Conservatives Applaud Paterson


Well if Gov. Paterson is getting hammered from unions and special-interest groups over his call to cut spending, he may have found a new safe place: the state Conservative Party.

Party Chairman Michael Long applauded Paterson for seeking to control state spending.

“Gov. Paterson was certainly right when he said ‘taxes are addictive’ and we applaud his recognition of that,” Long said in a statement. “He was also right when he said everything must be on the table, across the board spending cuts are what is necessary now.

“Medicaid spending must be cut, mandates must be reviewed and eliminated and the real property tax cap must be enacted when Legislators return in August and of even more importance, passage by the Assembly of the constitutional amendment to cap the growth of state spending at no more than 4 percent.

“Subsequently, both houses must pass it again in 2009 and let the people vote on the proposal in November of 2009. The crisis is real and only the public’s pressure on the Members will truly bring about changes.”


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