Democrats To GOP: Keep Mondello


The Democratic Senate Campaign Committee is urging Republicans to keep state GOP chairman Joseph Mondello, who is under fire for the party’s losses with some calling for his ouster.

Democrats say they like Mondello’s ability to lose state races, including the recent loss of an open congressional seat in the Albany area. Mondello backed Republican Jim Tedisco’s failed candidacy.

“The recent chorus of Republican officials calling for Joe Mondello to step down as State GOP chair is disappointing and a step backwards for New York,” said Shams Tarek, DSCC spokesman.

“With the New York GOP’s recent loss of both the State Senate and the overwhelmingly Republican 20th Congressional District to Democrats, we couldn’t be more pleased with Chair Mondello’s work.”

“For the benefit of a population completely fed up with years of GOP cynicism and dysfunction in both Washington and Albany, Chair Mondello should remain in place and continue to remove Republicans from office in New York.”


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  1. Shams Tarek? Whether his opinion is correct or incorrect, the smart-alek, diplomatically sophomoric, vitriolic public verbiage coming out of the mouths of some of these elected and appointed political operatives in this State echoes that of the Shiites and the Sunni in backward countries that we are distressingly becoming more and more similar to. These days, too many of our “leaders” and their arrogant deputies , speak and act like dockside bullies rather than the thoughtful, intellectually cogent representatives that we, as an “advanced” society crave and deserve.

  2. Linda Danvers on

    Say what you will, the Dems do have a sense of humor.

    Mondello has been great for them. In Nassau and Albany.

  3. Mondello’s proven history of gross incompetance and failure have lead to Democrat gains in Nassau Co. and GOP districts around the state.

  4. Odd that they would be so upfront about it. If they were to demonize him like Karl Rove, then the GOP would dig in its heels and defend him to to the death. Sort of like the Custer character in “Little Big Man”

  5. Donkey Darling on

    Speaking as a Democrat, in all fairness — tell the State Dem guy to shut up. I don’t like it when smarmy Republican mouthpieces call us The “Democrat” Party, instead of Democratic Party, just to be nasty & funny. Democrats: just button it up. No snide comments. If we do our job we don’t need juvenile carping.

  6. Donkey Darling, you forgot to add the

    reasoning behind the term “Democrat Party”

    If Republicans are part of the Republican Party

    then Democrats are part of the Democrat Party.

    Glad to help!

  7. Donkey Darling on

    GOP Girl: You call yourself the Republican Party. That is what I, a Democrat, refer to you as. Our party’s name is The Democratic Party. Check on websites and letterheads.

    When Republicans choose to call my party The DemoCRAT Party, you do so consciously, in an insulting manner.

    My blog entry was to agree that the Democratic spokesperson who dumped on Mondello was wrong and should keep quiet. I’m trying to be fair.

    Shouldn’t you do the same, and retract the “Democrat Party” line?

  8. Donkey Darlin,

    I only supplied the overly-simplified “how” the term “Democrat Party” came into being. I did not use the term specifically to name your party. And I see no reason to apologize for explaining to others why some choose to use that term.

  9. Wasn’t Mondello part of the same corrupt Gulotta crew that nearly bankrupted Nassau Country? And they reward him with the state GOP chairmanship? What losers. The GOP is dead in NY because they keep doing the same thing again and again and expect a different result.