Different tune from freshman Putnam lawmaker


The first time Carmel Republican Greg Ball rose to speak in the Assembly chamber, in  January, he called the Legislature “dysfunctional,” and was greeted with boos and hisses by his colleagues.

It was different today.

“Today is a happy day,” said the freshman lawmaker, who represents parts of northern Westchester, eastern Putnam and the town of Pawling in Dutchess County. “And I want to thank everyone in the chamber for their hard work, and I want to thank the governor.”

 Ball, who beat incumbent Willis Stephens in a primary last November, was unhappy the first time he spoke because lawmakers were about to elect a colleague, Democrat Tom Dinapoli of Nassau County, as the new state comptroller. Ball didn’t think DiNapoli was qualified for the job.

Today, lawmakers were voting on a workers’-compensation reform bill he thinks is needed.

“From a new freshman still wet behind the ears, thanks for making me proud today,” he said.


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  1. Washington Post’s Reliable Source, March 6, 2007


    The Courage Cup polo war is heating up. Over the weekend, founder Greg Ball sent an e-mail to thousands of local fans advertising a charity polo match he calls the Courage Cup at Leesburg’s Morven Park on May 12. But not so fast! Three directors of the group once allied with Ball quickly responded with an e-mail saying the official Courage Cup is slated for June 16 at Great Meadow Polo Club near Middleburg.

    Since Ball left D.C. to become a New York state legislator, he and the new board have fought each other with dueling Web sites and bitter e-mails. Ball now contends that his cup is taking place in conjunction with America’s Cup of Polo (England vs. United States). No way, said Charlie Muldoon, director of polo for the May 12 event.

    Meanwhile, the chances of a friendly resolution are shrinking by the day. The new directors have washed their hands of Ball, saying in an open letter: “We will have nothing further to do with this person or his imaginary polo activity, either collectively or individually.” In a letter on his Web site, Ball shot back, denouncing the “unauthorized and renegade outfit.” Remember when polo was civilized?

  2. Phil Birnbaum on

    Greg’s a good guy… I want to thank him for being such a proud member of the legislature and for being such an effective vooice of the people.

  3. Thomas Courtien on

    Greg Ball – always showboating. In a 15 second commercial world, he gives the public what they want -sound bites.