Paterson Cancels Davos Trip (Updated)


Facing heat for his scheduled trip to Davos, Switzerland later this week, Governor Paterson decided today to scrap the plans.

“Because of the deficit reduction and the desire to try to get it moving as soon as possible, when I heard the question, thought it over, I thought perhaps it would be a better idea to go another time, send a couple of assistants and stay right here with the leaders of the Legislature and work on the budget,” he said during an economic summit in Hyde Park today.

Updated: Paterson’s office said no aides will be going on the trip.


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  1. I would think that most of the objections to the trip would not be that he would be away from the Legislature, and unable to help work on the budget, but from the very real concern that the state is pretty much broke, and why should we be spending money on trips like these? Sending assistants doesn’t really address that concern, IMHO. He shouldn’t be sending ANYBODY.

  2. the consultant on

    don;t you think he should have considered that before
    announcing the trip..or is this guy someone who changes
    his mind from minute to minute

  3. Right – send “a couple of assistants,” (read stumblebums) to a World Economic Forum. They can take notes at the bar. Use my credit card, fellas.