Asking the big questions


No one could accuse the man of having low expectations for the debaters at Sarah Lawrence College in Yonkers last night. He had a question for U.S. Rep. Nita Lowey D-Harrison and her Republican challenger Jim Russell who are facing off in the 18th Congressional district.

“What is the root cause of the Mideast crisis, not just with the war in Afghanistan and the war with Iraq, but concerning the whole area of Palestine and Iran? What is the root cause and what are the solutions to having a lasting peace in the Mideast? What do you propose and if you could just also qualify your answer with some sort of history.”

Oh, and candidates, you each have 1 1/2 minutes to respond.


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  1. Jiminy Cricket on

    I would have loved to hear Biden answer that question. Or Obama. Neither one would be able to, but that wouldn’t stop them from yapping away for an hour and a half. But never in a minute and a half.