Greg Ball boasts of fundraising victory but…


State Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, a challenger for the 19th District Congressional seat, has proclaimed that the $182,149 he raised between Feb. 1 and June 30 shows broad support.

But the figures vaunted by Ball don’t take into account the time it took him to raise the money compared with U.S. Rep. John Hall, D-Dover Plains, who raised $160,549 between April 1 and June 30, according to Federal Elections Commission finance reports.

With the election still more than 15 months away, Hall has $291,842 in cash on hand compared with Ball’s $100,402.

Neither candidate is doing all that well by national standards.

Nationwide, Democratic congressional candidates, have raised $93.8 million, or $382,750 on average, while Republicans have brought in $52 million, or $206,250 on average, according to the non-profit Center for Responsive Politics.

Ball hopes to narrow the gap with a “Rockin’ Rib Fest & Battle of the Bands” on July 25 at the 300-acre North Ridge Farm in Patterson. Entry is $10 a head or $75 for passes to the “VIP Congressional Tent.”

The event is sponsored by the National Rifle Association, according to Ball’s publicity. State Sen. Vincent Leibell, R-Patterson, Putnam County Sheriff Donald Smith and Westchester County Legislator George Oros, R-Cortlandt, are listed as “event chairs and honorary BBQ judges.”


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  1. So Ball lied again. What a surprise. His total fundraising spans 5 months not the 3 months of Hall’s take.

    Liars and the incessant need to lie. Haven’t we learned our lesson about lying politicians? Do we really want someone from the most dysfunctional legislature in the nation to go to Washington and make it worse than it already is?

    After Ball promised to clean up Albany, we got the worst of the worst in response. Ball is an Albatross choking the life out of good honest people.

  2. Onomatopoeia on

    What’s with Leibell attending a Ball fundraiser? I thought they couldn’t stand each other.

    And Ball’s minions in Southeast have been continually dissing the Putnam county sheriff in the past.

    Is this big love-fest for Ball seen as a way to get him out of local politics? I can see them thinking, “yeah, send him to Washington – then we never have to hear from him again.”

    He should be just as effective as a congressman as he’s been as a state senator. As state senator he has not gotten ONE bill through in the two terms he’s been in office. He sure makes a lot of speeches though.

    At what point does a candidate’s personal history become an issue? Ball has a history as both a coward and a bully. He left the military during wartime before his sign-up commitment had been fulfilled (and before he could get sent to Iraq.) He stalked his ex-girlfriend to the point of flying overseas to follow her when she wouldn’t speak to him.

    Oh well, his inappropriate behavior was brought up during his past races and it hasn’t stopped him yet. Maybe people like having a thug politician working for them. We’ll see if he has broader support than is needed for a NY senate race.

  3. This article says that Ball raised this money from Feb. 1 thru June 30. Now….let’s think about these dates…isn’t this when Ball should BE WORKING AS OUR ‘FULL TIME’ ASSEMBLYMAN????When he ran for the 99th district didn’t Ball say he would be a full time Assemblyman ???? If he has been doing all this fund raising for his congressional race…guess he was not ‘full time’ Assemblyman.

    To other poster here, Ball was never a State Senator, but an assemblyman.

    This is really early in the campaign, but historically that is how Ball works the trenches…dig in and oust the other person. John Hall seems like a nice enough man and one thing he is older, more responsible and does not need this US congressional seat to pay his bills. Ball on the other time, is young, no history of long time employment and probably this US seat would pay really well, maybe better than the base salary of $79500 he gets now from NYS.

    Time will tell…but John Hall better be prepared for the attack !

  4. Political Friendships on

    Is it true that NY Senator V. Leibell and PC Sheriff Smith are all buddies? This story says that they will be attending a fundraiser together. Politics sure makes for friendships of use…”I use you and you use me.” Amazing.

  5. Ono,

    You are a pig. Probably Santos on his hate patrol again. The slick pig is the lowest scum in Brewster. Sounds like you are his pit sweat.

    You want to challenge his military service you best be prepared to challenge thousands of honorable servicemen to this country.

    the fact you brought it up shows just how ignorant and corrupt Ball’s opposition is. You can’t even be bothered to read anything, if you even can read, so why should anyone listen to the diarrhea that pours from your mouth or fingertips…

  6. Sr. hit a nerve did he?

    Good. Scum of the earth ball has nothing to offer our constituents. He is a spineless bag of hot air who NEVER finishes anything he starts.

    Hope you enjoy your day!

  7. Onomatopoeia on

    I stand corrected on Ball’s title: Assemblyman, not Senator. The fact still stands that he hasn’t gotten a single bill passed.

    As to “Sr”‘s defense of Ball’s cut-and-run military service record, the facts speak for themselves:

    Greg Ball went to the Air Force Academy. No tuition was charged, because the Air Force requires an eight-year commitment after graduation. On the Air Force site, it says, “All Air Force Academy graduates must serve at least five years on active duty.”

    Ball was on active duty for THREE years. He had himself transferred from active duty to the reserves DURING A WAR BEFORE HE COULD BE SENT INTO A COMBAT ZONE.

    How many other active duty military men got that kind of special treatment? Of course, this is the same schmo who had the time during his military service to fly halfway around the world to stalk his ex-girlfriend. So it could be that the Air Force was glad to see him gone.

    Although Ball has tried to spin and fabricate about his past, the facts are the facts.

    I find the tone of Sr’s remarks to be those of a schoolyard bully, so I have to wonder if Mr. Ball himself has seen fit to visit our comments board. Certainly sounds like someone who shares his attitude about ignoring the facts.

  8. Onomatopoeia on

    I stand corrected, Ball is an assemblyman, not a state senator.

    As to my other comments, I stand by them.

    The facts are these: Ball went to the Air Force Academy which is free if the student commits to a minimum of five years of ACTIVE service (not the reserves).

    Ball was never sent to a combat area and he left active duty after three years, which means he did not fulfill the commitment of 5 years active duty. Lest we forget, this was while our country was at war, and he never saw combat.

    On Ball’s website, he admits he was transferred from active duty to the reserves before his five years were up.

    This was about the same time his ex-girlfriend, Linda Fern Roth, asked for and got a temporary restraining order because he was stalking her, going to the extent of flying from the US to Israel to pursue her. It’s not clear whether the stalking and resulting legal action had anything to do with his transfer from active duty.

    I posted this same information earlier, and it was removed from the blog comments. I don’t know why. Those are facts about Ball. Is it a “smear” when you’re just reporting the truth?

    This is all stuff that was covered by the Journal News as well as other news sources. Just Google it if you have doubts.
    People don’t have to make up stuff to show Greg Ball in a bad light. There’s no point in telling lies about someone when the truth is bad enough.

  9. whoskiddingwho on

    What I see as strange is this convenient arrangement of friendships that have been formed. Leibell and Ball have seemingly made up. Maybe Leibell should have to account and answer for all the people that are now on Ball’s doo-doo list because of thier Leibel–sponsored attacks on Ball. Where do they go now, Senator? They hated him for you. Do they also get a pass? Or are they left swingling in the wind, and you’re the only one who benefits here?

    And what about old sheriff smith? He’s gonna be a judge at a rib-eating contest but can’t figure out what to do about illegal aliens? The worst sheriff we ever had. A police man needs to be sheriff. No more police impersonators.

    And what about George Oros? Seeing him around town makes me laugh. Oros represents everything that’s wrong with politics and government. Too many terms in office, never had to prove himself in the real world. Pretends he’s not associated with the current failures in government, when the truth is that he repressents failure. Enough of Oros. Someone who has never run before should run for State Senate. That person has my vote.