Engel supports Kennedy


Rep. Eliot Engel, D-Bronx, yesterday met with Senate hopeful Caroline Kennedy. After the nearly one-hour meeting Engel gave Kennedy an endorsement to replace Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is in the midst of Senate confirmation hearing today for the country’s top diplomatic position.

“She is very intelligent, has a firm grasp on the issues facing New York, and would be a wonderful senator,” Engel said of Kennedy.


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  1. Engel or not, Gov. Paterson is the decider and I think it would best behoove Ms. Kennedy to stay under the radar. If Rep. Engel wants to express support for Ms. Kennedy, he’d be most effective making a call to the governor in Albany — discretely — rather than plastering the announcement to make a headline. Where did these people learn their political science?

  2. Wayne Barrett from the Village Voice today on Kennedy:

    If David Paterson makes Kennedy a senator despite her stumbling performance, spare résumé, and nose-diving poll numbers, credit should go to Bloomberg, an ally the unelected governor does not want to displease before his own probable race against Rudy Giuliani next year.

    If Paterson chooses the ill qualified and undeserving Kennedy over someone like the stellar and accomplishsed Kirsten Gillibrand, I shall not be voting for him as Governor.