Lalor responds to Pataki’s endorsement of Oros


Kieran Lalor, the Iraq war veteran who is seeking the GOP’s nomination to challenge Rep. John Hall, issued a statement this afternoon criticizing former Gov. George Pataki’s endorsement of rival Republican George Oros.

“George Oros and I are two starkly different candidates— he represents the Republican Party’s declining influence both nationally and here within New ork State,” Lalor said in the statement.  “I represent our Party’s hope for the future, and our ability o take on the big-government, career politicians who have overseen our party’s decline through the past decade.”

About Pataki, Lalor said: “In 1995, George Pataki became governor of what would become the largest, most inefficient state government in the nation”


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  1. the consultant on

    kieran has nothing to offer other than his service
    to his country…what is he doing he admitted
    to the bar after attending law school..does he think
    this election is only about iraq…love to hear his opinions
    about the economy if he has any understanding about economics

  2. The response to Pataki’s endorsement was undiplomatic but no one can deny there was some truth to Pataki’s failure to govern effectively (at least in his 3rd term) and his failure to help the New York Republican party.

    However, the Consultant’s critique that Lalor, “has nothing to offer other than his service to his country” is analogous to arguing that A-Rod has nothing to offer the Yankees other than his hitting i.e. service to your country past and present is important.

    I have no clue what type of candidate he is but his bio is impressive. Impressive enough that he was recently quoted quite a bit in I believe the Wall Street Journal in a story about veterans running for office. I will reserve judgment as everyone should until I hear more about both candidates running for the Republican nomination.

    The Consultant was quoted in Roll Call about a year ago, the main newspaper read by Congressional staff in Capitol Hill, as saying what an intelligent man John Hall was and that he couldn’t be beat. Which begs the question, why does the Consultant care about this “unwinnable” race?

  3. Lalor tells the truth. Call it undiplomatic, whatever. Dude shoots straight, which is refreshing whether you like him or not.

  4. Lalor hit the nail on the head. Pataki is a busted valise.

    And as for Lalor’s positions, they’re summarized on his website. I know from a friend who attended CPAC that at CPAC Lalor handed out detailed policy papers on his positions. Edelman, if you’re so interested in his positions, why not contact his campaign and ask for them? Or is it easier just to remain willfully ignorant and take cheap shots here in this blog?

  5. the consultant on

    we have learned recently that the personal histories of
    candidates and officials become issues in every campaign.
    it is a legitimate question to ask whether mr lalor
    completed law school and whether he took and passed
    the bar..also what he is presently doing for a living
    criticizing george pataki for endorsing george
    oros is not how to get the republican nomination
    Pataki remains a popular figure in that congressional
    district regardless

  6. One thing that I can agree with Lalor- Americans are tired of career politicians and can support more grassroots involvement. Case in point- John Hall got himself elected over the DCCC’s pick Judy Aydelott. Rahm Emanuel and the Dem hierarchy are about as out of touch with real people as the GOP leaders. Given a choice, I think Americans vote towards the center more than the idealogues care to admit. All rabid partisanship gets you is bitter feelings, polarization, smears and innuendo.

  7. the consultant on

    walt..the key is “got elected”..that means emanuel made
    the right choice…but you are correct this is a center
    right nation..only not here in new york where it
    is center left

  8. Walt, what are you talking about? Hall was opposed by Emanuel because he was too far to the left. Thus, you should use different evidence to argue that Emanuel is out of touch.

    If you want to learn about Lalor go to his bio. He currently teaches. Whether he practices law or even graduated from law school is irrelevant.

    Oros, left New Jersey to attend Pace. How good of a student do you think that Oros was that instead of going to a state school, he left for New York to attend an expensive private school that is not particularly well ranked. Then he went to Pace Law School, as did Lalor, which is generally considered a third or fourth tier law school. But you know what, I don’t care. His degree or where he practices law is not of particular interest to me. He probably wasn’t a great student but that doesn’t mean he isn’t very intelligent or that he would not make a great Congressman.

    The Consultant seems to be trying to insinuate there is something to be said about Lalor’s legal record but who cares. The Consultant went to NYU Law back when it was not considered a great law school (now it is one of the best). Should that be held against him? No, of course not. By all accounts he has had a successful political and legal career. Stop trying to “raise” questions about Lalor’s academic achievements. It is really unbecoming of you.

  9. Another legitimate question would be why would an already established attorney allow his license re-registration to lapse?

  10. the consultant on

    correction about NYU law school…when I attended
    it was fourth in the nation…check it out…
    harvard, yale, columbia, nyu…originally back in
    the 50’s it was mens a mens but in the 1970’s its
    reputation had skyrocketed…but Oros will be
    the nominee so it really doesn’t matter…
    attacking governor Pataki in that part of new
    york demonstrates, shall we say, lack of political
    acumen..Lalor could have said something neutral
    or nothing at all…

  11. “correction about NYU law school…when I attended
    it was fourth in the nation…check it out…
    harvard, yale, columbia, nyu”

    NYU is a great school and you should be proud of your accomplishments but it was not fourth in the nation when you went. It is now a top five law school. The First US News & World Report ranking was 1989 or 1990 and it was 9th. This was generally considered a vast improvement from the prior decades.

    You went in the early 1970’s it started to improve dramatically in the late 1970’s but it only became an elite top-five school in the 1990’s.

    See below.

    “Vanderbilt also had the inspired idea of buying the Mueller Macaroni Company, which supplied the school with a steady source of income. When the trustees sold the company in 1977, N.Y.U. became of the nation’s richest law schools overnight. Norman Redlich, who became dean in 1975, went on a building spree that eventually added two dormitories, a vastly expanded library and a renovated building to house the school’s clinical program. By the mid-80’s, N.Y.U. was a nationally recognized law school, known for turning out tax lawyers for the big New York firms and dedicated advocates for Legal Aid and the A.C.L.U.

    In the great law-school pecking order, though, it fell well below Columbia, its uptown rival.”

    “In 1978, Mr. Leebron defeated his older classmate in an election for the coveted presidency of the Harvard Law Review. But in 1988, when both men were teaching at NYU, it was Mr. Sexton who plucked the plum job — the deanship. Mr. Leebron soon left for Columbia.

    At that time, Columbia’s superiority went largely unquestioned. The Ivy League institution, alma mater to presidents Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt and Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, regularly placed graduates in white-shoe firms and judicial clerkships.”

    Please note that whole topic is irrelevant but I wanted to correct the record.

  12. I agree with the consultant. Lalor shouldn’t be knocking Pataki. Especially after the Spitzer mess. Pataki was the steady hand during September 11th and guided our state through a crisis with Rudy Giuliani. Lalor should be praising Pataki. I’m voting for George Oros now.

  13. the consultant on

    the debate about NYU is not relevant..just defending
    my alma mater..on the other hand the law school you
    attend or college is really not an indicia for success
    it is your motivation and drive..I know plenty of
    people from mediocre schools who made huge successes..
    the important thing is that you go to school…

  14. Exactly. You proved my original point which was where Oros or Lalor went to school or what type of law they currently practice is a red herring. Thus, there is no reason to demagogue the issue by insinuating that Lalor did not finish law school. The campaign should be decided on what each of them proposes to do if elected and by who has the better chance of beating Hall. The verdict is still out. I think we should reserve judgment until we get to hear from both of the candidates, hopefully in a debate. You may be correct about Lalor but lets not prejudge ths race.

  15. Lalor does not currently teach. He is a night watchman (security guard) at the Medical College in Valhalla. On News 12 Westchester last night the reporter said “Lalor, a former Marine and security guard from Peekskill…”

    I do think it matters whether Lalor passed the bar, especially since he does not have a public record.

    His military papers along with his bacground from Wappingers should be looked at as well. We’re electing a congressman not a highway superintendent…

  16. Maybe it’s just me, but I’d prefer to hire a 4.0 student from Fordham or Pace than a 2.0 student from Princeton. For one thing, you would have to work and work hard for that 4.0 at Fordham, whereas at Princeton, getting in is the hardest part by far. The Ivies accept less than 10% of applicants, missing out on many valedictorians and near-perfect SATs. This school- ranking thing has gotten out of hand, and is useful for selling magazines and little else. As someone once said, MDs should have their grades published in the yellow pages, so that for the common cold, you could choose the guy with lower grades and lower prices. Heart transplant, you might want to do some additional research.

  17. Biography of Lalor aside (you don’t have to be a brain surgeon to be a politician as we plainly see everyday), however, you do have to know how to work in politics to get things accomplished for your constituents. Lalor’s comments clearly show he has no experience in the political arena or he would not have made such comments, and about someone from his own party. What a way to alienate potential future allies.

    And not that I am for ‘career’ politicans, but one should have an idea how to operate in the proposed position that one is aspiring to, and not biting the hand that may feed one.

    I do think we need someone in with the political acumen to work with people not only from their own party, but with those of opposing parties to get the needs from our district met. Mr Oros’ record has shown that he has worked in a leadership position, in a bipartisan effort to work for the people of not only his district, but for the people of Westchester County.
    The County is in such sad shape at this point, barring the Republican minority’s efforts,(with Boss Bill and crew)we are wasting Oros’ talents there and need Oros in Congress.

  18. Palts – nice that you insult blue collar and union workers along the way. my understanding is that he’s working at night so he can campaign during the day. go ahead and fish for dirt, though. He has a medal from the USMC post-discharge, so me thinks he left in good form. George Oros’s own website touts his big achievement as re routing sewer lines or whatnot. Call my crazy but when it comes to important military decisions in Congress, healh care, national emergencies, and education, I’ll take the one who has been in the trenches. Lalor’s been there

  19. praise for pataki is not warranted. led us thru difficult times ? anyone could have done what he did. which wasn’t much. his most noted accomplishment is making him and libby rich thru his political connections. in his race against mccall he garnered about 25 % of the eligible voters in an election that inspired so many only 49% came out ! as for lalor he rides with that other nut case in the 99th AD. Congressman Hall will be re-elected on his merits. an unusual accomplishment but one that will prevail.

  20. Bob M- Rahm Emanuel decided to get behind Judy Aydelott, a former Republican, because he figured the only person that could beat Sue Kelly in what was perceived of as a solidly Republican district would be essentially another Republican. Guess he was wrong about that, since Hall won the primary and went on to take the general election.

    BTW, I’ve been to Lalor’s site numerous times, and have read his positions. Not impressed. I am impressed that he felt strongly enough to enlist in the Marine Reserves. He’s not currently a teacher, that was, IIRC, before the Marines. His wife teaches, last I heard he was working at NY Medical College in Valhalla as a security guard.

  21. Walt – I’ve been reading your comments for a while, and I’m not impressed with you, your trombone skills, or your political commentary. If Lalor counts you amongst his politics enemies, he has my vote! I will let you have the last word, as it seems that you like to lurk around here and incessantly refresh the screen hoping for something that resembles human interaction

  22. Incessantly refreshing the screen? Nah, more like stopping by once or twice a day to have an actual discussion with the consultant, and to tease Ethan/Wahoo. If I ever have a need for any sub-human interaction, dorman, I’ll be in touch.

  23. Here it comes on

    Lalor is the best candidate. Oros represents everything that went south for the Republican Party. Pataki? Pataki is the single biggest treason why we now have a Democtrat as a Governor. He sucked up to the Dems so much that he never groomed anyone for the position. He kept doling out jobs to Democrats, trying to position himself for some sort of fusion Presidential ticket. But it never worked.

    In the Gubernatorial race in 2006, Spitzer waas so strong because the Pataki-led Republicans were so weak. Thanks, George. And now his candidate is George Oros. No thanks.

    Kieran Lalor for Congress.

  24. Here it comes on

    I just read some of these childish comments. Lalor obviously worked his way through law school by working nights at a job that permitted him to attend day school classes. Are you guys out of touch? Or are you simply accustomed to the uber-elite who have their rich parents pay for everything? Based on everything written, a blind man can see that Lalor worked his way through law school, and a security guard-type job would be ideal for someone taking day time classes. For those that worked their way through school, what jobs did you hold? Any darn job you could find that accomodated your classes, right? Stop being so elitist. Would you prefer he have a millionaire father pay for him to attend an Ivy league school? Say, like ELIOT SPITZER? You know, ELIOT SPITZER? We all know how that one turned out.

    This guy obviously worked his way through school. Any guy that can scratch and claw to put his way through school, AND support a family at the same time, is all right inmy book, and that in itself is the greatest sign of leadership.

  25. Isn’t it interesting–and telling–that the “inexperienced” Lalor gets 10 times the positive press that Oros does, including lots of national exposure? Amazing how this “nobody” organized a 4-county grassroots organization, founded Iraq Veterans for Congress, gets coverage in Time, Newsweek, the Wall Street Journal, Fox News, etc., while Oros has to turn to a cadre of party hacks and washed-up politicians to try to get some recognition outside his small legislative district. He should get used to hearing his name pronounced “Oros-who?” over the next few months.

  26. Here it comes on

    I’m just so impressed with a guy that works nights to put himself through law school and put food on the table for his family, and at the same time PUTS ALL OF THIS ON HOLD, INCLUDING HIS FAMILY, TO JOIN THE MARINE CORPS AND FIGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY.

  27. Mr. Lalor, I am a fan of yours but I would like to remind you that self praise is no praise.

    Take your arguments off this blog and bring them to the people.