Spano: Payroll tax to cost Westchester millions


County Executive Andy Spano today called for the state Legislature and the Governor to stop a payroll tax because it would cost Westchester residents millions of dollars and hurt taxpayers, businesses, hospitals and non-profits who are already struggling to survive.

Spano has opposed the tax for months; he said the tax would cost Westchester County government alone $1.6 million and the Westchester Medical Center about $1 million. 

He said that Westchester County last year paid $121 million to the MTA out of county tax dollars, sales tax, and mortgage fees and budgeted $119 million for 2009.

“How come Connecticut gets away with not having to contribute when thousands of their riders use MTA transportation? Why is there no toll on the East River bridges? Why do we constantly bail out agencies that are inefficiently run? Yes, there should be relief on MTA fares, but once again, it should not be on the backs of our taxpayers, residents, non-profits and businesses.’’ 



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  1. What happened to all the lobbying firms he hired to protect the county from all these mandates and superfluous taxes? Unlike other, successful lobbying firms, ours don’t have slush money to throw around to legislators. Maybe we should take a lesson from the school unions and pay-off the senate and assembly with cash to protect our interests. As the unions have learned, graft works!