Former Bush spokesman, Fleischer, to speak in Scarsdale


tjndc5-5b5or48eievd3dtcezi_layout.jpgFormer White House Press Secretary Ari Fleischer, a Westchester native, will take part in a discussion Thursday on the records and policy differences between John McCain and Barack Obama and how they could affect the Jewish community and the country. The event, sponsored by The Republican Jewish Coalition, will take place at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Sunningdale Country Club, 300 Underhill Road in Scarsdale. Attendees must RSVP to Greg Menken at 212-922-0839.


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  1. the consultant on

    to even remotely suggest that Obama would adversely affect “the interests” of the jewish community in America is to insult every member of the jewish faith…and that
    is exactly what neocons have been pushing…that somehow
    Obama would be more sympathetic to palestinian aspirations
    which would compromise Israel..Nonsense..the new leader
    of Kadema is sympathetic to Palistinian aspirations..before
    he left office in disgrace Olmerht acknowledged that Israel
    would have to in effect totally vacate the west bank and to
    the extent they did not they would have to grant land
    back to the palestinians..this kind of neocon think
    got us into the Iraq war…the notion you could impose
    democracy where none existed…its dangerous and its
    cost us dearly in lives and treasure. It was the worst
    foreign policy mistake in the history of the nation.
    Jewish Americans have the “same interests” as non jewish
    americans…they are not different and they are not special
    notwithstanding the fact that Israel is a Jewish state
    and Obama and McCain both would protect the interests of
    our only democratic ally in the middle east regardless
    of their party suggest otherwise does
    a great disservice to our country and its citizens both
    jew and non jew…its time to stop intimating that Obama
    is somehow unamerican which is exactly what this is
    all about