Roger Stone: Link Obama To Spitzer


Republican strategist Roger Stone, who last year was fired by state Senate Republicans after allegedly leaving threatening phone messages for Gov. Spitzer’s elderly father, says John McCain may want to tie Barack Obama to Spitzer’s failed effort to give drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants.

Obama has supported the measure in prior presidential debates. The issue hurt Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid last fall when Spitzer announced that New York would soon begin offering drivers’ licenses to illegal immigrants. Clinton initially wavered on whether she supported the idea.

Spitzer later dropped the plan under increasing political pressure. Clinton has since come out against the proposal as well.

Obama, however, continues to support the idea, and McCain could use the issue to hurt Obama’s campaign in a general election, Stone wrote today on his website.

“Obama, like Spitzer, will argue that giving licenses to illegals will actually improve security – a position which defies the facts,” Stone wrote. “If John McCain needs a wedge issue to demonstrate his superior grasp of National Security issues and Senator Obama’s lack of serious credentials to be President – this is it.”


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  1. Stone is conveniently forgetting McCain’s own position on immigration, as seen in the McCain-Kennedy bill that many would characterize as amnesty for illegals. Now, the so-called “Straight Talk Express” denies that he ever supported amnesty.

    A round of Ginko Biloba for Mr. Stone and Senator McCain, please.

  2. Obviously, no one is interested in Mr. Stone or his advice, so he’s blogging his oddball self to whomever will search him out. Strangely, though, he’s on the outs while Spitzer prospers while harboring and venting the very same obnoxious personality.

  3. Spitzer’s license plan was a disaster.
    Obama’s same ideas are a disaster.

    McCain’s alliance with Ted Kennedy and the
    far left on immigration resulted in a major
    smackdown. He was wrong.

    Not enough attention is being paid to the
    new law in Arizona which makes all employers
    verify social security numbers. Guess what,
    the illegals are leaving in large numbers.

    One of THE biggest ways to greatly reduce
    this big illegals problem is to dry up the job
    market. But the pandering national pols,
    and others like Spitzer in NY, are trying
    to duck that one. They are disingenuous,
    as they usually are, anyway.

  4. Jim Kelly - NY Conservative Campaigns on

    I wonder if Roger Stone figured this out all my himself or heard it on TV 10,000 thus far. (Illegals & Drivers licenses)

    I remember when Tom Golisano was running for Governor, Roger had him do a press release of “Legalizing Prostitution and Marijuana”…Right BEFORE the NY State Conservative Party Convention.

    How smart was that?

    No wonder Roger Stone remains unemployed and it is getting sad.

    Jim Kelly – NY Conservative Campaigns