Spitzer’s “children’s agenda”


Governor Eliot Spitzer this morning announced what he is calling his “children’s agenda.”

Among other things, Spitzer plans to create a “Children’s Cabinet” by executive order to bring together representatives of various state government agencies to discuss needed reforms. The group of commissioners will be chaired by Director of State Operations Olivia Golden, and co-chaired by Deputy Secretary for Health and Human Services Dennis Whalen and Deputy Secretary for Education, Manny Rivera.

They will be charged with “the implementation of budget priorities crucial to the positive development of children such as universal health insurance for children and universal pre-kindergarten.”

Other legislation Spitzer will support includes:

— The Healthy Schools Act to “strengthen our state’s school nutrition and junk-food standards, restricting candy, fast food and soda from being sold in schools.”
— The Safe Games Act to “create a mechanism for parents to ensure that retailers cannot sell video games with sexually explicit and excessively violent content to children.”
— Anti-Tobacco Legislation to “prohibit the sale of flavored cigarettes, known as ‘starter cigarettes’ because of their dangerous ability to hook kids early to the habits of smoking.


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