Paterson Falling, Cuomo Rising


Gov. David Paterson’s lead over Attorney General Andrew Cuomo in a potential Democratic gubernatorial primary next year dropped from 23 points last month to just two points now, according to a Siena poll today.

The poll, by the Siena Research Institute, found Paterson leading Cuomo among Democrats only 35 percent to 33 percent, compared to 49 percent to 26 percent a month ago.

“Whether because of the prolonged Senate selection situation or on-going budget issues, voters are less inclined to support Gov. Paterson for election today than they were only one month ago,” said Siena poll spokesman Steven Greenberg.

But a big majority of those questioned by Siena still think highly of him. He has a 60-23 percent favorable/unfavorable rating, down only slightly from 63-22 percent last month.

But Cuomo, son of former Gov. Mario Cuomo who was elected attorney general in 2006, is even more popular, with a 64-17 percent favorable rating.

Cuomo has not said publicly what his plans are for 2010. Paterson has said Cuomo has told him he will not run against him.

Paterson has been roundly criticized for the way he picked Rep. Kirsten Gillibrand to take the Senate seat of Hillary Clinton, angering supporters of Caroline Kennedy, who wanted the job and was viewed as the front-runner for the post.

He also is urging significant cuts in spending and higher taxes and fees to close a $15.4 billion budget gap.

Voters told Siena pollsters that they preferred “someone else” for governor next year, over Paterson, 36 percent to 32 percent.

In a hypothetical matchup with former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, Paterson was ahead 44-42 percent, down from 51-38 percent in December.

Cuomo would beat Giuliani 48-39 percent, close to the 50-37 percent margin last month, according to the poll.

Both of the Democrats would easily defeat former Congressman and 2000 U.S. Senate candidate Rick Lazio of Suffolk County, Paterson by 30 points and Cuomo by 44 points, the poll found.


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  1. the consultant on

    this is a clear indication that if the democrats stick
    with patterson ..rudy will be the governor…and that
    will be a good thing…no party should control all statewide
    offices…and in light of the fact that they now control
    all of them plus the senate and the assembly a repubican
    governor is exactly what we need

  2. Why would Giuliani want to run? His reputation is damaged in New York because he tried to tack to the right to run for President. The msm hates him and treated him and his family (especially his wife and son) very unfavorably when he ran for President. Currently he is making a lot of money in the private sector. He is going to give that all up so that Al Sharpton, Ed Koch, the village voice and others can try and trample on his legacy and change history to make him into an unpopular mayor and a racist.

    I think Rudy would be a good governor but I don’t see why he would want to run or even that he could win.

  3. the consultant on

    Rudy wants back into elective office..its the nature
    of the beast…he will first move to take over the
    party using his allies..then he will declare toward
    the end of this year..rudy has enough money and I believe
    as an owner of the company can continue to accumulate
    profits while governor if they are put in a blind trust
    and his firm does no business with the state…Rudy
    will not change his abortion position and may risk not
    having the conservative won’t matter

  4. Rudy was good for New York City and would be good for New York State. I liked him from the start and still do.

    New York is only now emerging from the mess that Mario Cuomo inflicted upon the state and to allow junior (who doesn’t have the brains that daddy does) to follow in his footsteps is pure folly.

    The judicial appointments Mario made should have been a criminal offense. That caused massive damage to the state. They were all very nice people, not a one that believed in personal responsibility, not a one. Not a crime fighter in the crowd, not a one.

    As for his work as AG he is a publicist, not a crime fighter. While I agree with the findings the office of NY State Attorney General’s office has filed against some of the businesses, those cases have been going on for years, and he has essentially shown up for the press conference. I doubt he even understands the technical aspects of most of his business cases. He is certainly no crime fighter (just like dear old dad).

    His work at HUD was instrumental in creating the financial mess we’re in, but that is because he is not that smart and doesn’t really understand what effects the actions of his office had. Not really his fault, he seems like a likeable fellow.

    I don’t know if Rudy will defeat him but he would be a thousand times better in Albany than junior.

    I still think Patterson is doing just fine. He has made sensible decisions and marched to his own drummer. Should junior primary him and then lose the general he is toast.

  5. Jim Kelly - NY Conservative Campaigns on

    One more time……………

    Rudy is NOT runnning, take it to the bank.

  6. Zyskandar A. Jaimot on

    Ah ANDY’little-mafioso-in-training’CUOMO carrying on in his father MARIO’mafia’CUOMO!!!(And yes it has been proven that the former NYGov.’s relatives in CRANSTON, RI are MOBBED-UP!!!) But heh let’s talk of ANDY’s sterling record – Wasn’t little ANDY the AG who couldn’t find anything wrong with E – L – I – O – T SPITZ paying for ‘PROS-TEE-TOOT-EES’ with government funds??? REAL SHARP GUY THAT ANDY WHO PROBABLY SAYS THERE IS NO ‘MAFIA’???!!! Another great DEMBHOLE for office. Ha.