Westchester lawmakers file bill for more school aid


In the latest twist in the fight between Westchester lawmakers and Gov. Eliot Spitzer, the legislators today filed a bill that would give school districts in the county about $20 million more in school aid next year.

“This was a unique and absurd unfairness,’’ said Assemblyman Richard Brodsky, D-Greenburgh.â€?We are unified in our efforts to undo this terrible inequity.”

The main sponsors are Assemblyman Gary Prelow, D-Mt. Vernon and Sen. Andrea Stewart-Cousins, D-Yonkers. The other six Assembly members from the county – including Yonkers Republican Mike Spano – and the three Democratic senators are also sponsors.

The Westchester lawmakers are miffed that a special $100 million pot of school aid added at the last minute before the budget was passed on April 1 included only $1 million for Westchester schools. Most of the extra cash – about $70 million – went to Nassau and Suffolk districts.

The Westchester lawmakers wrote to Spitzer demanding a meeting to talk about it, but they haven’t gotten one yet.


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  1. the consultant on

    I am sure that andrea stewart cousins going on a bill
    that flies in the face of what the steamroller
    (elliot) wants to do in conjunction with the senate and
    the assembly is going to really sit well with him..and I am
    quite sure that next year when budget time arrives
    he will be more than happy to help her out…NOT
    she has already demonstrated that she is hapless in the
    state senate and that the failure of the voters to return
    nick spano to the majority in the senate has been and
    will continue to be very costly for westchester taxpayers

  2. To the consultant
    Amen to that-Wow im impressed that cousins sponsored a bill-a bill that she full well knows will go nowhere-then she can whine that its not her fault-everyone else but her is to blame. Im here to tell you Andrea it is you fault-you have the seat-here is a novel idea try being a leader-never mind that last statement about her being a leader-obviously that is something she is not capable of.

  3. I guess you’re so accustomed to the back room deals and corruption under Nick Spano. You wouldn’t know leaderhship if it smacks you in the face. Nick spano’s patronage grants to friends like Jeris is what has been costly to Westchester Taxpayers. Now, I guess you call that leadership. I call it stealing!!! We wanted a change in Albany…It’s nice to have integrity and honesty representing us.

  4. the consultant on

    dear roman…if you think the pork will stop forget about
    it..its just that andrea will not get her fair share
    nor will she be able to influence joe bruno to treat
    westchester like he did when nick was in the senate
    you think that back room deals are nick spano’s
    invention…just look a little north to the town
    of greenburgh controlled by paul feiner and see
    how many backroom deals he has made to enrich his
    contributors..no sir.you are a simply a hypocrite
    who criticizes nick spano..but you got what you wanted

  5. If westchester wants any relief on school aid don’t be giving a bill to Cousins she couldn’t get a bill passed if she tried and I agree with the consultant to Roman look beyond back room deals they will continue to be done long after we are all gone. Cousins is using the oldest trick in the book when you fail at securing the money you put legislation in that has no chance of passing simply to cover your behind! Our school districts can’t deposit a usseless piece of legislation in the bank, they need money, they need results, We need Nick Spano back!!!