What does it take to knock off Paul Feiner?


That collective groan you might have heard from Westchester Democratic leaders tonight likely had something to do with the failure of Greenburgh Democratic Chairwoman Suzanne Berger’s bid to oust town Supervisor Paul Feiner.

Though she was taking on an incumbent and a fellow Democrat, Berger was backed by not only her own town party, but most of the top Democrats in Westchester — many of whom had grown tired of Feiner.

Among those backing Berger were County Executive Andrew Spano, County Clerk Tim Idoni, Assemblyman Richard Brodsky and Assemblywoman Amy Paulin.

These endorsements, however, didn’t seem to sway Greenburgh voters. With 91 percent of the vote tallied, Feiner had a huge lead over Berger – 67 percent to 33 percent.

So much for the power of endorsements.


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  1. Two years ago I’ll never forget a victorious Andy Spano in his win over Rob Astorino saying that this victory was “the sweetest one”. Well, after sixteen years in office for Paul, his running mates, and his supporters this victory is indeed “the sweetest one”. I love the fact that this victory has somewhat brought grimaces to “the consultant” and the other News 12 pundit who I heard were pontificating away on this race.

    I also love the fact that this win has made Westchester County elected Democratic officials look silly. How dare they interfere with Greenburgh politics? Don’t you know this is the people’s republic of Greenburgh? Next time I would suggest you stay out of it and stay out of Greenburgh. You can have the whole ball of wax concerning endorsements and money, but if you don’t do the retail politicking to the voters “who vote” at the local level then well…..

    Two years ago this is what Bill Greenawalt did (with little money I might add) and he caught many people off guard and almost did the unthinkable. The two people running for council two years ago had the same strategy. This time the Feiner camp adapted.

    That is what local politics is all about. It’s about people plain and simple. Knock on their doors, call them, send them mail and work hard. Also be good at constituent services, that’s the bread and butter right there, be responsive. You also have to make sure you target the voters who vote in elections especially in primaries! It’s not a secret.

    Congratulations to Paul Feiner on a ninth term. It is his ninth right? Congratulations to Judith Beville a first time candidate who appears to be on her way to becoming the new town clerk of Greenburgh, NY after her win last night. Also, congratulations goes to Kevin Morgan and Sonja Brown. Right now they’re both up. I hope that you both get in. But even now it appears one if not both of you will be council people!

    —— cheering on from our nation’s capitol

  2. Cousins definitely has thoughts…she is thinking
    “if I can’t deliver to my constituents how am
    I gonna beat Nick next year”

  3. Greenburgh does not want to become just another town where the County Democratic machine can dump more patronage jobs into. If they County needs more patronage positions, then just buy some more Playland rides!

    The incumbents, other than Paul, have been very much out of touch with our community.

    They thought because they had the “majority”, that they could ignore and neutralize the duly elected Supervisor, elected mind you by the citizens. While the majority of the Town Board really mucked things up over the past year or so, the Supervisor stayed the course and was always there for the citizens.

    Supervisor Feiner makes commitments and keeps them; the balance of the board does whatever is politically expedient.

    In Greenburgh, “we don’t need no stink’in party bosses”, we need “problem solvers”.

    Our Supervisor is genuine and I challenge any community in Westchester to identify a more sincere leader.

  4. Henry Cornwallis on

    People should check out the photo gallery on the friendsofsuzanneberger.com website.

    Will you look at that photo gallery! In lieu of the results of last night’s win it is rather sad and depressing to see who’s there. You had Idoni, Spano, Brodsky, and Latimer.

    Earlier this year governor Sptizer came into Westchester with some heat directed at Brodsky and Latimer. Maybe she should run candidates against them next year!

  5. This race was a tremendous miscalculation by Berger and Democratic Machine. They all thought Fiener was unpopular because Greenawalt came so close two years ago and that any challenger would pick up the 49% that Greenawalt got. But no one gave Greenawalt any credit for running a good race. He and his family have tremendous community roots and he probably knows 5 times as many people from Greenburgh as Berger. You have to figure that about 15% of the voters voted for Greenawalt last time and then switched back to Fiener this election, which is an impressive stat. Congrats to Fiener, he may be a bit wierd, but he works hard, has grassroots support and knows that community inside out. Plus, I love to see independents beat the political machines in both parties.

  6. What kind of elected official will Kevin Morgan turn out to be? He disregarded co-op rules to do his own renovations in his daughter’s new apartment.