Does Anyone Have A Highlighter?


For anyone who has not had enough of the Troopergate scandal, get your reading glasses ready.

On Tuesday, the Albany County Clerk’s Office is set to release nearly 9,000 pages of documents and testimony that District Attorney David Soares collected during his not one, but two, investigations into the scandal.

Soares found no wrongdoing — unlike the Commission on Public Integrity — into allegations that aides to former Gov. Eliot Spitzer conspired to release travel documents to show that former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno was using state aircraft for political purposes.

Soares has been under fire for myriad reasons: from not putting former Gov. Eliot Spitzer under oath during his questioning to brushing off any criminality by Spitzer or aides during his first probe.

But now he’s going to release all his documents. It’s unclear what if anything will be redacted.

And it’ll be interesting to see if the testimony lines up with the Public Integrity Commission’s testimony released last week.

Also, what did Spitzer tell Soares when Soares brought him in? Of course, Soares never put him under oath so none of it could have been used to charge Spitzer with perjury, which Soares now admits may have been possible.


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  1. This guy doesn’t even fathom that the world knows he’s a crook. When that is finally explained to him, and he agrees not to run again, the Dems will make him a judge.