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Disgraced former Gov. Eliot Spitzer has a new job: adjunct political science professor at the City College of New York.

Spitzer, who resigned in March 2008 when he was linked to a prostitution ring, confirmed Tuesday that he is teaching a course at the city college in Manhattan. Classes started Tuesday.

The college said he’s teaching a three-hour law and public policy class once a week in the political-science department for the fall semester. He will earn what adjuncts there receive, $98.43 an hour, said college spokesman Ellis Simon.

“We’re delighted that Eliot Spitzer has become an adjunct member of our facility,” Simon said. “His experience as attorney general and as governor of the state of New York gives him a unique and powerful perspective that can only benefit our students.”

Spitzer said the class will focus on government, economics and philosophy. Spitzer has taken a more public role in recent months, writing an online column for Slate and doing interviews on Wall Street’s problems. Hehelps run his father’s real-estate firm.

“It’s an eclectic course that at the end of the day hopefully will teach students to think both philosophically and practically about government, what it does, how it does it, whether it does it well,” Spitzer told Gannett’s Albany bureau.

Spitzer’s attempts to rebuild his public image have fueled speculation that he could return to public office. The New York Post on Tuesday, citing unnamed sources, reported that Spitzer is considering a run for statewide office next year, possibly state comptroller or U.S. Senate.

Spitzer declined to comment about his political future, but people close to Spitzer said Tuesday that they do not believe he is interested in a run for public office.

Asked about Spitzer’s political future, Gov. David Paterson, Spitzer’s successor, said the former governor hasn’t mentioned a return to public office in their conversations.

Paterson, in fact, told reporters that he has gotten the impression that Spitzer wouldn’t be interested, but said it would be up to Spitzer and the public to decide.
Of the possible seats Spitzer might consider, Paterson joked, “I didn’t hear governor so it sounds alright to me.”

Spitzer’s family has close ties to the City College of New York. His father, Bernard, graduated from the college in 1943, and in 2005, the school established the Anne and Bernard Spitzer Chair in Political Science after a $2.1 million gift from the couple.

Earlier this year, Bernard Spitzer gave $25 million to City College for its School of Architecture.


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    That’s quite a role model for the up and coming
    politicians of new york…spitzer is going to teach
    the ethics portion of the course…

  2. When his old man attended, CCNY had a storied academic heritage. The Steamroller might be surprised to find that things have changed a bit. A goodly portion of the latest bunch is more like the legislators he tried to deal with, vacant and opinionated. He’ll get on well. If not, with his family portfolio, it should be easy to find himself a free, if not inexpensive coed.

  3. Zyskandar A. Jaimot on

    Will E – L – I – O – T be wearing black-socks to all his classes on ‘ETHICS’ – as he did for numbered assignations??? Ha. SOME ‘TEACHER’ AND ROLE-MODEL!!!

  4. I wonder if Steamroller Eliot will also offer advice on how to pick up a hooker and not get caught! LoL

  5. To Smart Porpoise,

    Sorry to disappoint you but CCNY has been moving up in academic prestige which the recent Rhodes Scholars, Truman Scholars, Fulbright and Jarvits scholars can attest to. Please do some research before you try to defame an institution.

    CCNY student

  6. Let’s face it. Past facts are facts. I trust your evaluation. About time CCNY returned to being one of the premier learning and scholarly institutions in the country.

  7. Zyskandar A. Jaimot on

    to CCNY Student and others whom remain UNIINFORMED or impressed with the term ‘SCHOLAR’ – The FACT of whether one or is not a RHODES SCHOLAR – belays the issue that we honor the memory of CECIL RHODES a man who enslaved/tortured millions so he and his racist Whites could enrich themselves in open pit mines founding the state named after him:RHODESIA!!! [For those of you quick to say i or others are jealous/envious of those being so honored with RHODES SCHOLARSHIP’s such as former President D^CKHEAD CLINTON, or former cabinet member ROBERT REICH, or former general WESLEY CLARK(those are the ‘insiders’ of D^CKHEAD’s administration that were associated with this so-called honor) – when it was suggested that many long years ago; that i would be a fitting candidate for this ‘supposed honor’ – i refused after ‘discovering’ who exactly RHODES and his ongoing PUTRID acts of despoilment were and always had been!!!] As memory serves SENATURD FULBRIGHT (D^CKHEAD’s mentor in Ark.)was also a supreme racist???!!! So please do not base CCNY’s academic supposed prestiege-or-rank on the awarding of these putative scholarships and designation of the term ‘scholars’.

  8. This was up until recently, an open-enrollment school wherein you needn’t have even a high school diploma to matriculate, and where the courses were largely remedial, and many of the teaching faculty were graduates of this very same sham. Even graduate degrees were handed out. Many “graduates” of that time are presently in the NYC schools system, actually teaching your children. All in the name of someone’s convoluted idea of “fairness,” and “equal opportunity.”

  9. There are TA’s that are products of CUNY Grad School, but as you might know, or not, that post-grad institution is one of the premier schools in the country.

    CCNY is not an open enrollment school. It hasnt had open admissions since late 90s.

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