Forbes backs Giuliani


Billionaire publisher and flat tax proponent Steve Forbes, who ran for president in 1996 and 2000, officially joined Team Giuliani today.

Forbes endorsed Rudy Giuliani at a press conference in Manhattan today and he will will serve as a national campaign co-chair and a senior policy advisor.

“I am honored to support Rudy Giuliani for President,â€? Forbes said in a press release. “As Mayor of New York City, Rudy Giuliani showed how exercising fiscal discipline – including tax cuts – lowers deficits, spurs economic growth, and increases revenue. It is time the rest of the country benefit from a true fiscal conservative leader who gets real results.”

Forbes and Giuliani also attended the opening bell ceremony at the NASDAQ stock exchange in Manhattan this morning.


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  1. the consultant on

    Rudy is a believer in simplifying the tax code…and
    over the next two years as the AMT hits more and more
    middle income wage earners that;’s not a bad position to have…do you realize that the AMT was passed in 1969
    never indexed for inflation and was aimed at only 222
    taxpayers who were not paying taxes based on large
    deductions…now it affects about 22,000,000 people
    and produces more revenue than the actual tax code itself