Golisano Changing His Residency To Florida


Here’s a fallout from the recently approved state budget: Billionaire Tom Golisano said he’s changed his residency to Florida.

“He’s disgusted with New York state taxes so he’s going to be domiciling in Florida, but it made it very clear he’s going to continue with his philanthropic business and political activities in New York,” said Golisano aide Steve Pigeon.

Speaking today in Rochester, Golisano said he will save a whopping $13,000 a day in income taxes by switching his residency to his home in Naples, Fla. Golisano has been spending almost half the year in Florida since his retirement as Paychex CEO several years ago.

“This last thing with the budget kind of pushed him over the edge,” Pigeon said.

Golisano was not immediately available for comment.

Pigeon acknowledged that the move means it rules out Golisano running for a fourth time for governor next year, but Pigeon said he didn’t think that was a real possibility anyway.

He said Golisano will continue to be active in New York politics and won’t impact his role as chairman of Paychex or as owner of the Buffalo Sabres.

Here’s the video from WHEC-TV in of Golisano talking to reporters about it today:


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  1. smartporpoise on

    Good for him. Maybe Paterson and Silver, as they did with Limbaugh and (implicitly,) thousands of other big earners, will say “good riddance” to Golisano. Eventually, he’ll take PAYCHEX and the jobs with him. You can bet Silver and all the other millionaires in NY politics will themselves also say “sayonara” to paying the ridiculous NY taxes as soon as the opportunity presents itself. That leaves the rest of us stuck in the quicksand that they have poured all over the sidewalks of NY.

  2. the consultant on

    He is a very smart man..anyone with any reasonable income
    at all if given the opportunity to establish a domicile
    in florida would be foolish not to do it..and that is
    the sad fact about this state which has failed to cut
    spending and has mortgaged its future to the municipal

  3. What a piece of you know what!!

    He helps get the Senate Democrats elected through his Responsibility NY leading to the OBVIOUS result of higher taxes, and then he bolts?

    Good riddens. Hopefully he stays out of NY politics for good.

  4. Is this not the same person who helped elect a DEMOCRATIC STATE SENATE. I Guess that was his plan all along to elect the tax and spenders to office and then say goodbye to NY and to bad you are not rich like me I can move you have to stay and pay


  5. Keith and VJ,

    Really? You want to make the point that taxes only got bad in this state with the election of Senate Dems? Let’s get real. The problem isn’t 5 months old.

  6. It is truly sad that it has come to this – the state continues to lose out… I truly hope that Mr. Golisano continues to be a voice for reform throughout the state no matter where he resides.

  7. smartporpoise on

    We have traveled, and continue to travel through perilous fiscal times. NY’s answer is to actually INCREASE the budget, using a one time surge in federal funds (also borrowed) to temporarily hide behind. Soon, there will be nowhere to hide. All the trees of fiscal sanity have been chopped and burned. The coming floodwaters will create a tsunami and a colossal landslide. Either the Democrats who are in the forefront of this insanity, are the dumbest of dumb bunnies, or they actually entertain a closely-held scatterbrained theory that they can bring enormous taxes and veritable socialism to the state and country. In the end, they will use the excuse that it is the only way to save the economy that they have effectively destroyed. You can legitimately blame some Republicans, who are similarly befuddled and also cowtow to what they see as the political necessities of further handouts.

  8. Mike

    It has taken them only 5 months to raise taxes, and place a payroll tax to help MTA, That leaves 19 more months for them to tax everything in sight.

    VJ Machiavelli

  9. the consultant on

    and tell me what the republicans did for 12 years
    to cut spending when they controlled both the governors
    office and the state senate?

  10. Our choices in this State are between one party which promotes slow bankruptcy and the other party which promotes accelerated bankruptcy. We have sheep in wolves’ clothing and we have sheep in sheep’s clothing. The bulk of our legislators on both sides dream only of personal riches and of finding the opportunity somewhere along the line to move on to Washington where then can parlay their insanity in the interest of getting even richer by chicanery, and, in the process, to bankrupt a country rather than just a State. They justify it all by the psychological aberration of conveniently tricking themselves into thinking that they are altruists and public servants. When all the smoke clears, they each wish only to have accumulated enough wealth that they will be able to survive the financial holocaust they unwittingly promote that is awaiting everyone who actually has to find a way to make a living.

  11. the consultant on

    thats why i like to elect people that have already
    accumulated more wealth than they need…because it eliminates greed from the equation…see mike bloomberg
    nelson rockefeller, jay rockefeller, etc…having
    nothing whatever to do with ideology

  12. Right. You can question their conclusions, as I often do, but at least you can be reasonably content that those conclusions have not been reached by the need for cash.

  13. Dear Consultant

    They only had two of the three, Now it is three for three and with 19 months to go they will tax and spent us right to to the poor house, at least when the Republicans controled the Senate there was a chance to control spending and not raise taxes, now there is NONE.

    VJ Machiavelli

  14. the consultant on

    unfortunately unless republicans start changing the
    way they portray themselves particularly in new york
    state you will be stuck with those guys forever