Relief At Gas Pump Sought


As gas prices continue to rise, state lawmakers are focusing on a tried and true tradition: lowering the state’s gas tax.

Assembly Republican Minority Leader James Tedisco said today that he plans to introduce legislation to eliminate gas taxes on prices over $2 per gallon from Memorial Day to Labor Day, and use the money from other gas taxes on renewable energy initiatives. The minority conference also wants to redirect revenue from car registration fees and license renewals to renewable energy programs.

Meanwhile, some Senate Republicans are also calling for a “gas-tax holiday” from Memorial Day to Labor Day, providing a complete suspension of gas taxes during the summer months.

Sen. Joseph Robach, R-Greece, said the measure would save New Yorkers 33 cents per gallon in state gasoline taxes, and the savings would double if the federal government also suspends its own taxes, which is being contemplated on Capitol Hill.

Last year, the state Legislature capped sales tax on gas at eight cents per gallon. And some counties limited the sales tax they collect to the first $2 of the price.

No word yet on whether Gov. Paterson or the Democratic-controlled Assembly would come on board.

But Paterson said in a radio interview Tuesday that a gas-tax suspension doesn’t mean that prices will necessarily drop.

“There is no mandate that is making the retailer pass that savings that we created out of the tax along to the consumer,” Paterson said. “And until we find a way to make that happen, we are not going to be able to” lower prices consistently.


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  1. What’s really wrong is that for 34 years both parties in Washington have been guilty of doing nothing to avert this. The clear warning signs were there in the first gas crunch of ’74. Then there was another one in ’79.

    The Democrats and their tree-hugger friends are very guilty for restricting, hindering and otherwise impeding drilling, new refineries, and so on. Now, the insanity of ethanol is impacting corn and other food prices up and down the line.

  2. Our representatives have collectively delivered our citizens as hostages to fate by inaction. And we continue to fund smarmy potentates and outright enemies of the US in the middle east and elsewhere to an ever exorbitant degree to boot. It is almost beyond belief.

  3. if the tree huggers lose and the creeps prevail then we will just mutate into another life form and adapt to what is left

  4. Keep paying Iran, Venezuela, Russia and various Islamic fundamentalist states $120 per barrel of oil and we will see what life form they have in mind for us to adapt to.

  5. In case you didn’t know it, in April, Time Magazine, which is more liberal than not, did a cover story on “The Clean Energy Scam.” Ethanol was a primary energy scam.

    All of the left’s “new energy” policies are failures, as is the public schools system in most large cities, and that is another fiasco fashioned by the left. And how has Lyndon Johnson’s “War on Poverty” been doing the last four decades? Besides swallowing billions and billions of dollars. Did it work? No.

    The oil crisis will get worse before it gets better. That’s even IF it gets better. More trouble is coming.

  6. the consultant on

    in 1978 when I ran for congress…the independent oil drillers could not drill for oil because of the wellhead
    tax….a refinery hasn’t been built in this country for
    about 30 years…george w..listened to my pac presentations
    you would have thought he would have done something by now
    domestic drillers need incentives and tax breaks to take
    our oil out and refine it and sell it at prices we
    can afford..right now the speculators are controlling the
    price of oil..most of our oil is imported believe it or not
    from canada..but the spot price of oil is determined by
    the market….hybrids are bull…greening is bull…
    the US needs to become energy independent so our foreign
    policy is not dependent on offending the OPEC states..
    which candidate will do that…only someone who recognizes
    the problem and will serve one term…

  7. Yes. The speculators are a big part of the problem, and the US govt should do something about it. It’s awfully tiring listening to blowhards like Schumer constantly railing against the oil companies. They are convenient villains, too convenient at times. It’s more complicated.

    But every problem America is facing about oil could be fixed. But no one has the gumption to do it.