“Mom, You Are Above This”


In excerpts of a new book “Ted Kennedy: The Dream That Never Died” published in Vanity Fair, the author Edward Klein quotes an unnamed family adviser who says Caroline Kennedy’s teenage children made a last-ditch effort to get Caroline to pull out of her bid for the U.S. Senate.

“Rose (her daughter) pleaded, saying, ‘Mom, you are above this,” the book states. “That was a wake-up call. It jerked Caroline back to reality. What would her mother [Jackie] think of all this tabloid attention she was getting?”

“Her mother wouldn’t have liked it. It was Caroline’s conversation with her children that tipped the balance. If Paterson had called and offered her the job an hour earlier, she would have accepted. But after that conversation she wouldn’t have taken the job if Paterson had come begging on his hands and knees. That’s when Caroline called Paterson and told him she was withdrawing her name.”

The excerpts also state that Caroline was humiliated over the gaffes that followed her Senate bid.

“She had expected that the appointment would automatically be hers,” said the Kennedy-family adviser, the book reads.

“In her mind, it wasn’t just that it had been her uncle Robert’s Senate seat, or any other aspect of her legacy; it was that she is a constitutional scholar who has helped secure funding for the New York City school system, that she’s acted as an adviser to her uncle, and that she’s a star of the Democratic Party. It honestly never occurred to her that the seat wouldn’t be given to her immediately. When Governor Paterson failed to react, and made her wait, she seethed.”


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  1. smartporpoise on

    What would Jackie think about all the “tabloid attention?” Isn’t she the one who married that Grecian Formula troll frog, Aristotle Onassis?