Assembly passing series of gun-control bills


   The Assembly continues to chip away this evening on a package of bills to combat gun violence. The legislation would help police investigate illegal firearms, prohibit felons from buying guns, require child-proof devices on guns, and banning advanced firearms and ammunition used to kill police officers, according to the Assembly.

   A number of Republicans, who are in the minority in the Assembly, are speaking against the bills.

   A bill that is being debated now would require that semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in New York be capable of microstamping ammunition. Microstamping means information that identifies the make, model and serial number of a gun is “stamped” onto a cartridge as the weapon is fired.

   The legislation is sponsored in the Senate by Eric Schneiderman, D-Manhattan, who is holding a news conference tomorrow with Assembly sponsor Michelle Schimel, D-Nassau County.

   For more of the Assembly’s release about its gun legislation, read on:

   “New York is one of the safest states in the nation and it must stay that way,” said Silver (D-Manhattan). To achieve this, we must craft laws that prevent dangerous felons from possessing weapons while assisting law enforcement agencies as they combat gun trafficking. Although the majority of gun owners are law-abiding citizens, we must ensure that guns do not fall into the hands of violent felons or children. This package contains bills that address public safety, while weighing the needs of hunters and sportspeople.”

Silver added that this year’s legislation, considered this week in recognition of National Crime Victims Week, was introduced in remembrance of the tenth anniversary of the 1999 Columbine High School shooting and the 13 victims of the recent shooting in Binghamton.

“Last year, the Assembly successfully passed legislation which was enacted that creates a comprehensive database to help prevent people suffering from serious mental illnesses from purchasing guns,” said Lentol (D-Brooklyn). “This year, we will continue pushing for smart gun laws to protect communities across New York. Today’s legislation sets important record keeping and reporting standards for gun dealers and pawn shops and prohibits the sale of ammunition which serves no practical purpose yet possesses the capacity to pierce through protective bulletproof vests. Additionally, our legislation helps police investigate gun-related crimes through manufacturer identification of firearms.”

One bill requires the re-licensing and recertification of firearms permits after five years (A.801A/Paulin). This will help ensure that licensing authorities have the oversight they need to protect the public while balancing the legitimate constitutional rights of gun owners. Another bill creates the Children’s Weapon Accident Protection Act which requires that there be a weapons-safety program for schoolchildren and creates crimes of failing to safely store firearms (A.5844/Weisenberg).

The legislative package also addresses public safety by requiring all firearms sold in the state to be childproof (A.1326/Englebright) and capable of microstamping ammunition (A.6468/Schimel), and by instituting background checks for firearms sold at pawn shops (A.7574/Hoyt). Another bill requires stringent recordkeeping and reporting of gun sales, liability insurance and employee training for gunsmiths to prevent the sale of guns through so-called “straw purchases” (A.1093/Paulin).

Other measures in the Assembly gun package would: 

·         Protect the safety of law enforcement personnel by prohibiting the sale and ownership of ammunition designed to fragment or explode upon impact and pierce body armor (A.2881/Koon);

·         Require law enforcement authorities to record projectiles, shell casings and guns in their possession which they suspect were used in a gun crime into an electronic databank (A.2882A/Koon);

·         Ban the sale, use or possession of 50-caliber or larger weapons, and creates a program to recall those currently legally owned (A.3211A/Eddington);

·         Define a “disguised gun” to include those weapons designed and intended to appear to be a toy gun and ban their production and sale. (A.5078/Lentol);

·         Encourage responsible gun ownership by establishing a standard firearms safety course for people applying for a gun license (A.3076B/Kavanagh);

·         Add to the definition of assault weapon to include additional weapons (A.6157/Titone); and

·         Empower courts to revoke licenses and seize weapons of certain individuals who could present a threat to the public (A.7733/Lupardo).



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  1. I hate to break it to you. However, No new law needs to be passed to help prevent felons from getting firearm’s. There are already laws in place that make it illegal to sell a firearm to a felon. Just enforce the laws in place. Anything new is in fact an attempt to get ride of the second amendment.

  2. There are many anti’s who are passing this off as common sense. And I believe there is some common sense and good intention at hand… However, there is too much gray area… There is wording that leaves interpretation for later which will make it more difficult and more costly for the GOOD PEOPLE to get guns… None of these laws will really take away the ability for the BAD PEOPLE to get guns. GOOD PEOPLE with guns are like free police or anti terror personnel. BAD PEOPLE are going to get guns anyway. More laws require more enforcement at more expense to the Good People & to tax payers.

    All this publicity and hype invoking Columbine is just propganda. Columbine was ten years ago and many, many changes have taken place to change the way guns are LEGALLY purchased. Not much has changed about the way guns are ILLEGALLY purchased. This set of proposed new laws are being sold to John & Jane Doe who are good people that don’t own guns because they are afraid of guns, and are afraid of everyone that does own guns. And it is being sold that more rules are needed because there are vast numbers of illegal guns changing hands every second of every minute…

    Well Mr & Mrs Doe… I would like you to know this… In order to legally get a hand gun right now… I had to apply for a permit which requires submitting my finger prints and subjecting myself to a thorough background and criminal databse check. A judge has to sign off on my application. Once approved I don’t just get my permit… I have to actually tell the Sheriff which gun I am going to buy. I went to Gander Mountain, fill out a federal firearm purchase form, submit myself to an FBI background check, select a gun, put a deposit on the gun, and finally get a receipt of intention to purchase showing the serial number make and model of the gun I intended to purchase. I then took that receipt to the sheriff who made me a special id very similar to a drivers license showing all the guns I legally have PERMISSION to own and carry. Once I got that permit id with the gun listed on it, then and only then could I go back to Gander Mountain, pay the rest of the money for the gun, and take actually buy the gun. This whole process takes anywhere from 3 months to a year, depending on how the judge feels about a citizens right to have one of these permits. In the meantime, no matter how many new laws are made a criminal or BAD PERSON with BAD INTENTIONS is going to ILLEGALLY purchase an ILLEGAL gun. All these laws do is make it harder for GOOD PEOPLE to legally purchase a gun and I would guess that if legislation increases more and more GOOD PEOPLE will be forced to purchase guns ILLEGALLY just to protect themselves… and I don’t think our founding father’s would have wanted that and I hope you don’t either.

    That is why it is important to contact your senator and assembly representative and let them know that making it more expensive and more difficult is worse than doing nothing at all… Sheldon Silver one of the most anti gun politicians in this country said himself that NY is one of the safest states… So why is it so necessary at the expense of the GOOD PEOPLE to make more laws that aren’t actually going to stop the BAD PEOPLE from buying ILLEGAL guns anyway?

  3. the consultant on

    all of what you say is fine…the general public under
    the terms you have stated should be able to buy and
    posess a firearm for certain legal purposes…however
    semi automatic weapons have one purpose and one purpose
    only…to kill another human being

  4. The same old song and dance,if semi-auto weapons have only one purpose,then the first thing we must do is take them away from the police.If they are here to “protect and serve
    ‘ they have no need for guns that only kill people.

  5. “the consultant” makes a partial point without presenting the whole story. He states: “… semi automatic weapons have one purpose and one purpose only…to kill another human being”. This statement is logically flawed on at least two levels: 1; what about revolvers? Rifles? Shotguns? 2; Most importantly, even if we accept your flawed understanding of the mechanical aspects of firearms, why do you ignore the entire concept of the positive aspect of saving lives by using a firearm? If a criminal is trying to harm me or one of my children, I want the best tool for the job of defending their lives. Semi-auto firearms are really, really good for this.

    By omitting the positive aspects of firearm ownership and useage, you present a flawed, one-sided argument (deliberately or through ignorance, only you can say) that relies on the smugness of a false moral superiority. It is illogical to say that when a law enforcement officer shoots a bad guy with his/her semi-auto it is ok, but not when a law abiding civilian does it.

  6. the consultant on

    it is certainly not illogical to say that law enforcement
    is entitled to carry a weapon superior to that carried
    by a person in the business of breaking the law…
    but in any event..the constitutional argument that the
    second amendment permits gun ownership is what is flawed
    outside of the context of a militia there is no
    right to bear arms…so lets not go there..lets just
    agree to make gun possession a privilege not a right
    which has to be carefully supervised…that is where
    most americans come down can get a gun..if
    your backround is checked and it is registered…
    you cannot get an ak or an uzi..

  7. “…it is certainly not illogical to say that law enforcement is entitled to carry a weapon superior to that carried by a person in the business of breaking the law…”

    No one said anything of the kind, and yes it is totally illogical, as is your nonsensical discussion of the 2nd Amendment, which, again, no one has brought up but you. Look at your language: Law Enforcement is “entitled”? Have you heard of “Heller”? The Bill of Rights?

    The Constitution is about “Inalienable Rights”, not rights that the goverment, comprised of human beings, can give and take at will, like some fickle tyrant. That is why Obama doesn’t like it, since it delineates “negative rights” to the government. Obama, being a Saul Alinsky trained Marxist, detests the Constitution.

    And, in many states, usually the ones with the lowest violent crime statistics, you CAN get an Uzi or an AK, and in some states, they can actually be fully automatic! These weapons are owned by law abiding citizens and are not “on the street” and do not contribute to crime. And the only people who see them as a bigger threat than the guns in the hands of criminals are Democrats.

  8. It is interesting to note that not one of the proposed gun control bills would apply to the police. If these proposed changes are so “common sense” and wouldn’t affect any law-abiding person, why exempt the police?

  9. the consultant on

    sorry guys but its time to ban these weapons and the
    ammunition in high crime, high population areas
    don’t tell me what happens in arkansas with ak’s
    i don’t live there…

  10. Well if you think about it places for high crime and such cant have guns legaly, well easily any way. So what your saying consultant is that thoes places need to make it harder what about chicago or dc?? They have also got high crime and no guns still. Places that have concealed weapon permits are much lower in crime. Not just small towns you hippie. Look at all the fbi data you can and look at internation data on autralia and britain. Oh yeah and notice that knife crime in new york is up 50% in 08. Your trying to put feelings into it and its all logic that you need to apply look at the numbers you douche.

  11. the consultant on

    what i am saying is get the ak’s and the uz’s off the
    street..whatever it takes..thats what the american people
    want ..and that is what they will get.

  12. Who in hell in their right mind wants Uzis or an AKs floating around? Hunters and “sports-people” don’t need them. Even if you’re an exemplary law abiding person, if you think you’re going to defend yourself against government troops or an invading army by having one of these things in your garage, you’re dead wrong and dead, too. Next thing, you’ll want Sherman Tanks on the front lawn. If things get that bad, join the Army or move to Switzerland where felons (bankers) have learned how to rob without weapons.

  13. Law Enforcement have every right to carry fully automatic weapons as they do and always will, Law abiding citizens do have this right as well. For self defense a SEMI-automatic firearm in MOST situations will suffice a single shot firearm typically does not especially in situations where more than one assailant is involved. As all WELL educated trained (whether official or not) and most of all RESPONSIBLE firearm owners understand (especially in urban areas) that an automatic weapon can do quite a bit of unintentional damage. This does not however provide anybody or organization the right to prohibit the !lawful and responsible citizens! of the LAND OF THE FREE(to do what they’re told) and HOME OF THE (once, truly) BRAVE from owning automatic weapons, not for the personal defense of one but the civilians defense of ALL AMERICANS as well as the DOCUMENTS DEFINING the FOUNDATION of a TRUE and REAL DEMOCRACY not one of parties who polarize the people of the nation into two factions who argue on all points not necessarily understanding these issues thoroughly… I am guilty of this as well as many Americans are, Democrats and Republicans included. Many anti-gun arguments are romanticized, and i have seen many pro-gun arguments who share similar “emotional” qualities as their opposition…but the three arguments i have found in my research and education(which will never be complete, whether it be in a scholastic setting -Mech. Engr.- or just the casual setting)…

    1) History is the best tool for understanding political intentions as well as the benefits, but most importantly the consequences of policies.

    2) History has always and will always repeat itself, UNLESS the PEOPLE (NOT THE GOVERNMENT) take responsibility for guiding and governing their own future… by taking responsibility in making sure that they encourage and inspire their children to be successful and eager to learn new things always, encouraging a strong work ethic, (give the kid some age-respecting chores) and for god sakes don’t be afraid punish them when they do something wrong.

    3) The competent man learns from his own mistakes. The wise man learns from the mistakes of others.


    -These words are not to provoke fear anger or hatred, but to promote education, a personal resistance to conform (to not believe what you hear but to understand it and use your own research, self-education, and sound judgment), as well as a personal responsibility of ones own decisions, and responsibility of the community to serve and uphold the very basis of which this nation (of the PEOPLE, by the PEOPLE and for the PEOPLE) was founded on. The time and date may change the countries circumstances may become different, but it does not change the fact that the people of this country share a responsibility to continue its greatness, I suggest turning off the TV for a couple hours a day and learn how to do something useful, not only will you become more experienced in whatever you choose too understand but you may learn something for yourself in the process.

  14. Leftists suck. For those of you who voted for gun controlling anti-American marxist bastards–you get what you deserve. You also get what you deserve when patriotic Americans who believe in the founding principles of this country slap you upside your silly unarmed heads. The rest of us, who exhibit a bit of common sense and self sufficience, don’t deserve what you have foisted upon us. Thank your good fortune that rightists aren’t violently inclined out of control knuckleheads like you, or you would be a rapidly dieing breed. When the revolution happens, it will be brief. Leftists have no stones, and will capitulate quickly even though the squealing you emit will be very loud.

  15. Get the “AK’s x Uzi’s off the streets is what the American People want” Consultant I am one of those American People as you say I dont want these or any GUN off the street I want them out of the Hands of the criminal’s. The GOVERMENT is who wants these and every other gun off the streets.With this they can have TOTAL CONTROL!!! I am a former Police Officer and would love to see every Law abiding American able to own a Gun,It would have made my Job a lot easier in that the criminal not knowing if you are armed or not will think twice. Why do you think all of these Killing’s happen in or around College’s or school’s ? The Criminal Knows he will not be running into anyone who is ARMED and can go about his murdering rampage knowing NO ONE can stop him.If you or anyone fail to see this Which I think you dont see this. Enjoy being a SUBJECT to the Govt that takes away our 2nd Amendmant rights instead of being a CITIZEN

  16. The Supreme Court has ruled that the 2nd Amendment covers the right of individual citizens to own firearms commonly in use. Right now the semi-auto AR 15 assaulot style firearms is the most commonly sold weaon in the US. Assault style weapons are used in less than 1% of gun crimes. Oh, consultant the 2nd Amendment is not about hunting, get an education.

  17. the consultant on

    the republicans are simply pushing more independents
    away..pretty soon they will be able to win no electoral
    votes at all

  18. Assault weapons and enforced religion. Great recipe for incoherent thinking. Republicans will never capture the thoughtful, unaffiliated voter with that concoction. They gain the lunatic fringe at the polls and lose the other 80%. One can be conservative without being a total, self-defeating fool.

  19. consultant if your an independant as you say above, then you should be more concernd about LOSING our rights instead of saying the Republicans are pushing you away by Speaking the TRUTH. Your response above is spoken like a true Left liberal, when you cant answer the ? or know your wrong “Change the subject” or Attack. The 2nd Amend and our Rights are the subject here not the Repubs or the Vast Right wing conspiracy pushing independants away.
    Everyone should remember that after Registration comes Confiscation.Look back in History Nazi Germany, USSR, England,Australia any communist country.See where Gun control got them.Notice that People of England Australia are called SUBJECT not CITIZEN. All should remeber that another and probably the main reason our founding Fathers inserted the 2nd Amend was to protect the Citizens of our Country from the take over by a Tyranical Govt. What the Govt is trying to do know is in line with what our founding fathers were looking to protect us from. Losing our rights 1 bye 1.

    The 2nd Amendmant makes all others Possible !!!

  20. the consultant on

    your second amendment rights are not the issue..they
    are what the hard right uses to obfuscate the
    can bet if the founders were around and saw the number of
    guns proliferating as well as the assault weapons they
    would have made it abundantly clear in the language of
    the amendment that it was only in connection with a
    standing militia that the right to bear arms pertains..
    that is what they were saying in the context of the times
    but it has nothing to do with whether or not i am an
    independent and it has everything to do with whether that
    position along with a couple of others is marginalizing
    the republican party

  21. the consultant writes:

    “you can bet if the founders were around and saw the number of guns proliferating as well as the assault weapons they would have made it abundantly clear in the language of the amendment that it was only in connection with a standing militia that the right to bear arms pertains..”

    Not at all. They intended that the citizens, of which the militia was composed, be enabled to keep their military arms in order to bear them upon call, and in their own defense when necessary.

    You really need to study the writings of the Founders more closely, consultant.

    “that is what they were saying in the context of the times”

    The individual liberty s enumerated in the Bill of Rights are certainly not confined to or limited by ‘the times’-if that was the case we would not be enjoying our First Amendment rights by posting our opinions on an electronic medium.

    dDenying us our Second Amendment rights is your intent, consultant. The politics are just incidental.

  22. In Nazi Germany the government took all of the guns away from the people. When the people had no weapons to defend themselves they started the Holocaust. I am not saying that will happen here. But unless you follow the U.S. constitution, you never know.

  23. the consultant on

    no one wants to take anyones guns away…that is not the
    issue…and this is not nazi germany…

  24. There are enough laws on the books. They should be enforced.

    True this is not Germany, but you never know what the future is.

  25. smartporpoise on

    When the Allies were surrounding Berlin, the Nazis started handing out guns to a skeptical public, telling them, if effect, to commit suicide by continuing a lost fight.

  26. the consultant on

    true this is not germany nor will it ever become germany
    and no one wants to take guns away from law abiding citizens
    guns for hunting, guns for sport, guns for protection..but
    not guns designed to kill scores of people at once not
    uzies and not ak’s and guns like folks are not
    going to get them

  27. Con’s reasoning sounds valid to me. I think it’s reasonable to most people except the rabid right and the lilac left. The prior says ‘anything goes,’ and the latter say, ‘nothing goes.’

  28. For you to say we can not become germany you are a very naive person. You must understand history, because if you don’t know it, it will repeat itself. What happened in germany can happen any where.

    More guns on the streets the less the crime rate will be.

    Look at the counties throughout the United States that have a high percentage of guns. In these counties you have less crime.

  29. As a mother, I believe that Doug, Woode, and others have made some very good arguments on why gun control is bad – it simply doesn’t work – DC, Chicago, New York. They are on top when it comes down to gun control regulations -yet you are probably more likely to get shot in them than, let’s say, Virginia. In my hometown (in Connecticut-not the most conservative state) almost every homeowner has a gun – there hasn’t been a murder there in over 45 years (probably more-but I have to go by my memory) and break-in’s are vitually non-existent (I haven’t heard of one, but seeing many leave their doors unlocked, I wouldn’t count it out).

    On another note, my son has a black-belt, knows how to disarm/use a dagger, how to use a sword, and how to shoot a rifle(might be a shot-gun – he’s taking his SATs as I write) and I am thrilled that he has the basic knowledge on how to use these weapons.

    Bottom-line the laws on the books here in NY aren’t helping its citizens, only hindering them. When criminals have no fear of going into a home to rob it then we are the hunted. I can’t tell you how violated I felt when someone tried to walk into my house-“I need directions” but he didn’t knock or ring the bell, he tried to walk right in. He had no fear of what he might encounter.

    If you have to worry about getting your head shot off before you enter someone’s home – that’s a risk I’d like to take, rather than having criminals feeling free to attack us simply because they are certain we don’t have the knowledge or weapons to fight back.

  30. The Voice of the Majority on

    ANY GUN BILL IS AN ATTEMPT TO TAKE AWAY THE SECOND AMENDMENT? From the blog author of that comment, to Steve T. and his rightist threats to anyone who doesn’t share his views, is it any wonder that moderate Republicans and Independents want no part of a Republican Party that kisses up to the radical fringe. You can sit in you house in the woods and lock-and-load, and wait for Concord II to start, but most reasonable people are not afraid of a leftist-liberal takeover of America.

    If we’re afraid of anything, it’s you right-wing nuts, who love guns, who want to dictate religion to us, who don’t want reasonable programs to help people, and who angry, hugely angry about everything. I saw people having Tea Party in Texas and Alaska, where they have the most conservative state governments anywhere, and they’re anti-govt. The Texas Gov. talks about secession (I bet he didn’t talk that when the two Texas Bushes were in the White House).

    Rightists and Leftists both have their intesne ideology-first attitudes. But the Hard Left is pretty weak and small nationwide…this ain’t 1968 anymore. But the Right-Wing has gotten huge, owning Fox News and talk radio…and it’s no wonder that the folks in the middle 20% of the nation are embracing Democrats, for all their failures, in recent elections.

    Democrats, Independents and Moderate Republicans – even traditional Conservatives – fear the new-Right and their angry orthodoxy. That’s where Nazi America will spring from.

  31. the consultant on

    The hard right has marginalized and regionalez the republican party which can now count on as solid
    only 10 states accounting for 93 electoral votes
    republicans had the chance to change the political
    landscape forever but there insistance on social
    positions that were religion based antagonized
    the entire rest of the nation.,…in the assembly
    gun bills what is the problem with the following police investigate illegal firearms,
    2prohibit felons from buying guns,
    3require child-proof devices on guns, and \
    4. banning advanced firearms and ammunition used to kill police officers, according to the Assembly.
    5.require that semiautomatic pistols manufactured or delivered to any licensed dealer in New York be capable of microstamping ammunition. Microstamping means information that identifies the make, model and serial number of a gun is “stamped” onto a cartridge as the weapon is fired.


  32. ok now lets stop this argument the second amendment has nothing to do with hunting it is not a right to hunt in the bill of rights or the constitution ,Hunting seems to be a privlage step 1 obtain a hunting license step 2 buy your tags at aprice the state sets up, wake up people the state can outlaw hunting at any given time this is a fact,the second amendent without it none of this will be possible and furthor more shotgun are more dangerous then any handgun or semi firearm with a shot gun you can get a lot more people with one shot so lets outlaw shotguns

  33. Fetchit you are so right shotguns can cause more damage then any other firearm out there the so called hunting weapon.And in NY State there is no licences for shotguns so If any of these gun bills pass that will be the next step to outlaw these dangerous weapons.And here is a question for the consultant, THE RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS,SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED ARMS MEANING ANY TYPE OF FIREARM,THE problem is not NEW YORK STATE gun laws this is a good system the best in the country where a pistol license does not expire until revoked this is a good system.The problem lies in other states where you walk into a gunshop buy a handgun and then turn around a year later and sell the gun that is when it ends up in the wrong hands. All States should follow NY STATE licensing program.But this will not happen if any of the new proposed gun laws are enacted into law,if this happens NY will be a joke,And no i am not a member of the nra or any other orgainization AND YES I AM A DEMOCRAT AND I VOTE AND LIKE MYSELF AND MANY OTHER DEMS ARE SAYING IF THESE BILLS PASS THEN NEXT ELECTION MYSELF AND MANY OTHERS WILL VOTE REPUBLICAN STRAIGHT ACROSS

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