Slaughter Backs Kennedy


Caroline Kennedy called Rep. Louise Slaughter, D-Fairport, Monroe County, today to discuss her intentions to run for the Senate, and Slaughter this evening said she is endorsing her.

“I am pleased to endorse Caroline Kennedy for the United States Senate. She has spent her whole life fighting for what she believes in – she is a champion of public education, a lawyer, and an accomplished author,” Slaughter said.

Slaughter said that Kennedy can learn about upstate’s issues, just as Hillary Clinton did in the seat.

“Our nation is facing extraordinary difficulties. Caroline Kennedy understands that the stakes have never been higher for our state and our nation. We need our next Senator to have the skills and the stature to help bring about the change we need.”


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  1. I am an Irish Catholic so seeing another Irish Catholic succeed is a wonderful thing to see. But just because you are a Kennedy doesn’t mean that qualifies you to become senator. I know she grew up in one of the two most politically powerful family in the nation (The Bushes being the other). But she has never held office (Obama held office before he was Senator, Palin was a small town mayor and governs a state). I am a Republican but I feel if Patterson wants to be smart with this he would choose these 4 candidates for the Senate Seat.

    1. Kiersten Gillibrand (D-Hudson).
    2. Byron Browne (D- Mayor of Buffalo)
    3. Andrew Cuomo

    I think the best choice here is Gillibrand. I helped out on Sandy Tredwell’s campaign to try and oust her from her seat but I have to say she is fairly moderate. She doesn’t stray to far to the left which is key because she can play nice with Republicans and work across a party line. She is to me is the lesser of an evil. Gillibrand also won her Congressional seat in a staunch GOP territory. Joe Bruno was the State Senator in one of her districts and Roy McDonald just won that seat and he is a GOP card carrier. She is young, experienced in the beltway, represents upstate, and she was endorsed by the NRA. She pulls independent as well as some GOP votes, If Patterson were smart which sometimes he isnt, he would pick Kiersten.