Assembly GOP takes aim at Spitzer license plan


Assemblyman Greg Ball, the Putnam Republican who made the issue of illegal immigration a focal point of his 2006 bid for office, will be among the GOP lawmakers taking part in forum Wednesday on Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s plan to give illegal immigrants the ability to obtain driver’s licenses.

The forum is being hosted by the Assembly’s Republican conference and will take place at 10 a.m. inside the state Senate’s Manhattan offices at 250 Broadway, across from City Hall.

Ball has already blasted Spitzer’s plan and vowed to fight against it in the Assembly.

Wednesday’s forum, according to a press release from the Assembly GOP confernece, will feature a “variety of homeland security and immigration experts.”


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  1. Ethan Edwards on

    Spitzer is looking more and more like a disaster.

    He is an arrogant s.o.b., and it will be his undoing.

    He promised positive change when he took over WRONG.

  2. Greg Ball is looking more and more like a disaster.

    He is arrogant, and his actions are proof that he is just riding on a hot topic to win popularity from minority haters.

    He never thought positive changes are possible when everyone in his party is doing WRONG. Election will prove who is right.

  3. Ball has put the final nail in his coffin, first he kisses up to Spitzer and tells him how great he is and now he goes after him full speed without thinking this issue through. Ball thinks the only topic that has given him any steam will carry him through another election, Ball is wrong, Ball has done nothing about illegal immigration but talk and talk.

    Ball’s racist position will sink him and his supporters.

    So, lets see, Ball has now attacked;

    Governor Spitzer
    Senate Majority Leader Bruno
    Assembly Speaker Silver
    County Executive Bondi
    Senator Leibell
    Assemblywoman Galef

    Ball has no friends in Albany.

    Ball really does not understand that you must learn to play nice in the sand. Ball is going to take a hard and fast fall.

    I have seen elected officials come and go, I have seen them rise and fall, but I have never seen a first term elected official commit suicide and not realize what they are doing to themselves.

    Ball’s last day in office will be 12/31/08.

  4. Here we go again, Greg Ball sets up a forum to promote Greg Ball. Where was Mr. Ball on day one of this issue? I find it interesting that Mr. Ball waited to see what type of public or political response this issue would get before he took a position on this issue. Mr. Ball is an opportunistic individual who sits around and evaluates issues for the best way he can use them to help himself, Mr. Ball’s actions appear to be well calculated for self promotion. Mr. Ball is not a leader, he is a self promoting media hound who wants nothing but media time for Mr. Ball. When is Mr. Ball going to do something productive like pass some legislation that will benefit his constituents? One can only assume that Mr. Ball will not have any of his introduced legislation passed anytime soon, who can he go to for assistance, Governor Spitzer (nope), Majority Leader Bruno (nope), Assembly Speaker Silver (nope), the truth of the matter is Mr. Ball is a flat tire. When I get a flat tire I either repair it or fill it up with air (Ball is full of air so that is not the answer) or I take the tire off and get a new one. I think it is time for the people of Mr. Ball’s district to change this tire. Our district is going to pay a price for having an Assemblyman who can not get the job done. Let’s keep a close eye on 2008, I predict Mr. Ball will have forums and rallies to shelter the fact that he can not get anything done in Albany. I hope the people of this district are smart enough to see through Mr. Ball and vote in someone else.

    The truth of the matter is our district would be best served by a democrat representing us.
    The democrats control the NYS Assembly and the republicans control the NYS Senate. We have a solid republican Senator in Vincent Leibell who gets the job done for his district in the NYS Senate. I saw in an earlier post that someone said Mike Kaplowitz was going to run against Greg Ball. I think Mike Kaplowitz would take out Greg Ball easily. Mike Kaplowitz is an experienced legislator from northern Westchester County who has the experience of serving the people for many years and knows how to work with people. Mike Kaplowitz is a democrat and would be part of the majority in the NYS Assembly, that would allow him to bring home the legislation and pork needed in our district.

    We need a one two punch in Albany, right now we have a flat tire in Greg Ball.

  5. when will ball’s early departure from the air force be examined? he did not make good on his service pledge from the academy. one of ball’s past girlfriends has been talking to people around the area claiming he’s a homosexual. so, mr. ball, was it don’t ask, don’t tell?

    the people deserve to know why you did not commit yourself fully to service.

  6. I would be interested in information as to why Greg Ball did not fulfill his committment to the US Air Force. I still have a problem with Ball being sent to our military academy and then walking out on his committment. What is the real reason he left the military?

  7. Does Greg Ball still work for Exceed, a Chicago-based development firm?

    That’s the real question on everyone’s mind, not Greg’s sexuality. It’s already well known that he is gay so get up from under that rock Michael and get on with it. If he was asked to leave the Air Force because of his sexual preference that is just a reflection of how miserable and bigoted our government can still be.

    Back to Exceed – as we all know, Greg recently orchestrated a failed effort to capture both the Town and Village board in Southeast and Brewster, respectively. But why so much focus on Brewster? Why so much focus on this town? Why?

    I’ll tell you why, a few years back Ball and his hair-brained friends from Exceed came to our village and proposed this monstrosity of a development on Main Street (I guess that’s what Ball deems ‘smart growth’) – in any event, the project was never passed and Ball has regularly lamented that it was because of a “lack of visionâ€? and that he would redevelop the village, even saying to a crowd in Westchester that he would “clean up the village of Brewster or die trying!â€?

    Why does Greg Ball care so much about all of this? It’s not really about illegal immigrants; they’re just the pawn to get people in the mood for Greg’s magic trick but don’t be fooled: Greg is in this all for the money, all so that he can get Exceed and his other development buddies a piece of the pie, but guess what? Ball failed, as was to be predicted, and he, thank God, will not turn Brewster into ‘Disney Land’ – we have strong leaders in this community already who have been laboring for years to transform the once vibrant village back into something great, something like Cold Spring or Rhinebeck – this is the way of the village, not Ball’s power-struggle, then costly eminent domain proceedings and finally monstrosity on top of monstrosity. It’s quite apparent that the people don’t want that for Brewster and they don’t want Greg or his minions to be in control of any situation.

  8. John Plotnick on

    Governor Eliot Spitzer is right, and he is a hero!

    Those bandit and scoundrel republicans are dividing our society with scare tactics. They are trying to make our country hatemonger’s country. We welcome immigrants and their contribution to our society. The Americans who claim not to have jobs and complaining are the lazy scum of our society; we are hard working proud Americans who are not afraid to help the poor and make our society a welcoming society. Governor Eliot Spitzer is a real American whom our forefathers should be proud of. I pray to God he prevails, in which case he already did. For those of you, hateful dirt(s), go join the KKK, live in a trailer somewhere in the South in remote swaps, marry your closest, and do yourself a favor; don’t pollute our welcoming state and our country with your hate speeches. After all is it not a republican who was preying on young boy interns, and the other who took his family value straight to the rest room looking for perverts at least that was told. We are God fearing good and clean Americans, not thieves and perverts. Spitzer is right, let the poor dream as well.

    Thank you, may God bless Spitzer and our country; may God give your hateful heart the scent of worship and care. And when I say worship is not worshipping the hateful rep., the overweight and ugly Congressman James Sensenbrenner, whose cholesterol level still out scores his ego and hatred. Why don’t he focus on his health and eating habits rather than scaring Americans with his inflated fear tactics, back room politics and poisons bills; he might as well go and work for groups like the K.K.K. We are a welcoming nation; we feed the poor; we pray to God; we love and respect our family, neighbors and God’s creatures. Why don’t we listen to star citizens such as the priests who devoted their lives for the good of men and God; who are telling us to be kind, why do we follow a no good liar republican politician?

    It simply beats logic away. Go Spitzer and alike, enough of these lies.

    No more voting republican for me.

  9. If-I-Were-Queen on

    This is in response to John’s comments above. “We pray to God” then why won’t the Democrats let there be prayer in school, why do the Democrats don’t want “God” mentioned in the Pledge of Allegiance. Why do the Democrats believe in abortion and in partial abortion and killing of innocent babies is okay. I could go on and on about this. John, I think you need to come to the realization that true Republicans are compassionate people and don’t believe in killing innocent babies. Think it through, John, maybe you really are a Republican since you believe in God.