letter.

    I read a few articles when I his name and I want the FBI and the DA to look into this man and you will see what he is all about. He also carries a weapon and he has NO license in the state of Connecticut for a gun and he brags how he could get me a gun permit, full carry!. He try to tell me he is a Doctor and tried to tell me about medical conditions and he always carried prescription samples he gets for people. He is not a Doctor and has NO license!

    This man is a fraud and must be stopped and I am alittle guy that has losrt enough, so I am writing you in an attempt to make you and the rest of the people aware of this man.

    This is my opinion of the facts and circumstances that occured to me.

    Please try to expose this man and I can be e-mailed at

    He’s cost me endless financial problems including my home and he thinks his political power that brags about gives him the right to be unscrupulous and controlling others like myself with no recourse. Well he was wrong this time!

    This letter is forwarded to you because I read one of your stories in your paper and you are on the right track with this man and I think other people should know.


    John Ciampoli: Adviser to Team Corruption.

    The Yonkers Insider wants to know after looking at the decision in this case of where, Team Corruption suffered a devastating loss in court. It says that John Ciampoli was the adviser of Team Corruption. Doesn’t Ciampoli have a higher ethical standard, since he is an officer of the court. The Yonkers Insider thinks that the Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial District should be asked by citizens to look into the actions of Ciampoli and Parisi as well.

    Don’t also forget the testimony of Doug Colety and Dhylama Vazquez of which was questionable testimony at best and perjury at worst. Did Ciampoli advise team corruption to act with this kind of behavior and conduct??? Did Ciampoli as an adviser stand by and watch this corruption and also be an officer of the court? The officer of the court duty is a powerful duty and it is time for Ciampoli to be held accountable for his actions. This needs to be thoroughly investigated by the proper authorities.

    Don’t forget also in the record: That Mario Castaldo testified that he never interviewed candidates for the Ind Party Line. What was the selection process of candidates with Cavallo’s Team of Corruption in the Independence Party? The Westchester Integrity Committee will change this, when they take over the party. It will be done in an open and transparent way. It will not be done in the Backrooms.

    The Yonkers Insider will continue to delve into these issues and look for justice and put an end to Team Corruption’s corrupt ways. The Yonkers Insider will stay on this case.

    Contact Info:

    Grievance Committee for the Ninth Judicial District
    399 Knollwood Road, Suite 200 White Plains, NY 10603
    (914) 949-4540


    MICHAEL J. GARCIA, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and MARK J. MERSHON, the Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI New York Field Office, announced today that the federal government is stepping up efforts to investigate and prosecute public corruption in Westchester, Rockland, Putnam, Dutchess, Orange and Sullivan Counties.
    The initiative will include the commitment of significant additional joint resources by the U.S. Attorney’s Office and the FBI, according to Mr. GARCIA and Mr. MERSHON.
    As part of the effort, they announced the creation of a corruption hotline – 1-877-ENDGRAFT (1-877-363-4723)– through which members of the public can call and report potential abuses of the public trust by public officials.
    Mr. GARCIA stated: “By setting up this hotline, we seek to encourage citizens to report abuses by public officials, with the knowledge that we will take appropriate follow-up action.
    The hotline is the latest example of the federal government’s commitment to a partnership with the public to expose corruption at all levels of government.
    Mr. MERSHON stated: “Rooting out public corruption remains a priority of the FBI nationally and in the New York region, because it is fundamental to maintaining public confidence in our elected and appointed officials. Those who govern in a democracy are supposed to act in the best interests of the people, not engage in self-dealing motivated by self interest. Most government officials conduct themselves with honesty and integrity, as do most people, generally. But we would no sooner reduce our vigilance over public corruption than
    a rational community would disband its police force.�


  16. Birds of a feather flock together

    John “Jack� O’Toole, of 7 Grosbeak Road, Yonkers, NY, a registered Republican, claims to be the spokesperson for Giulio Cavallo and the Westchester County Independence Party and Club. What did he get himself into this time?

    On April 26, 2006, on the steps of the Federal Court House, Jack O’Toole was visibly baffled by questions posed by Tracy Everson of Channel 12 News Westchester. When asked about the financial disclosure filings and glaring housekeeping accounts filed by Giulio Cavallo he was obviously stunned, stumbling over his words. Imagine a spokesperson speechless.

    Jack O’Toole has a long relationship with corrupt public officials and party bosses. To name a few, convicted felon and ex-state Senator Guy Velella, listed Westchester Independence Party boss Mario Castaldo, convicted felons and Independence Party district leaders brothers Gus and Tom Gianopoulos from North Salem, disbarred attorney and executive committee member Moses Rambarran, and of course, Giulio Cavallo.

    When it comes to finances, Jack O’Toole is no stranger to evading the law and fits the mold of the persons mentioned above. Research had found Jack O’Toole has a Civil Judgment filed against him in March 1998 for $31,576.00 and a NYS Tax lien and judgment filed against him in December 2004 for $3,694.00. It appears “Birds of a feather flock together.” Did Cavallo bail O’Toole out with tainted, political donations through housekeeping accounts? Did he get him a state job?

    Can’t the Independence Party get anybody else to answer simple questions? Allegedly, Doug Colety, New Rochelle GOP Chairman and member of the GOP Executive Committee is replacing the bewildered O’Toole this month as the new spokesman. Colety may be up to the job since he has been seen numerous times in the company of Giulio Cavallo and convicted felon Gus Gianopoulous, most notably at Jeanine Pirro’s fundraiser in 2005 courtesy of Channel 12 News Westchester (Watch the Channel 12 News Westchester Video on our Web site @ Colety has repeatedly been called the “chauffeur” due to the frequent sightings of Colety driving Giulio Cavallo from place to place all over the county. Allegedly, Colety’s aspirations include reorganizing the Westchester GOP and ousting current GOP Chairwoman Rosemarie Panio. GOP sources indicate he has the support of several GOP town leaders including the outspoken and notorious Zehy Jereis of Yonkers, who unsuccessfully organized a coup against Panio last year, and North Castle GOP Chairman Kevin Eccleston.

    The Westchester Integrity Committee continues to call upon the US Attorney, State Attorney General and Westchester County DA to vigorously investigate the obvious political corruption taking place here in Westchester County within the Independence Party and Club and its associates.

    Stay tuned. Further investigation between Doug Colety and Giulio Cavallo’s business dealings related to various political housekeeping accounts and movement of monies with known convicted felons is pending.

    The information obtained within this release was provided by third parties and news reports.