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The Journal News’ Michael Risinit is reporting today that Republican Greg Ball has decided not to challenge Rep. John Hall, a Democrat, in 2008 and will, instead, seek re-election to his state Assembly seat.

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  1. Ball still has to answer many questions.

    Why did he leave the military early? Was it, don’t ask, don’t tell?

    Ball has to answer why he took money from a charity for kids and used it on his campaign?

    Ball has to answer why he has not passed one piece of legilation that he sponsored?

    Ball has to answer what really was on his computer during the recent Southeast elections, why did the government come in and confiscate his computers?

    Ball should tell us why his staff keeps quitting his office?

    There are more questions that need to be answered, 2008 will not be a good year for Ball.

    Tonight the New Years ball drops, in 2008, Greg Ball gets dropped. Ball is a one term Assemblyman.

  2. the consultant on

    as I explained to all of you rooting to take out john
    hall, a first term incumbant..repbulicans need to think
    long and hard about who they will put up…at this
    point it no longer looks like rudy is going to be on
    the ticket..a huckabee or romney would not do well
    in new york and would have no pulling cain?
    maybe..but whoever runs needs funds, and needs to
    be a centrist

  3. Assemblyman Ball disappointed me; I was looking forward to him competing in a bigger arena where he and his side show act would not play so well. Assemblyman Ball must have polled or was given some good advice that he would get destroyed in a race for Congress. Assemblyman Ball has made some noise but has not produced any results. Assemblyman Ball has a record which he will have a hard time defending, Assemblyman Ball has made many enemies in the Conservative and Republican Party. He has gone after good men and women with outstanding reputations. Assemblyman Ball tried to put the squeeze on many people, but has been brushed aside like a child. Assemblyman Ball has not learned how to be an effective leader; he thinks leading means getting your name in the paper and getting 2 minutes of press. In the end, Assemblyman Ball will be judged on his record of accomplishments, which will be his problem at the end of the day.
    I believe Assemblyman Ball could and would lose in a republican primary. Even know the district is a strong republican district, I think Assemblyman Ball will lose in November if he makes it past a primary. Assemblyman Ball has been a non-productive Assemblyman.

  4. I posted this a week or so ago on this blog site based on a previous news story and I post it here now…again.

    Ball made promises he could never keep. Immigration is a nationwide problem and no matter how much local governments try to deal with it, FEDERAL GOVERNMENT needs to tighten the laws and have staff to follow through on regulations.
    Rt. 22 widening has been on and off the table for years. There is again proposals, but it is not going to happen over night with all the government agencies involved. So Ball can not do much on that front either.
    School Taxes laws are old and need revisions on how schools are funded. This is not a project of a lone rebel assemblyman but needs Albany government in the Senate and Assembly to come together on reform. There have been many bills from MANY representatives, but they are not getting anywhere. there is no way Ball could ever be the hero on School Tax Reform.
    Ball needs to get back to basics of helping the local people on their own local issues. Many of us are tired of Balls same old chants on things that make news but things he CAN NOT CHANGE unless he begins to work with the crew in Albany no matter how difficult it is. He needs to grovel a little to get something done. Throw away his camera and his side kick for a while and get to work.

  5. Ball…Ball…Ball….is there ever an end to hearing this man’s name? Get his name out there and people think he is the greatest. Some people that is !!!!!! Support is fading on that front.

    What is greatest about ball?….. is his constant talk of what is wrong with our politicians and government but is Ball the solution? Not likely. As previous bloggers have posted, Ball has not accomplished anything specific and most likely will be a one term assemblyman.

    He was elected on changing hot political topics but that will be years in the making in NY and Ball has plans to move up and will leave NY with out looking back. Big if – if voters will continue to give him support in the future.

    Poeple are so unhappy with their elected officials that they will vote for alternates, even leaving their party lines in the next election.

    Interestly enough it has been very quiet on who will run for the 99th assembly seat against Ball. Lets look forward to some quality candidates for this election seat.

  6. Greg Ball’s days as an Assemblyman are over starting on day one of 2008. I will very happy to watch as Assemblyman Ball is faced with having to deal with the issue of dealing with answering to all his promises that he made and did not come through on.

    2008 will see Greg Ball defeated for his seat!

  7. From Westchester on

    Among those who should be considered by the Republicans for Congress is the Minority Leader on the Westchester County Board of Legislators: George Oros. Oros has a record of working with Democrats, winning the votes of Democrats in his district, and defending fiscally sound Republican policies in a way that Democrats often find persuasive.

    Oros has performed successfuly in majority and minority legislative paradigms. He was board chairman leading a bi-partisan co-alition, and more recently Oros has been an effective Minority Leader.

    Congressman Hall has fame and projects gravitas. Defeating him will require the best efforts of a candidate who is not gimmicky, but rather who has an in depth grasp of the way people really live in the Hudson Valley. The community is highly taxed and to little local benefit.

    Congressman Oros would work for changes in the Medicaid funding laws; specifically a federal law putting the fiscal onus for Medicaid on state government not county government.

    Congressman Oros would be a force for timely budgets. Congressman Hall and his cohort birthed a budget so late that Hudson Valley taxpayers will receive their income tax refunds late. The next local budget from Oros will be the first.

    Congressman Oros would be a leading voice against earmarks, whether for a Rock-and-Drug Woodstock Museum in New York or a Bridge to Nowhere in Alaska.

    The Republican Party would be wise to put George Oros on its’ short list of potential candidates.

  8. From Westchester on


    The last sentence of the antepenultimate paragraph of the previous post should read, “The next late local budget from Oros will be the first.”

    Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.

  9. What was reason on

    There is a well respected person in Rockland County who says that Greg Ball was turned down by the National Republican Committee because he has too much baggage. One of the biggest issues that that people are concerned with is Greg Ball’s reasoning for why he left his military commitment to the United States. In a time when Americans are watching as our soldiers fight for our country, they see that Greg Ball failed to finish his tour of duty for the United States. This issue would have haunted the Republican Committee and Greg Ball in a race for Congress.

  10. Are there any specific reasons why any Air Force Academy graduate would not complete their tour of duty to the United States of America? As poster said, baggage could be a major concern for running for congress. During a time of war where our soldiers are facing death and hardship daily people certainly would want to know WHY BALL LEFT THE MILITARY EARLY.
    Anyone know why he did and what excuses are accepted by the Military and which one did Ball use?
    Perhaps the previous poster’s source may know.

  11. Ball come clean on

    Assemblyman Ball should come clean on the issue of leaving the Air Force before his commitment was up. I am sure this issue will surface come election time. I think the right thing for Assemblyman Ball would be to hold one of his press conferences or rallies and tell the people of his district the reason why he departed the military early (maybe Assemblyman Ball could have all the veterans of war present to see if they buy his story). If it was a don’t ask, don’t tell situation, then Assemblyman Ball should clear the air. If Assemblyman Ball believes in open government(?), then leadership starts at the top, Assemblyman Ball, please tell the people of your district and the state of New York why you departed the military?

    Assemblyman Ball’s unwillingness to answer this question is of concern to the residents in his district. I hear Assemblyman Ball has claimed the unit he was assigned to was eliminated, but when researchers checked that claim out they found out that Assemblyman Ball’s unit is still on assignment and they are still committed and serving the people of the United States.

  12. I am sorry he did not run for Congress, I was looking forward to getting rid of this self serving individual from our district.

  13. I agree with From Westchester, we need to take a look at the record of Oros as a possibity. I think his contributions and talents are being wasted in the Spano/Ryan harem.

    Oros has consistantly been the voice of reason, and along with the ‘departed’ Swanson, has continually tried to engender a bipartisan coalition of ‘reality’ at the County level.

    The Ball/Hall debate is taking the focus off what we truly need.. leadership, taxes, true representation, budgetary reality checks, etc.. and leaving us with only a “Desperate Housewives’ mentality.

    I think Oros can bring us some reality back and with it some grounding.

  14. Can poster please explain to us what is the

    ‘dont ask – dont tell’ excuse for leaving the military??? Sounds like a weak type of explanation to depart the military or as thought something inappropriate was going on.

    Explanations would be helpful as to what this means.

  15. “Don’t ask, don’t tell” is the military’s approach to dealing with gays in the military. They DO have rules against allowing gays to remain in the service, but they are also prohibited under don’t ask, don’t tell from trying to find out if you ARE gay, and service members are NOT required to offer the information. If you DO TELL them that you’re gay, then they pretty much have to discharge you if it turns out you really are gay.

    Apparently there are rumors to this effect about why Ball left the USAF early. I think it’s equally as likely that he told off his CO the same way he tells off his colleagues in the Assembly.

  16. BrewsterVoter on

    Assemblyman Ball will have no challenger in the primary election. Ball will defeat Kaplowitz in the general. While Putnam has a few disenchanted Stephens supporters who cannot get over Ball’s overwhelming win in 2006, Assemblyman Ball still has the support of the vast majority of the Republican party in Westchester, Dutchess and Putnam counties.
    While the Assemblyman is sitting out a race for Congress in ’08, don’t expect him to sit out for long. Perhaps Ball will crush Vinnie Leibell or become County Executive in the next few years.
    Also, please, someone, point me to one piece of legislation Willis Stephens passed while in Albany. Please.

  17. Whether or not Stephens passed bills he was in to long and it was time for change. However, the platform of change that Ball ran on, he will not beable to accomplish before his re-election bid this fall. There are many in his 99th area that have become disinchanged with Ball this past year and still will be voting for change. Ball is getting like other politicians, making promises he CAN NOT KEEP.

    It may be interesting to see who the democrates post as a challenger for this race.

    With the military questions of departure from service brought out on this blog, it may be something that could haunt Ball years down the road. Even if things were legit, people will begin to demand answers and if no answer is given they will speculate the worst.

  18. Are people really trying to start a rumor that because Assemblyman Ball got an honorable discharge from the Air Force that he is gay?! Wow, how embarrassing you all most feel. Next thing you know you’ll be starting rumors that President Bush took off on weekends from the National Guard because he as meeting Larry Craig in a bathroom stall. Laughable!

  19. Let’s clarify a few things on this thread.

    Ball promised to do something and has done nothing about illegal immigration.
    Ball promised to do something and has done nothing widening route 22.
    Ball promised to do something and has done nothing about school taxes.
    Ball promised to bring answers back to Putnam County to help offset the tax increase for residents, and Ball again has done nothing.
    Ball has not had one piece of legislation that he sponsored (not co-sponsored) signed into law.

    Ball has taken money from a charity for kids that he ran and used that money on his campaign to become Assemblyman, see for yourself, Click here: Amy Argetsinger and Roxanne Roberts – Courage Cup: Ponying Up For Whose Charity? –
    Ball has had many of his staff members quit his office in his first year of office (why?).
    Ball’s Assembly office was raided and computers were removed for allegedly using his Assembly office to help with campaign data for the SOS Team in Southeast.
    Ball has held many press conferences and rallies to promote himself while actual doing nothing.
    Ball is one of the lease successful Assemblyman in NYS.

    Ball will be defeated in 2008!

  20. Let's have some answers on

    It would be most helpful to many of us if Mr. Ball clarified the statements made on this site for all of us to understand. When a person decides to run for public office, they no longer have any privacy and now it will come full force with questions since Mr. Ball is planning on running again for the 99th seat.

    Clarification on issues previous poster mentioned will put some of them to rest.

  21. Greg Ball will easily crush any one who runs against him. The guy has been to more events than any other politician in the history of the 99th Assembly district. He has also introduced more legislation than any other freshmen legislator. He also co-sponosored over 300 bills of which 16 have already been signed by the legislature. Ball has brought tremendous attention to issues and problems that in most years would go unnoticed. He is the most effective legislator by far in the minority of the Assemly. Who else will hold Silver accountable? Certainly not another tax and spend liberal like Mike Kapwlotiz. Meanwhile has anyone noticed that Kaplowitz is not looking well these days? He should go to a doctor for whatever he’s got!


    For those of you who question if Assemblyman Greg Ball has had legislation that he sponsored passed – I say – ask your Democrat Assembly representatives.

    Recently I received an email from a Democrat Assembly office in regards to a bill Assemblyman Ball is sponsoring that I am strongly in favor of, this is their comment:

    “Generally in a Democratic controlled Assembly, Republican bills do not garner enough support to pass. Just as in the Republican controlled New York State Senate, Democratic bills traditionally do not pass unless there is overwhelming bipartisan support for this bill. Therefore, this bill will probably not be appearing on the floor of the New York State Assembly.”

    This comment was proven recently when 72% of the residence of New York State were against Governor Spitzer’s License Program and the majority of the Asssembly voted in favor of the Governor.

    Assemblyman Greg Ball is one of very few politicians – possibly the only politician – that is for the people not the party. He has many times spoken out against his own party because his constituents needed their voice to be heard. It is time that the people concern themselves about the Politics of Government not petty personal unsubstantiated stories. Finally the people have a politician for the people and not the party – Greg Ball.

  23. Greg Ball is NOT a politician for the people, Greg Ball is a politician for Greg Ball to gain power for himself. It is his nature to want power and will work towards that goal. Not always in the best interest of the TAXPAYERS he represents.

    Many legislators co sponsor bills but do not act as though it is their legislation but as a group effort to get things done. Ball does this as well as many others as it is a normal operating procedure to do so.

    We await for results for the 99th district that were promised by Ball.

    Rt. 22 will be dead in the water for many years to come.

    Immigration will not change until our Federal Government takes a strong hold on the situation.

    School Taxes need serious revisions to laws and it will be a massive undertaking for several years to change. ALL Albany representatives need to work together towards this goal.

    Ball will not be the charmed one to get those promises done, but will continue to speak of them because they are attention getters and give the general public the impression things are moving along.

    Mr. Ball has a long way to go to get the power he desires and if he keeps stepping on those that were supportive in the beginning, he will learn what goes around comes around eventually.

  24. Sealed Indictment on

    Anybody heard anything about an indictment today? If it’s not today, then it is real close. Inaugaration is a month away… appointments, no deputy county executive, no department heads chosen, no transition team, no transition meetings. That’s the mindset of a guilty conscience.

  25. Sealed Indictment on

    What are the folks in dirty, rotten stinking corrupt putnam politics doing tomorrow afternoon? Why not come to White Plains Federal Court tomorrow afternoon and see how Chairman Scannapieco was 100% correct.

    Now if everyone would’ve just listened to Tony, Putnam wouldn’t be wondering who the County Executive is gonna be come January 1st.