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If you’re keeping a list of possible opponents for state Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Carmel, strike Westchester County Legislator Mike Kaplowitz from it. Kaplowitz, a Somers Democrat, said today he’s “decided not to run for state Assembly.”

Kaplowitz won a sixth term last year as a county lawmaker. He lost a state Senate run against Sen. Vincent Leibell, R-Patterson, in 2006 and had been considering taking on Ball this year. Ball is running for a second term representing the 99th Assembly District.


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  1. good. kaplowitz is a liberal democrat, he would never have beat greg ball.

    ball needs an oponent from the republican party who can effectively pool the discontent that many have with ball. the people of the 99th deserve a real rep, not some phony like ball. and that seat should stay in the gop column, no need to be giving up seats to the tax & spend dems.

  2. Kaplowitz knows Ball would squash him like a bug. Greg is going to cruise to re-election.

  3. It is a shame on

    It is a shame that Mr. Kaplowitz has decided not to run, he is a formable candidate and a gentlemen. He would have served the 99th Assembly District with honor.

    Who knows maybe he will reconsider?

  4. Ball is done. Stick a fork in him. Like the one-hit wonders of the 60s Ball is flaming out as I write this with a totally incompetent office staff, inexperienced and foolish campaign advisors, and an inability to raise serious money. This guy is toast.

    Any warm body can knock this jerk off without even fundraising.

    Wait till the news comes out. Oh boy. Mark my words.

  5. i agree with ‘peekaboo’

    ball is all smoke & mirrors. he’s all about getting to next office in the shortest period of time and his constituents suffer as a result. thank god vinnie leibell picks up the slack.

    his office is run by teenage interns and a retired couple. no professional staff, no government expertise, nothing. it’s pretty much the ball image co. they’re constantly working on promotion greg ball and his illusion of action.

    i’ll be waiting intently for the news to come out… can’t imagine what ball’s done this time!

  6. Mr. Ball and his coterie of morons need to be removed from public life ASAP.

    His presence as chief puppeteer at the Southeast Town Board meeting this evening was duly noticed. It was also noticed that he snuck out that back door mid-meeting, right around the time that controversy erupted. Mr. Ball saw no problem with creating this monster but he wants no public participation now that the monster is out of control.

    This is what we get for electing people who are all talk and no action. Greg Ball is a dysfunctional, self-centered, ego maniacal, sociopath interested only in his own personal power and not about doing a good job for “his” community.

    In the last election, we voted for change for the sake of change. Now let’s vote for change for the sake of getting and Assemblyman who delivers for us!

  7. Thomas Courtien on

    I hope a good solid candidate from either the GOP or Dems steps forward to challenge The Assemblyman. I have not seen my school tax change plan that was promised; I am still waiting.

    Why has he not fulfilled any promises he made? Because The Assemblyman is ineffective in Albany.

  8. For a good example of how Ball operates, he is having a forum today for Veterans down in Yorktown Town Hall claiming he did a wonderful thing for veterans regarding tuition. He is gathering veterans at this forum to gain votes. Yet, BALL VOTE NO IN THE ASSEMBLY ON THIS knowing full well other yes votes would pass this in the budget.
    Just another Ball LIE that he was in favor of helping veterans. All veterans should know BALL DID NOT SUPPORT THIS but is going to put oon a show in Yorktown today as though he is the hero.
    This man needs to be removed as he lies to the public all the time just to be on the fast track to power.

  9. Do all of the Ball haters meet in a room and blog together? Or is this part of a larger therapy session?

    Ball introduces the Tuition Bill over a year ago! Go online and do some research before you spread lies. Ball not only introduced the legislation for veterans tuition in the Assembly, he actually got it to become a conference wide bill. He worked with Governor Spitzer to get it adopted in the executive’s budget. He then reached out to Paterson’s office and made sure it remained a priority.

    Ball was recently honored by the State Joint Veterans council for this effort. You people are blinded by your own hate.

    Attack him on the facts and issues.

    Yes, Ball voted down the entire budget – and the Veteran’s Program was in the budget – but he voted down the entire budget because it also included a cut in the STAR program, cuts to special education and a $1 Billion dollars in new taxes.

    That does not change the legislative history of Ball’s bill. He was the first to introduce this bill, others, including the Senate and Governor followed his lead. The facts are all easily found online. But don’t allow facts to get in your way..continue to post, post, post…

  10. Reading the posts here is hilarious. Ball has over a 75% approval rating, he has over $100k in the bank and all of the hate mongers on the sidelines just sit behind their computer and attack the only Assemblyman fighting for the people.

    What has Ball accomplished? Have any of his detractors taken the opportunity to compare Ball’s legislative acomplishments by going on the Legislative Bill Search page?

    The kid has more of a legislative record than I would say 90% of his colleagues and well beyond ANY freshman. He has over 300 bills, and has passed nearly 20 bills with his name on them, but here are some of the big ones:

    A) Veterans Tuition Bill – Ball’s Bill was out on front of this issue, before the Senate and Governor. Ball’s bill was picked up conference wide, endorsed by Vet’s groups statewide, mentioned by the Governor in the State of the State and now law with a funding stream of $2M

    B) Deportation Bill – Ball co-sponsored a bill to deport thousands of low level illegal alien criminal drug offenders saving taxpayers over $80 million.

    C) Human Trafficking – Ball co-sponsored a seminal piece of legislation cracking down on human traficking and reached across the aisle to introduce a bill that closes an important loophole in that law.

    D) Tax Cap Bill – Ball’s tax cap proposal is now not only being seriously considered, but is actually gaining steam and when enacted, will revolutionize the school tax system of inequity statewide

    There are dozens of other examples from Autism related legislation, puppy mill legislation and even a bill requiring insurance companies to provide funding to families with special needs children.

    You are failing in your abilities to attack Ball, because your attacks are based in lies. It’s just like how the Republicans attacked Clinton in the 90’s. You have to attack him on the issues…but you can’t do that either…:0

    Because Ball is a populist – anti tax, anit illegal alien, pro reforming albany, anti outsourcing, and personally engaged in dozens of bread and butter issues…

    his support and power is growing, beyond his district, and Kaplowitz knew it by taking one quick look at the polling…

  11. If Ball really wanted this tuition bill as stated, he voted no on the budget so he could tell people he was against the budget knowing full well that the majority vote would approve the spending package. So…he wins no matter what?

    Never knew that Greg was such a buddy of spitzer ! and now paterson !!!!

  12. Where are the stats from a poll showing a CURRENT approval rating of 75%??? Dont count his election win as he has fallen flat since then. Also, going over his financial data that is published on the board of election site, outstanding debt and what he has paid out and owes himself, do not come to a balance on hand of 100 grand in cash. Maybe he has been loaned money from his family to come up with the 100 grand. That is the rumor.

  13. Greg Ball is a neophyte politician who does not understand the basics of incumbency protection. He has accomplished nothing for his constituents.

    He has shamefully admitted to several people that all he cares about is getting his name in the paper and has told others that the reason he can’t keep staff is because nobody can keep up with his “grueling” schedule and constant desire to be in the paper.

    What nonsense! Greg Ball should spend more time focused on doing a good job and less time trying to get credit…

  14. “Kaplowitz says no: Christmas comes early for Putnam Dems”

    Who posts on local yahoo groups?
    Mike posts on local yahoo groups
    Who keeps the left-wing in the loop?
    Mike keeps left-wing in his loop

    Lohudblogs, posts here at 3,
    Yahoo at 4, on 1-2-5-6-3
    Must be Santos, must be Santos, must be Santos, Santos sycophant

    As “Client 9” Pete’s here to be
    Questioning the Air Force Academy
    But who never served in the military?
    Hansen never sacrificed for his country

    7curse, astroturf
    Blog from work? Must be irked!
    Must be Petey, must be Petey, must be “P. Brewster” village clerk

    Who posts using dozens of names?
    Who lost nearly as many campaigns?
    Who got to uncork champagne?
    When he found out Michael K. abstained?

    Drove the ‘cRATS, down the drain,
    While his letters to the ed, go unread

    Must be Ken, must be Harper, must be “Typical”, “Peekabo”, “Sturdy” and “Tobi”

  15. Ball is a fraud on

    Every Veteran knows

    Actions speak louder than Words

    Mr. Ball – You should be ashamed!

    Assemblyman Ball attempts to credit for an initiative to provide tuition benefits to combat veterans is a slap in the face to all men and women of our military.


    Fact: January 9, 2008 The Governor declares in his State of The State Address the following: “ I will send you a bill guaranteeing New York’s returning combat veterans a benefit that covers the cost of SUNY and CUNY tuition…”

    Fact: One week later on January 17, 2008 Assemblyman Ball introduced Assembly Bill # 9701 proposing a remission program for veterans.

    Fact: On January 22, 2008 the Governor submitted as part of his Executive Budget Assembly Bill # 9803 which proposed to appropriate funding to provide tuition to Combat Veterans.

    Fact: On April 9, 2008 Assemblyman Ball votes “NO’ against Assembly Bill # 9803 and “NO” to provide tuition assistance to combat veterans.

    Fact: On April 10, 2008 Mr. Ball declares that his Assembly Bill # 9701 was made part of the budget – even though he voted against it.

    Fact: Mr. Ball’s Assembly Bill #9701 today remains in Assembly Higher Education Committee.

    Conclusion: Serving in the military builds character and integrity. Assemblyman Ball disgraced the military when, during a time a war, he left before the end of his service commitment and continues to use veterans and the military for personal gain.

    Greg Ball if a fraud!

  16. tuition bill on

    If the tuition bill is now in committee and this could be that way for a long time, how can Mr. Ball tell people it is now available?
    Seems somewhat confusing to many of us.

  17. The bill is now available on

    Originally introduced as A09701 (Ball), 5/2007
    Reintroduced as A08352 (Ball), 1/2008
    Same as S669 (Leibell), 1/2008

    Passed as:

    2008-09 Enacted Budget
    Article VII Legislation

    Part N – Amend the Education Law in relation to tuition assistance for veterans.


    This bill amends Education Law § 669-a to increase tuition assistance benefits for combat veterans discharged under honorable conditions up to the cost of undergraduate tuition at the State University of New York (SUNY), to be used at any college, university or approved vocational program in New York.

    Summary of Provisions, Existing Law, Prior Legislative History, and Statement in Support:

    This bill amends Education Law § 669-a to provide veterans of the hostilities in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf, who are discharged under honorable conditions, with tuition assistance benefits equal to either the cost of SUNY undergraduate tuition for New York residents or the actual cost of tuition at any institution of higher education in New York State, whichever is less. The bill provides full-time graduate and undergraduate students with the same benefit and a proportionate benefit to part-time students.

    Currently, Education Law § 669-a provides veterans of the hostilities in Vietnam, Afghanistan, and the Persian Gulf with tuition awards up to $2,000 annually for full time study.

    By increasing the award to an amount equal to the full SUNY tuition, this bill appropriately recognizes and rewards the bravery, dedication, and service of New York State’s combat veterans. In addition to increasing the amount available under existing law, this bill eliminates the September 1, 2008 sunset date on applications for participation in the current program.

    Budget Implications:

    Enactment of this bill is necessary to implement the 2008-2009 Executive Budget, which includes $2.0 million in appropriations to support its provisions.

    Effective Date:

    This act shall take effect on July 1, 2008.

  18. Does Ball also take credit for other bills sponsored by others when he signs on as co-sponsor? Is that typical? this site is becoming educational from both sides.

  19. it would be nice to see someone from somewhere challenge the nut job from the 99th AD. everyone knows that a republican in the assembly in new york is tantamount to wasting a warm body and taxpayers have already wasted enough money on the nut job’s education at the air force academy and on the salary as assembly person. of course in the final analysis: the choice of the worst candidate of 3 was made by a lot of the voters ! go figure !

  20. Just met Ball in Yorktown last month. Heard alot about him, but never met him. Then saw him campaigning at 5am in Purdys last week. And saw him today outisde Turkos campaigning.

    The guy has my vote. He is everywhere.

  21. Ball’s bill was introduced last year and there were no “same as”. Ball was the first in the New York State Legislature to introduce this bill. The bill introduced this year was an amended and improved bill, and also Ball’s.

    The Ball haters can try to spin this anyway they want, Ball scored a huge victory on the veterans front and all the crying and lying can’t erase legislatiev history.

  22. Somers Captain on

    Time for Pete Hansen to step up to the plate. It is time for a smart, dedicated and fearless leader to take on Ball. Peter Hansen will lead us to victory. He is our man!!

    Pete Hansen for Assembly! Let the drafting begin.

  23. Somers Captain on

    No! Ken Harper is our man! Ken Harper will get both the conservative and independence lines. Ken Harper has worked a deal with Sheldon Silver. Harper is smart like a fox! He is our man! Yay! Ken Harper’s name reognition is very high. People love him and wish he had won. I hear it all of the time. Harper for Assembly!!! The 9th time is the charm. Ken..Please keep Pete Hansen at bay.

  24. Here it comes on

    Ball would be fairly easy to beat. That said, Pete Hansen and Ken Harper would be crushed to death by Ball. They have no chance. I keep hearing that Ball will lose the next election. Well, folks, it’s getting awefully late in the process and nobody has stepped up to run. You have to remember, Harper is simply not electable, and his own circle know that, and Hansen would have to campaign in 3 counties. When he ran for Patterson Town Supervisor, he didn’t even campaign in the Town of Patterson. There were so many events that he failed to attend. He was missing in action in his own campaign.

    Yes, Greg Ball is all smoke and mirrors. He intentionally forms a campaign around making people think he’s doing something, when he knows he’s getting nothing done. His “hardest working Assemblyman” even he knows is a complete joke; the only thing he works hard with is campaigning, campaigning, campaigning. Shaking hands, shaking hands, shaking hands. And that “like-ability” survey is way off and not current for sure. Even a blind man can see that his inner circle and his army is becoming more sparse and depleted as time goes by. At a recent event, he was there with almost nobody except himself, his loyal minions who owe him their positions in Southeast, and that nut-job old man who thinks Greg walks on water. Other than that, his support is collapsing right from under im. But all this said, nobody has stepped up to the plate. Everybody talks a good game, but nobody is stepping up to take him on.

  25. Do you think people will not step up to run because they do not want to be trashed by Ball? Ball will do and say anything and most people will shy away from the lies, propaganda and horrible mailers that Ball send out. So Bal wins by fear?

  26. Degnan for Assembly on

    No, not Hansen or Harper! We need John Degnan! He is the smartest of them all! He is the leader – El Alcade! Degnan, please give up your profitable pursuits for the better good of your community. You are the only one that can take on Ball. You are our leader! Yay!!

  27. Degnan for Assembly on

    Yes! Degnan! He is the key to victory! He will win the primary with 92%! Yeah! Ball is weak. John is strong.

  28. We need Pete Hansen to step up to the plate. I heard a rumor that Ball’s Campaign is willing to make the first donation to either Hansen or Degnan if they are willing to run. No one likes to deliver a good trouncing better than the ball campaign. But I honestly believe Hansen can take Ball. He has the fire in that belly of his.