Mount Vernon ask-the-candidates night


With the primary election fast approaching, the Mt. Zion Christian Baptist Church has sent us an announcement for an ask-the-candidates night to be held at 6:30 p.m. next Friday, Sept. 4.

“Mount Vernon is faced with a conundrum of issues and perplexing problems. We want to have a face to face meeting with those who seek our support,” the announcement reads. The church is located at 411 South Eighth Avenue.


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  1. Ask The Candidates Night? Ask them what? Not one of them knows what the answer is to anything. They should have a Slap the Candidates Silly Night, and wheel in some of the incumbents while they’re at it.

  2. Instead of complaining be there to ask the hard question. Obviously the press will be there to cover the event. This is a good chance to put the pressure on for change!

  3. The questions have been asked and asked and asked again for sixty years. Change has come and gone and come and gone again and again to no avail. The only change is what’s mixed with the lint in our pockets. Give it up with the “change” and “hope” political BS. We end up with misdemeanants, pre and post felons, charlatans, and Party hacks time after time after time. Bring in a non-political control board to govern, if you can find six honest people in the haystack.

  4. StripClubSammy on

    A candidate’s forum on the Friday evening of a Labor Day Weekend? I predict that the candidates will outnumber the audience.

  5. The “citizen activists” had EXACTLY these attitudes They were fed up. That’s why there was a rebellion, a Constitutional Convention, a major war, and we threw out the British Monarchy.