Ernie Davis’ Democratic support


Westchester Legislator Clinton Young is moving forward with his plan to challenge Mount Vernon Mayor Ernest Davis in a primary, but he can already count on opposition from city and county Democratic leaders.

“An unfortunate development,” said Westchester Democratic Chairman Reginald LaFayette about Young’s challenge.

“I think it is always an unfortunate development when associates and friends of each other come to a political crossroads where they are opposing each other,” LaFayette said. “I know both men have endorsed each other in the past and have ran together in the past on the same ticket.”

LaFayette, who lives in Mount Vernon and once chaired the city committee, made it clear that he is backing Davis in the race. So has Mount Vernon Democratic Chairwoman Serapher Conn-Halevi.

“I regret that it has come to this, but I guess in life these things happen,” LaFayette said. “I will be supporting the incumbent Mayor Ernie Davis because I think he has done a fine job for the people of Mount Vernon in what matters to all residents – and that is maintaining a stable tax base and keeping taxes at a low rate.”


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  1. As Reggie said, Ernie Davis has done a fine job and Mt. Vernon sparkles as a result. In addition, the Mayor hasn’t lost that endearing twinkle in his eye.

    The citizens of Mt. Vernon will re-elect Mayor Davis resoundingly, as he continues to enjoy the support of the governed as well as his party’s uniquely capable leadership.

  2. Ravi Batra Said,

    “As Reggie said, Ernie Davis has done a fine job and Mt. Vernon sparkles as a result.”

    I guess you don’t live in Mount Vernon Ravi. How has “Mayor” Ernie Davis done a fine job? The citizen moral is at an all time low in the city. Almost every Mount Vernon resident i have spoken with is extrmemly displeased and several have either moved out or are in the process of moving out.

    Legislator Young is the most successfull legislator in the history of Mount Vernon. He has brought more county dollars to Mount Vernon than any legilsator in our history. He has been a advocate for our youth throughout his political, professional and personal career.

    Mayor Davis will not win!! Period! The article in today paper was full of misinformation from our Democratic Party “Leaders”. The Democratic Party’s convention is when the DISTRICT LEADERS of Mount Vernon will decide who the party will support in the primary. Serapher CONN-Halevi has not even set a date for the convention, yet she said the party supports Davis. The very nature of democracy makes that impossible if there has not been a convention. My understanding is the Mount Vernon City Council met with CONN-Halevi and they told her to tell the mayor they will not be supporting Davis. If that is the case, then how can she say they support Davis and not Young.

    The fact is this..If you speak with NUMEROUS district leaders and people in general in Mount Vernon, they are very displeased with Mayor Davis and will be voting and supporting Legislator Clinton Young.

  3. Hey Ravi:

    Check out this information taken from the Federal Governments web-site (HUD):

    HUD Office of Inspector General – Public and Indian Housing Audit Semiannual Results

    Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program Activities
    Mt. Vernon, NY
    HUD OIG audited the Mount Vernon Urban Renewal Agency’s, Mt. Vernon, NY, administration of its Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. The objectives were to determine whether the Agency (1) correctly billed HUD for housing choice vouchers used; (2) complied with HUD program requirements for tenant admission, rental subsidy calculations, and housing quality standards; and (3) implemented financial management controls to ensure that Housing Choice Voucher program funds were adequately safeguarded.

    The Agency over-requisitioned housing assistance payments and administrative fees from HUD, resulting in more than $1.7 million in overpayments. The Agency also did not properly use or maintain its waiting list, conduct recertifications in a timely manner, or document that all units met housing quality standards. Further, the Agency made duplicate and ineligible housing assistance payments, inadequately supported expenditures, and used Housing Choice Voucher program funds for other programs.

    OIG recommended that HUD recoup through offset against future payments the overpaid housing assistance payments and administrative fees received, instruct the auditee to implement controls and procedures to properly maintain its waiting list, and ensure the auditee develops and implements financial controls to adequately support expenditures and use Housing Choice Voucher program funds only for that program. (Audit Report: 2006-NY-1004)