Paterson asks for wholesale resignations


Gov. Paterson has asked for resignation letters from all of his top staff members and state-agency commissioners, Press Secretary Errol Cockfield said today.”This is a typical step in the transition from one administration to another,” he said.Cockfield said the step doesn’t necessarily mean that Paterson, who took office on Monday, plans wholesale changes. But he said having the letters gives him the flexibility to make changes if he decides to.


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  1. Paterson said yesterday that Lover Lila can stay on the governor’s staff payroll if she wants to. If she wants to. Paterson has not a single clue. She should be transferred immediately.

    Her husband is not a happy fella. He threw a garbage pail at some photogs yesterday outside their White Plains house.

    It is also being reported that Paterson might have used campaign funds for some of his hotel room trysts.

  2. the consultant on

    Ed you are too too funny….remember never buy
    retail when you can get it wholesale…!!!!

  3. the consultant on

    patterson is probably afraid to fire her because
    of what she can tell the we go!!!

  4. the speculator on

    No, Paterson understands the work that Kirton accomplished coming up through the ranks and it leaving it up to her whether she stays in her current position or asks for a transfer.

    So what exactly was accomplished here, Paterson isn’t going anywhere and undue (and completely ridiculous) attention was given to an incident that occurred 5 or 6 YEARS ago.

    No wonder why no one wants to run for elected office.

  5. Con – My “uncle” who died with 60 million explained his theory on business success: “I work on one percent. I buy something for a dollar, I sell it for two dollars.” Which goes to show that sometimes an Ivy education isn’t prerequisite to attaining a fat bank account, If he were educated enough to know what 1% was, and marked everything up correctly, he would have gone broke. : )