Exodus Of Spitzer Aides


According to the Associated Press, many of former Gov. Spitzer’s aides are packing their bags, many of whom were closely tied to Spitzer’s attempt to discredit Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno.

Here’s some of the story:

“Several top officials in the Spitzer administration, some of whom were connected to political scandals that crippled the governor’s agenda, are calling it quits, an official familiar with the internal moves said Wednesday.

“William Howard, Spitzer’s former public security adviser who was accused of helping orchestrate a plot to discredit Senate Republican leader Joseph Bruno, has announced his resignation.

“The other officials include: Lloyd Constantine, senior adviser; Rich Baum, the high-level adviser job titled secretary to the governor; Marlene Turner, Spitzer’s chief of staff; Peter Pope, policy adviser; Marty Mack, director of intergovernmental affairs; counsel David Nocenti; and Christine Anderson, Spitzer’s press secretary.”


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  1. Of course they’re leaving. Every governor wants his own group of ethically challenged staff and associates who will protect HIM. Can’t trust other people’s hit men; you need your own. What changes? Only the faces.

  2. It’s worth checking out two columns by Michael Lewis in today’s NY Daily News. One op-ed, the other in the news pages. Fred Dicker in the Post has more today, and there are other articles and an editorial in the Post, too.

    Lewis writes that Paterson believed the state police “hit squad” had the dirt on his affairs, and that’s why Paterson ‘fessed up — to remove the blackmail threat.

    Lewis also gives it to Soares, the sleazy DA in Albany who covered up for Spitzer.

    It looks like in some ways the state cops were operating like the SS. Somebody allowed this to happen. Spitzer definitely did, and maybe Pataki before him also did.

    This is going to be another very big Albany scandal.

  3. I don’t know if I can take another Cuomo quoting Tielhard de Chardin, and various other Jesuit philosophers for four years. I think I’d prefer an inefficient governance.

  4. Sorry, mea culpa. I meant Michael Goodwin. Two columns, one op-ed, the other in the news pages. I momentarily confused him with another columnist.

    At the time, I was distracted by an angry call from Bill Clinton. He was saying something about Bill Richardson suddenly looking and acting like Pancho Villa. I told him to leave me alone and call Gen. Pershing.

  5. That’s it! I suggested that Richardson might join the WWWF. Now I know how he dresses up – Pancho V!

  6. Talk about the f’ing Steamroller, the Albany DA is threatening Goodwin with bodily harm. There’s no other way to read it.

  7. Pancho: On turning over Clinton’s ‘Treasure’ of the Sierra Madres to Obama: “Pledges? We Don’t Need No Stinking Pledges!”

  8. If you all think the worst thing Eliot did as governor was patronize a slew of whores or bully poor old big teeth, you are absolutely just part of the problem. How hard is it to do some GD investigative reporting?