Parker Knocks Paterson’s Leadership (Updated)


Sen. Kevin Parker, D-Brooklyn, had some tough words for Gov. David Paterson today, calling him a “coke-snorting, staff-banging governor.”

Parker, who was recently charged with attacking a New York Post photographer, said Paterson has shown a lack of leadership. He brought up Paterson’s prior admission of past drug use and marital infidelity.

“He’s talked about how absurd this is,” Parker said. “But how absurd is it to have a, you know, coke-snorting, staff-banging governor lecture us about behavior in government. The reality if he wants to be somebody who brings us together, let him do that.”

Parker said Paterson should be bringing the sides together, but is instead throwing out “insults and accusations.”

Paterson has been drawing the ire of senators in his own party, who claim Paterson is illegally calling the sessions and demanding that they stay in Albany.

Paterson later told reporters that said senators are focusing on him instead of getting back to work.

“The issue is about the people of the state of New York,” he said. “The distractions, the whatever it is, is really just designed to get the people of New York not to look at the real situation.”

Updated: Senate Democrats just put out this statement.

“Obviously this is an extraordinary situation and tempers are flaring, but we must maintain a level of civility and decorum befitting a senator and representative of the people of New York,” said Senate President and Majority Leader Malcolm  Smith and Democratic Conference Leader John Sampson.


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  1. This creep, Parker, exemplifies the reason that the politics within this once great State is in the toilet. We are going backwards, folks. Were Darwin still around, he’d note and publish on the intricacies of the reversal.

  2. If he had been a Republican Senator Al Sharpton would be now marching in front of their home and office demanding their resignation.

    VJ Machiavelli

  3. You have to be kidding me this guy is a complete idiot. the Governor is doing a great job in an incredibly difficult time. This cry baby senator needs to be booted out in fact i would say a clean sweep in Albany in regards to the Senate is in order. To call the Governor the names he did he should be ashamed of himself. This just seems to continue the theme of the republican party which is a mean spirited hatefull group who wins votes by saying nasty things about the other party. they are so out of touch they need to be voted out just so they can go back to being a private citizen and see just how messed up the system that they have spoiled really is. Public sevants I think Not.

    they suck!!!!!

  4. Appalled in NY on

    If you don’t do any work, you shouldn’t get paid. If you physically assault a photographer and are under indictment on four different counts of assault, you shouldn’t be a state senator. It’s that easy, Kevin Parker.

    And he has the audacity to continue jeopardizing the well-being of this state while by lashing out at the one guy who still seems concerned with working on our behalf?

    Ignore this idiot, Gov.

  5. Are there those who are so ill-informed that they don’t realize that this volatile sickie is a Democrat?