Ex-Senate leader: Spitzer “needs therapy”


   Former Senate Majority Leader Joseph Bruno of Brunswick, Rensselaer County, said on Albany Talk 1300 radio today this his main political adversary, now-former Gov. Eliot Spitzer, who resigned after it came to light that he was involved in a prostitution ring. Bruno said when Spitzer departed “under those pretty unpleasant circumstances, I said, you know, people ought to just pray for him and his family and give him any support in terms of his own mental and emotional state…”

   But, he added, “This man has more problems than I think than just dealing with prostitutes over the years. My experience with him on a personal level is that he is like two different people, at least two different people.” Bruno said Spitzer tried to annihilate anyone who didn’t agree with him, including Bruno, and showed a pattern of “arrogance” and “ego.”

   “The bottom line here is, I think he needs therapy,” Bruno said, adding that “people like this are dangerous.”

   Bruno, who was indicted early this year on charges of public corruption, said his lawyers have moved to have charges against him dismissed. He is accused of accepting more than $3 million from individuals and groups in exchange for his political influence. Bruno was first elected in 1976 and he was Senate majority leader from January 1995 until leaving office a few months before his term ended last year. 

   “So I’m hoping and praying that takes place long before the trial takes place in November,” Bruno said.

   The radio show went to dead air for a few seconds during the segment, which was explained a few minutes later by host Fred Dicker. He said Bruno uttered a profanity that was caught by the station and didn’t go out over the air. Bruno apologized for what he said.

   Dicker said filmmaker Alex Gibney was in the Capitol with a film crew for a documentary he is doing on Spitzer. Gibney is giving a seminar for the New York State Writers Institute today. He is speaking after a screening of “Gonzo: The Life and Work of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson,” which he wrote and directed.


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  1. “Dear Jesus, please help Eliot. Somehow, I plan to do everything I can to help him in terms of his metal and emotional state although I think he is basically insane, (schizophrenic, dear Jesus) and dangerous. Forgive me for being blunt, but if anyone knows how crazy he is, it is You since you made him. If You didn’t, then it was God the Father, who creates Jews as well as Christians, and possibly others. In closing, I thank you for this great State and, if you’re not too busy, could you get these prosecutors off my ass?”

  2. Public corruption is too strong a phrase for that which Joe Bruno has been accused. Public corruption insinuates bribery; that is not the case in Mr. Bruno’s indictment. He stands accused of a failure to disclose a conflict of interest in return for personal enrichment. The difference is crucial: bribery is the realm of criminal law; failure to disclose conflicts of interest is traditionally the realm of ethics.

    Senator Bruno’s assessment of Governor Spitzer is also accurate. As Majority Leader of the Republican Senate, Bruno received the brunt of the Governor’s tantrums and lack of political etiquette. Virtually everyone who left the second floor of the Capitol during Eliot the Terrible’s reign, Democrats and Republicans alike, came away with the feeling that something was screwy with the Governor.

  3. How’d he make all those millions, betting on the ponies at Saratoga? People like he and Murtha (and another couple score of them) should spend their last years in ignominy and in a cell.

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