AFT endorses Clinton


The American Federation of Teachers announced today its executive council has endorsed Sen.Hillary Rodham Clinton for the Democratic nomination for president.

The AFT is the nation’s second largest labor group representing educators behind the National Education Association.

“Our members have told us that they want a leader they can trust to strengthen public education, increase access to healthcare, promote commonsense economic priorities and secure America’s place in the world,” AFT President Edward McElroy stated in a press release. “Hillary Clinton is that leader.”

According to the AFT, the vote by its 41-member executive council followed seven months of deliberations that included the use of a “You Decide 2008” Web page, meetings at the local level, regional caucuses and individual member outreach.


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  1. Ethan Edwards on

    If Hillary was endorsed by the Seaweed Growers
    of Guam it would be “news” on this blog.