Golisano: Term Limit Fight Over For Now


Tom Golisano said in an interview with Gannett News Service this afternoon as the New York City Council was passing an extension on term limits that he may campaign against council members who backed the measure.

City Council, by a 29-22 vote, voted to let officeholders seek a third, four-year term, allowing some of them and Mayor Michael Bloomberg to run again in 2009.

But Golisano, who earlier this week ran full-page ads in New York City newspapers to fight the change, said he may reignite his campaign in 2009 against council members who voted for it.

“It’s done for now,” he said. “But these people are going to be up for re-election, and we can very much get involved based on this issue.”

Golisano, the billionaire founder of Paychex Inc. who ran for governor three times, said that City Council members who approved the change are voting for their own interests because after 10 years in office they get vested health insurance and pensions.

Also, voters twice struck down extending term limits at the voting booth.

“Any City Council member that votes to ignore the term-limit referendums and votes to allow a third term I think is totally irresponsible and acting in self interests,” Golisano said.


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  1. Golisano is a neophyte politician who surrounds himself with folks who are even greener than he is.

    He’s a billionaire with a serious ego problem and he thinks his millions will change the minds of the voters but we all see through this guy.

    He should spend some money on a haircut, it’ll at least make him feel better.

  2. the consultant on

    but on the issue he is correct…a law enacted by
    referendum should only be overturned the same way
    not by legislative fiat