Could it be Ball vs. Hall in 2008?


Greg Ball is just finishing his first year in the state Assembly but the Carmel Republican already seems to be considering a new job – U.S. Congressman.

Ball met today with Rockland Republican Chairman Vincent Reda, who is also a vice chairman of the state GOP, to discuss a possible campaign against Rep. John Hall, a freshman Democrat, in the 19th CD. Reda said the meeting came at Ball’s request.

“I think he is one of the rising stars in the Republican Party,” Reda told Politics on the Hudson this afternoon. “He is making the rounds, seeing all the county chairs.”

The GOP has been searching for another candidate to take on Hall since its top recruit, Katonah businessman Andrew Saul, withdrew last month citing personal reasons. So far, the only Republican to formally enter the race is Kieran Michael Lalor, an Iraqi war veteran from Peekskill.

GOP leaders, however, have not rallied behind Lalor’s candidacy and are continuing to search for alternatives. Reda said he hopes the party can settle on a candidate by early January.

Ball did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

“I think (Ball) could be an outstanding candidate in this particular race,” Reda said.


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  1. “GOP leaders, however, have not rallied behind Lalor’s candidacy.”

    What an inane comment. How many GOP leaders did you interview before jumping to that conclusion, Blain?

    Lalor only announced his run nine days ago. And some of those “GOP leaders” are still smarting from rallying behind Andrew Saul because he had big bucks and was spreading them around heavily with those GOP leaders’ organizations. Ball has no cash and a minimal organization, so they won’t be rallying around him any time soon. Lalor has a dedicated campaign staff, a network of volunteers, and the cash is building.

  2. So let’s put two and two together, Putnam County Republican Chairman Anthony Scannapieco calls a meeting for Dec. 3 of all elected Republican officials and members of the county and town executive committees. The next day word slips out that Assemblyman Greg Ball is running for Congress, did Chairman Anthony Scannapieco tell Greg Ball he was Ok’ed to run for Congress? I guess Boss Hog has spoken and now the sheep will follow. Greg Ball does not have the Balls (pun intended) nor the money to run for Congress. This is another tactic for Greg Ball to get more attention for whom else, you guessed it Greg Ball. When it is all said and done Greg Ball will not run for Congress, he will play the game, try to raise some money under a false pretence and then not run for Congress.

  3. From Westchester on

    What I’m hearing is that Westchester Republicans prefer George Oros, Minority Leader on the County Board.

  4. Kevin W. Davis on

    Kieran Michael Lalor had a “Exploratory” Committee before he announced. I don’t consider Mr. Lalor someone who just jumped into this race. Greg Ball probably will be the nominee because he admitted on day one that he wanted a higher political office someday. People run for political office if they think they are going to win and Mr. Ball has indicated that he believes he can win any political race.

  5. the consultant on

    runnig for the US congress in a presidential year with
    a unpopular president in the party you are attempting
    to represent is a difficult task that requires money
    a serious committement to understanding national issues
    like the economy, taxes, foreign policy,energy policy
    and education…and a certain gravitas…republican
    leaders responsible for making the selection need
    to take all of that into consideration

  6. I used to work with Greg, he told me point blank that he has always planned to win the assembly seat, run for congress; then run for Governor! He also told me that he just loves campaigning and doesn’t even really like the role of assemblyman. I think “Stop It” above is on to something… this is more about one mans ego.

  7. everyone thinks lalor is crazy, bottom line. he may not like to hear that but its the truth, which is why they are looking for someone else to fill the role. At least Greg Ball has been on the ballot and has a base of support in the eastern part of the district. the key here is to either find someone who will juice turnout in orange county, or remain competitive in westchester. and to “the consultant”, bush isn’t on the ticket, the war has improved enough that it is not fueling hatred of republicans like last year, and if rudy gets on the ticket, Hall is in deeper trouble than originally thought.

  8. the consultant on

    If Rudy is at the top of the ticket, the race will be
    much closer in ny than otherwise…However, the Iraq
    war will still be an issue and demographic changes continue
    to plague republicans in local races…even in orange
    and dutchess counties for example..that is why the
    candidate needs to be selected very very carefully

  9. Hey Joe, speak for yourself, not “everybody.” Lalor is a mainstream Reagan-conservative who speaks for a lot of us in the district. Nothing “crazy” about that.

    And as for calling HIM crazy, well, you know what they say about people living in glass houses, doncha?

  10. take (back) 19 on

    ball will crush lalor in a primary. crush him.

    then he will run very hard towards to finish line in november and who knows?

    greg has a real opening here to run in a good year, the money and support will follow his announcement.

    if ball waits 2, 4, or even 6 more years who knows what the landscape could look like. this is the best year for a republican to win back the 19th district. bottom line.

    ball should just pull the trigger and run! the money will follow…

    go greg go!

  11. the consultant on

    a presidential year is never a good year for a republican
    to run…that is the one year where democrats who don’t
    usually vote come out of the woodwork…In addition
    regardless of who is at the top of the ticket…John
    Hall won on the issue of the war….that issue will still
    be front and center in 2008..Finally, two years
    later, governor spitzer will face re-election in a year
    in which he should get beaten…that would be the
    best year to throw an incumbant democrat out becuase
    by that time with continuing democratic control of the
    congress, the people should be able to rebalance the
    house of representatives…running in the highest turnout
    year is an error…

  12. Wait for the facts on

    Assemblyman Greg Ball must be watched closely, he is sneaky and undermining. View the people he surrounds himself with; Matt Neuringer (a 20 year old kid who serves as Ball’s henchman), Michael Rights (financial and legal problems), Dwight Yee (his past history will surface when he tries to run for Sheriff). What should not go unrecognized is the fact that Greg Ball has run candidates in most of the towns in his district, he ran hand picked candidates to run in primaries against republican incumbents. Greg Ball is trying to create an army, fortunately most of his people lost. But, what must be understood is Greg Ball has made life miserable for the Republican Party. Greg Ball may claim to be a republican, but he does everything in his power to go against elected republicans and the Republican Party. Greg Ball is the same man who stood up in the NYS Assembly and said, “I stand with Governor Spitzer�. What does that tell you about Greg Ball? It tells you that Greg Ball only cares about one party, and that is the party of Greg Ball. Greg Ball has no loyalty that was evident when he left the military before fulfilling his commitment to the citizens of the United States.

    Not only does Greg Ball have no chance of becoming a Congressman, but he will have a difficult time holding the Assembly seat if he runs for reelection. People have had it with Ball’s empty promises. Four of Ball’s staff members quitting with in the first 8 months of office? There is much more to those staff members’ leaving then has been revealed as of today, they to will have much to say in the near future. You cannot run from your past!

  13. Read Stephen King’s The Dead Zone..and when you think of the character ‘Gregg Stillson’, think “Greg Ball”.

  14. Take (Back) 19 is a comment written by Greg Ball. “run and the money will follow” is how he lives his life. His “Do whatever you want to do and worry about the problems later” will catch up with him.

  15. No need to wait for the facts on

    Maybe there is no need to wait for the facts, maybe they will appear on this blog, there is a lot of anti-Ball sentiment going on in many communities. Ball has attacked many people and has gone after republican office holders from local councilman to the NYS Senate Majority leader, Ball has shown no respect for the party or the people in the party. Ball does not believe in finishing the task at hand or doing his time in the trenches. Ball’s political approach and his military approach are one in the same, get in and move on as quick as you can, even if that means not completing your mission or your commitment of service. Shame on you Greg Ball.

  16. how can we expect greg ball to be PROTECTIVE of the voices of the public when he cares only for himself. he can’t even keep ORDER in his own staff and his head is still in WASHINGTON, DC. do your reasearch media watchdog, we are interested to see what else you can find.

  17. What a hot topic this is !!!!! Can anyone expaine why there were references to Balls staff no longer working for him?

    Hall seems well respected by many, this could be an interesting race.

  18. It does niot make a differance on

    A good republican candidate would be Sheriff Smith from Putnam County. He is a good candidate for Congress.

  19. “runnig for the US congress in a presidential year with
    a unpopular president in the party you are attempting
    to represent is a difficult task that requires money
    a serious committement to understanding national issues
    like the economy, taxes, foreign policy,energy policy
    and education…and a certain gravitas…republican
    leaders responsible for making the selection need
    to take all of that into consideration” -the consultant

    Bush WILL NOT be on the ticket. People need to get that in their head. His popularity will not be as down in the dumps at that point as it is now anyway. This race will be decided on it own merits and the top of the ticket for 2008 will make the difference, not Bush.

  20. Hall gives all appearances of doing a good job. Whether or not he will prove to have a good record at terms end, will be up for discussion. By Ball making statements that he is looking for a run for the congressional seat is an attention getter and maybe that is all that is. Keeps his name out there for topics of discussion make it appear Ball is involved.
    Ball needs to concentrate on being the 99th Assembly Rep in order to gain confidence from the voters that he had when he first ran for office. Ball needs much more experience before he moves up the ranks in political power. HE NEEDS TO GROW UP !

  21. Norm you are correct on

    Ball needs to grow up and show some leadership. We are waiting for a positive change but we see nothing, he campaigned on widing Rt. 22 (nothing is happening, going in reverse), school tax reform (nothing happening, all talk),
    and claimed he would resolve the illegal immigration problem in Brewster (nothing happening – all talk).

    Ball has not come through on any legislation or campaign promises, Ball is in trouble.

  22. Ball made promises he could never keep. Immigration is a nationwide problem and no matter how much local governments try to deal with it, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to tighten the laws and have staff to follow through on regulations.
    Rt. 22 widening has been on and off the table for years. There is again proposals, but it is not going to happen over night with all the government agencies involved. So Ball can not do much on that front either.
    School Taxes laws are old and need revisions on how schools are funded. This is not a project of a lone rebel assemblyman but needs Albany government in the Senate and Assembly to come together on reform. There have been many bills from MANY representatives, but they are not getting anywhere. there is no way Ball could ever be the hero on School Tax Reform.
    Ball needs to get back to basics of helping the local people on their own local issues. Many of us are tired of Balls same old chants on things that make news but things he CAN NOT CHANGE unless he begins to work with the crew in Albany no matter how difficult it is. He needs go grovel a little to get something done. Throw away his camera for a while and get to work.