More on the sex harrassment accusation in the 99th



The state Assembly’s ethics committee is reviewing a sexual harassment complaint brought against Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, according to this Associated Press story.

Ball has denied the sexual harassment claim. In today’s story on and in The Journal News, Dan Weiller, a spokesman for Assembly Majority Leader Sheldon Silver, says that if such a claim exists, it would prompt an investigation. As the AP story points out, the Democratic majority in the Assembly automatically refers such a claim to the ethics committee for review.

Ball and Republican John Degnan are locked in a nasty race for the GOP line in Tuesday’s primary.

CLARIFICATION —— Weiller called me to explain that a complaint isn’t automatically referred to the ethics committee for for review. Speaking in broad terms, he said the receipt of a complaint about sexual harassment prompts an investigation by the counsel for the Assembly majority. After that investigation is completed and depending on the findings, the matter could then be referred to the ethics committee.


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  1. Question for Consultant on

    Do you think it’s odd for Greg Ball to be running for a seat on the Town of Southeast Republican Committee when he doesn’t live in the town?

  2. The choice in this primary can best be summarized in a single phrase: “Talk is cheap.” We’ve all seen the Ball signs and bumper stickers, “Illegal immigration is illegal”, but maybe we haven’t put much thought into what the phrase really means. The implication of this slogan is that, regardless of the complexities, nuances and costs, the underlying and most important determinant should be simply “the law is the law” and that we all have a moral and ethical duty to enforce it. It is a simple, unequivocal call to live our lives according to specific standards being made by an individual who, like so many other politicians, prefers the catchy soundbite while eschewing the rigors of living his own life according to these same higher standards.

    If there is to be no debate regarding the issue of illegal immigration then there is to be no debate regarding stealing an opponent’s signs, harassing former girlfriends or female employees, drinking and driving, making robocalls that identify the caller as someone else, using charities to collect funds for a political campaign, illegally recording phone calls and stalking and surveilling political opponents. Ball, however, believes that the only illegal behavior that can not be excused or debated is that of everyone else. For Ball, his friends and his supporters, there is always an excuse, a rationalization or an imagined conspiracy.

  3. Interesting that Due Process no longer exists. The Hate Ball out of Office crowd all scream accusations with no solid proof of anything.

    They questioned his Service record and can’t make it stick because the U.S. Air Force says he was Honorably Discharged.

    They slander him as a stalker when his ex-girlfriend dismissed the charges a week later.

    Sen. Liebell gives Ball his home phone number and now all of a sudden it’s his wife’s private number and he needs to have 24 hour police protection at tax payer expense because voters are calling him?

    Now we have unfounded accusations of sexual harassment.

    Isn’t it odd that someone who is accused of being such a fraud, liar, and criminal, no hard evidence is ever presented?

    When the shoe is on the other foot, Mayor Degnan has absolutely no problem defending individuals who are accused of a crime. In response to the 24 year old who was arrested for “allegedly” molesting an 11 year old boy in Degnan’s own rental properties, Degnan himself made it clear that the key word was “allegedly” and that he would have his day in court.

    However in a dirty campaign Mayor Degnan and his supporters have thrown so many dirty accusations at Ball it makes you sick. I have even had some of these Ball haters e-mail me telling me they have proof of some of their accusations yet they are willingly waiting to release it.

    Give me a break.

    It’s sad really. Degnan stated he was going to run a clean campaign on the issues. He has done no such thing. All he does is levy outrageous accusation after accusation at Mr. Ball hoping something, anything, sticks.

    Again showing proof positive that Degnan and his supporters don’t understand how the law works in the United States.

    Makes it clear why we need signs like “Illegal is Illegal.” Degnan’s campaign is all heresy, unfounded accusations, and hypocrisy with little to no focus on any issue whatsoever.

  4. tonights election results made it clear that voters
    are not interested in the personal foibles of elected
    officials unless it impacts their job performance..
    Degnan should get out of the race

  5. the consultant's election night coverage on

    Kudos to Mike Edelman for insightful analysis this evening, really a super performance. John Goff was also splendid as usual.

  6. It seems to me that all of Degnan’s voters from yesterday were the same ones who posted attacks on Ball on this blog. But it wasn’t even close to being enough. What a wipe out.

  7. Thanks much I calls um as I sees um…but I still need
    an olive from the branch for one of my martini’s!

  8. Waiting for Nov Elections on

    November elections will be most interesting. Many voters will come out for the presidents election and this may have an impact on results in the 99th Assembly District if the democrats come out in numbers. Many people talk of more years under Republican rule. Who knows what’s best?
    Of course Ball still has this harassment investigation going on so it should prove to be very interesting indeed.

  9. Ball last updated his Assembly website in December 2009. What has he been up to for the last six months?! NADA

  10. NewWindsorlawyer on

    Talk about a website not changing? Big deal. How about NOTHING changing?

    Take a look at a post from 2 years ago.

    Speaks of the Hate Ball Out of Office Crowd.

    Didn’t work 2 years ago.

    Ain’t working now.

    You folks best better wake up and realize Ball is the strongest politician in Putnam County.

    And he’s not facing any sort of indictment.

    Can all the politicians say that?

    Some don’t even wanna talk about it.

    Others deny it.

    Despite a sitting grand jury.

    And subpoenas flying all around the county.

    And witnesses being taken from Southeast to Danbury by the FBI to speak about that little garbage contract that wouldn’t.

    And witnesses testifying in front of the grand jury about many different things.

    And about several different politicans.

    But the boys don’t want you to know there’s a grand jury investigation.

    Like Vinny Tamagna says: “They’re not after Putnam: they’re after something else”.

    Yeah, Vinny. Good try.

    The US Attorney wanted 1,500 vouchers from that Yonkers law firm. We know which firm we’re talking about.

    The one with Mangone.

    All of a sudden, the FBI has all this information about the Mangone law firm.

    Such as how Mangone and company got legal work out of this county.

    And what donations they had to make payments to.

    Like to which politicians.

    And to which not-for-profits.

    Which brings me full circle to my first point.

    Greg Ball has nothing to worry about.

    Can the good old boys and good old boys wanna-bees say the same?

  11. NewWindsorlawyer on

    Wondering why witnesses are being taken from Putnam to Danbury to be interviewed by the FBI about that cute children’s story, “The AAA Garbage Contract That Could”.

    A RETIRED and OUT OF OFFICE councilman wonders aloud why the Supervisor encouraged the spurned gartbage company to sue the town.

    Yet, many wonder aloud why this same RETIRED and OUT OF OFFICE councilman was so deathly afraid of his company losing the bid that he begged the renaming good old boys on the baord to file an appeal?

    Why on earth would a RETIRED and OUT OF OFFICE Southeast councilman care so deeply about the garbage contract?

    Well then I guess he should care that people are being interviewed.


    In Danbury.

    And what about this massive hold’em back group called Women Against Ball?

    Membership is really bursting at the seams, huh?

    Still up to one?

    Can’t think of anything else?


    Because when you sit with Greg Ball, the first thing out of his mouth IS NOT a question, “So, what are ‘ya hearing about the investigation”?

    Yet, you sit with another politician, and the first words out of his mouth is about the investigation.

    That darned investigation.

    Not going away this time.

    They gots a witness.

    And witnesses put you away.

    So say what you will about Greg Ball.

    But he aint going to federal prison.