Ball, the movie (or at least a clip)


For those following the fallout from the <a href=”″ target=”_blank”>comptroller vote</a> yesterday in Albany, here’s a <a href=”” target=”_blank”>video clip</a> of Assemblyman Greg Ball’s berating of his colleagues.

Ball was lamenting the selection of Assemblyman Thomas DiNapoli, a Democrat, for the spot. By selecting him, lawmakers rejected three finalists put forth by a bipartisan panel, which was championed by Gov. Spitzer. That, Ball said to boos and catcalls, just reinforced the public’s view that the New York Legislature was the country’s most dysfunctional.

(The clip may take a minute or two to load. Plus, read more about this tomorrow in The Journal News.)


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  1. Good for him. If you weren’t aware of the mis aligned assemble then (as I wasn’t) we are now. Talk about cronisim

  2. During the primary and general election the new Assemblyman criticized the State Assembly and State government, in general, for being aloof to the needs of the people and dysfuncational as a governing body.

    Yet, the moment they show a little independence from the political machine he lambasted he gets his undies all twisted up? There must be more to the Assemblyman’s outburst than meets the eye.

    What’s more, Tom DiNaploi, is one of the very best Assemblymen this state has ever had and he’ll do a fine job in the position of Comptroller. I’m just sorry we’re loosing this eminent environmentalist from the floor of the Assembly. He’s crafted so many good environmental bills over the years that his loss from the legislative branch of our government may bode ill for the rest of us. Still, he’s a good choice and, as the vote tally showed, well supported.

  3. Mr. Green,

    The NYS legislature showed “independence from the political machine.” ????

    Dude – you need to re-adjust the antenna on your tin foil hat if you really believe what you just wrote.

  4. Greg Ball is going to hurt the constituents that he is supposed to be representing. The Republican and Democratic Assemblyman and Seantors will blackball him and the residents in his district will pay the price. Greg thinks this is a game. I am saddened by his behavior.

  5. Ron,
    What is Silver going to do to Ball? Take away his non existent Member Item money?

    So essentially you are saying it would be better for Ball to have a “go along to get along” mentality than to fight for something he believes in?

  6. He is a spoiled detractor and premadonna wannabe who has always hated Ball. This guy has balls. He stood up against the corruption. He stood up for a DEMOCRATIC governor. He spoke truth to power. And he is going to go far. Good job Greg, go get im.

  7. Its about time someone stood up and said what he said. REFORM THIS GREAT STATE. DO IT NOW!
    Go Greg.

  8. Greg will make much noise and get the attention of a few. But when all is said and done, Greg will hurt his own political future and he will hurt the residents in his district. Greg could have voted against Silver without calling all elected officials in Albany names. Greg has upset both sides of the aisle in Albany. No one wants to be seen anywhere near this guy. Greg will be a one term elected official.

  9. Keep drinking that kool-aid Ron. Clearly, Gregg Ball is the type of guy who is not afraid to call a spade a spade. Let the Albany machine be mad with him. Let them boo and hiss and jeer. They do this because they are weak and men like Gregg are strong. It’s easy to send out a press release every week calling yourself a “reformer” — what’s hard is to be able to rise to the occasion and provide the neccesarily leadership.

    The legislature deserved to be called alot worse than what Ball said. Your pathetic attempt, and they attempt of Mr. Green to attack Gregg Ball for being a strong voice for reform was to be expected.

    After all, didn’t Eliot Spitzer say in his State of the State: “There will be cynics and pessimists who will say we can’t, we shouldn’t and we won’t. Their only job will be to protect the status quo that has worked for them, but not for us. The status quo always has powerful friends.”

    And perhaps even better: “New York is not in its current position because of a lack of ideas. New York is in this position because of a lack of leadership.”

    Drink up kids, it’s going to be a long four years!

  10. It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.

  11. aha! we have a tug of war between those who think greg ball
    in not going along will be shut out of money for his much influence do you think a freshman
    republican in the democratic controlled assembly would have
    anyway…The action of the assembl in picking a comptroller
    with no financial experience is irresponsible. It is those
    democrats who blindly followed their leader who will incur
    the rath of the new governor..there is a war going on in ny
    between the business as usual bunch and those who want to
    see reform..It is not the first time in new york’s history
    remember boss tweed..greg has chosen the right path
    and those who elected him should be proud of his

  12. I have never been prouder of my assemblyman, as when I was when I watched the video clip of Mr. Ball’s speech. Mr. Ball was right in stating that the New York State Legislature is the most dysfunctional in the nation. The fact that the Majority Leader would re-neg on a deal to secure the best Controller for New York State testifies to that fact. Mr. Silver clearly only wanted a Controller who would be subservient to the Democratic power machine. Although I am a right wing Republican, I support Governor Spitzer’s reform agenda. It can’t get any worse than it is now. Mr. Ball is the right man in Albany and is doing a tremendous job. We should all be proud of him.

  13. This little outburst is Acting 101. In my view, it represents 10% of what Ball stands for; the other 90%, based on his past behavior, is that he is a racist bigot, who wants to take away a women’s right to choose, and is very anti gay.

    BTW, Spitzer, has no legal role in this proceeding. It was up to the Senate and Assembly to decide. So where is the corruption or violation of trust???

    This is the same “make an issue out of nothing” that Ball used to get elected.

  14. I really don’t see why everyone is making such a big deal about Greg Ball’s speech on the floor. It’s not like he was the only one to get up and speak out against the process and he wasn’t the only one who voted against Silver’s choice. I think there is a time and a place for attacks on the Legislature and I agree with those who think that Ball did a disservice to his constituents. But not in the form of member item money. Member item money for minority members is not controlled by Silver, it’s controlled by the Minority Leader. Where the district will be hurt is in any local legislation, any home rule messages and other important things that the average constituent may not realize that Ball needs to get passed. It takes someone with the ability to be cordial enough to develop working relationships with both sides of the aisle to get these types of critical legislation passed. I have no problem with Ball being critical of the dysfunction, and even critical of the Speaker, but through a tantrum on the Chamber floor to get his point across was not the type of representation I want in the Assembly. Ball has said he has no interest in gaining applause or fitting in in Albany. That’s fine, but if he continues to rip apart the institution he is a part of, this district will get nothing accomplished. Forget member item money – that just might be the only thing Ball does get done during his tenure. Except he is on the record saying he won’t accept any member item money. I am no fan of Silver and agree that the Legislature is in need of reform. And I’m sure this post will result in a lot of angry responses. But I think we need a representative who isn’t about grandstanding and putting out press releases outlining just how much of a media response his grandstanding garnered him. He said the Assembly is an ego filled chamber. Boy, is he right. Just his alone I’m sure takes up a great deal of space.

  15. Michael Kalpern on

    The bottom line is this, Greg Ball is a hero to the reform movement. Those who disagree with him on social issues are taking this opportunity to lash out at him because their world view is if “you’re wrong once, you’re always wrong and I’m always right!” – talk about EGO…

    Ball should have the support of every pissed off voter in this state. He got up from his seat and voiced a frustration and anger that New York’s over-taxed residents know all too well. Those who attack Mr. Ball are most likely products of the machine.

  16. ReformCanHappen on

    Reform cannot happen with just one person. Electing Spitzer was a great start. But we, as voters, failed miserably, when we sent EVERY SINGLE incumbent BACK TO ALBANY.

    How does that bring change? It is up to us to elect NEW PEOPLE. And preferably people who are not beholden to their party — no matter what their party is. Then maybe we will start to see some real change.

    Hope y’all remember this next election day and don’t vote these same schmucks back in office AGAIN.

  17. yeah but you forgot to send the most powerful
    westchester incumbant back to guess
    who gets screwed? the voters in yonkers and greenburgh