“Profligate and Pandering”


Gov. Eliot Spitzer went after the Repblican-led Senate Monday, calling their proposal to add hundreds of millions of dollars in health-care spending “both profligate and pandering.”

 The Democrat accused the Republicans of not being conservative, when it comes to spending. He said their plan would not only boost spending but also would “wipe out, almost in its entirety” the state’s reserve fund and leave the state facing a $7 billion budget gap next year and $10 billion the year after that.

Spitzer’s remarks came at a news conference where Spitzer was supported by leader of inner-city community-based health centers that — unlike hospitals and the hospital-workers’ union — like the governor’s plan to shift health-care spending. Spitzer also released another ad (paid for by his campaign committee) touting his health-care plan.


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