About that NARAL endorsement of Obama


Democrat Barack Obama received the endorsement today of NARAL Pro-Choice America  — which doesn’t seem to have been a popular move with the group’s New York chapter.

“This decision was made internally by NARAL Pro-Choice America, based in Washington D.C., and without the consultation of the NARAL state affiliates across the country,” NARAL Pro-Choice New York said in a statement this afternoon.

The New York chapter of the abortion rights group has been a staunch supporter of Sen. Hillary Clinton, endorsing her in the 2000 and 2006 Senate races.

“NARAL Pro-Choice New York will not be issuing an endorsement at this time,” the statement said. ” NARAL Pro-Choice New York believes that this endorsement in the Democratic primary is premature. We are fortunate to have two pro-choice candidates in Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. When a nominee is named, NARAL Pro-Choice New York will stand proudly with the pro-choice Democratic candidate in order to defeat anti-choice Republican candidate John McCain in November.”


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  1. The fantasy is that a President O would appoint Supreme Court member(s) who will reverse the Supreme Court decision prohibiting late term abortions…..Obama supported these in Illinois……we in the health profession cringe…it is called INFANTICIDE.

    Glad the national office has “outed” him…………..and themselves of course! END OF SUPPORT!

    Clinton or Mc Cain in November……

    Pro Choice UNTIL viability ONLY!!!

  2. What a great endorsement: Senator Obama should thank the abortionists– the ones who tried to kill Black Americans under the tutelage of Margaret Sanger– for NARAL’s endorsement, and, while he’s at it, he should thank the fools at moveon.org.

    Capital “L” for loser. How sad.

    With the expressed and enthusiastic endorsements of Edward M. Kennedy. George McGovern, and every other idiot who has been a political failure over the past 40 years, Senator Obama (nee Hussein) might just get 100 electoral votes come this November.

    If Hubert Humphrey were alive, he undoubtedly would be endorsing Obama. But HHH would be crying.

    I enjoy seeing the self-destructive Democrats just killing themselves. These self-righteous, unintelligent, weak people deserve what they get: like the fictional Tony Soprano’s son, A. J. they seem to take everything in the world personally, as A.J.’s psychiatrist said to him.

    Check out DSM IV for a description of today’s Democrats.