Obama’s new TV ad misleads on taxes


Barack Obama’s presidential campaign has a new television ad in battleground state that misleads Americans into thinking that Republican John McCain’s tax plan would provide no tax relief to 100 million Americans.

Likewise, the McCain campaign began running TV ads several weeks ago that mischaracterizes Obama’s tax plan by saying  it “promises more taxes on small business, seniors, your life’s savings, your family.”

What are the facts?

McCain’s plan is tilted toward wealthy Americans, but middle income people do receive some tax relief. Only 6 percent of McCain’s tax relief would go to families of $65,000 or less, according to the Tax Policy Center, a Washington think tank. Six percent is not “no tax relief,” as the Obama ad alleges.

The McCain ad is misleading because Obama is promising to not raise taxes for single people earning up to $200,000 and couples earning $250,000 or less. It is true that there are some small businesses, seniors and families that make more than that, but it’s only a small segment of each group. Obama also has proposed eliminating all income taxes on seniors making $50,000 or less.


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  1. SilentMajorityUS on

    First of all, why are there no links to the ads in question so readers can look and make their own decisions? Surely, the ads are on some video site (Youtube, etc.).

    Second, are you serious with that headline? You state that both campaigns’ ads are misleading yet you only say Obama’s ad is misleading in the headline.

  2. The only way one could accept the notion that “McCain’s plan is tilted toward wealthy Americans” is if one buys the specious premise that $65,000 per year makes one “wealthy.”

    When you consider how little in taxes people in the lower income ranges actually pay, they’re not the ones who need any cuts. In fact, we have the absurd situation where people who pay no taxes get “refunds” and “rebates” (such as through the EITC) while the people upon whom the tax burden falls heaviest get to pay an additional Alternative Minimum Tax intended to stop those who receive compensation other than through earned income from avoiding paying taxes.

    The tax system is broken and Obama’s plans will only make it worse. Class warfare is not a solution.

  3. sorry, the republican candidate is just more of the same garbage, more of the same tax breaks, more of the same hugs for bush, more misery, more war, more assaults on the environment, more whining about how sorry he is for cheating on his first wife. total bull.

  4. the consultant's violinist on

    you talking about McCain…you will notice that obama
    is tanking in the state by state polls..we don’t know
    who he is…he has no long term record…he wants
    to assemble the brilliant around him and then make
    his decisions based on divergent opinion..but he
    has no firmly held opionions of his own..at the
    saddleback church he um um um’d his way through
    the answers..I really don’t want someone to um um um
    his way when russian attacks poland