Gay Marriage Bills Introduced


Sponsors of same-sex marriage bills in the state Legislature officially introduced the legislation yesterday.

Here’s the main change in the language:

The domestic relations law is amended by adding a new section 2 10-a to read as follows:
3 ยง 10-a. Sex of parties.

1. A marriage that is otherwise valid shall be valid regardless of whether the parties to the marriage are of the same or different sex. No government treatment or legal status, effect, right, benefit, privilege, protection or responsibility relating to marriage, whether deriving from statute, administrative or court rule, public policy, common law or any other source of law, shall differ based on the parties to the marriage being or having been of the same sex rather than a different sex. When necessary to implement the rights and responsibilities of spouses under the law, all gender-specific language or terms shall be construed in a gender-neutral manner in all such sources oflaw.

The Senate bill, sponsored by Sen. Thomas Duane, D-Manhattan, has 18 Democratic co-sponsors: Adams, Breslin, Dilan, Espada, Craig Johnson, Klein, Krueger, Montgomery, Oppenheimer, Parker, Perkins, Savino, Schneiderman, Serrano, Squadron, Stavisky, Stewart-Cousins and Thompson.

It will need 32 votes in the Senate.

The Assembly bill, sponsored by Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell, D-Manhattan, has more, 53: Gottfried, Glick, Titone, Kellner, Silver, Bing, Rosenthal, Jeffries, Dinowitz, John, Kavanagh, DenDekker, Schimel, Sayward, Alessi, Aubry, Boyland, Bradley, Brennan, Brodsky, Cahill, Cook, Duprey, Eddington, Englebright, Farrell, Fields, Gianaris, Hevesi, Hoyt, Jaffee, Lancman, Latimer, Lavine, Lentol, Lifton, Lopez V, Lupardo, McEneny, Millman, Nolan, Ortiz, Paulin, Peralta, Pretlow, Rivera J, Rivera N, Sweeney, Towns, Weisenberg, Weprin, Wright, Zebrowski.


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  1. It is a huge relief to see New York making steps toward marriage equality. Shame on Diaz for protesting the right of all loving couples to be seen as equal under the law. If the bill fails this year, we will come back next year, and the year after that, until equality and justice prevail. The future of America is in its youth, and the youth are overwhelmingly saying YES to marriage equality.

  2. Now lets see, if love and commitment are the only basis of a “marriage”, then, under certain circumstances, a single mother and her daughter or female relative can get married. Same for father/son/male relative. If someone claims that this is unnatural, we just say “it’s the law”.

  3. TNT: What’s sad is that you feel like you’re watching regress rather than progress. Sad for you, that is.

  4. Zyskandar A. Jaimot on

    Unfortunately instead of ‘promoting marriage’ this addendum to existing statue allows further control by government over all our lives!!! GO AHEAD – GIVE NITWITS IN GOVERNMENT EVEN MORE POWER OVER ALL OUR LIVES – THEY’VE DONE SUCH A FINE JOB SO FAR!!! More control for a feckless few that are already gorged on ‘power’ they asume is their’s by right and position.

  5. Diaz is a worthless piece of pentecostal trash. He and his two mafia family members need to get a grip. Don’t piss off the BX, Ruby Dee, the girls will have you for supper. Wepa.

  6. In my life have been married to two women. All be it not at the same time. How has this promoted decent moral behavior in other people lives or marriages. If two women or men have a relationship more dedicated than my own shouldn’t they be allowed the same rights as me?
    Straight but not narrow.