Nick Spano Fundraising For Cuomo


spanofundraiserRepublican senator turned lobbyist Nick Spano is raising money this week for Andrew Cuomo’s campaign (for governor? for attorney general?) in Rockland County, along with Democratic county chairman Vince Monte.

Tickets start at $1,000 for the event as Cuomo looks to build on his $10 million warchest.

As a lobbyist, Spano has been supporting Democrats and Republicans and even doles out campaign money through his still active Senate campaign account, spending about $27,000 from January through mid-July on various campaigns.

He gave $5,000 to the Westchester Conservative Party PAC and $4,500 to the Westchester GOP. But he also gave $3,000 to “Friends of Carl,” which is Senate Finance Chairman Carl Kruger’s committee and $1,000 each to Sens. Jeff Klein and Malcolm Smith.

That’s not the only fundraising going on the area.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, D-Manhattan, is hosting a golf tournament fundraiser at the Hollow Brook Golf Club in Cortlandt Manner today, and Gov. David Paterson is expected to stop by later today.


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  1. nick spano always was an independent. he was bipartisan in the senate and is the same in the private sector good work !

  2. Hey Spano fan…Nick Spano was the freaking Republican County GOP Chair. You call that “independent.” Let’s be honest, the Spano family used the GOP for decades as an employment company for the family and got about 25 Spanos a nice NYS pension. They are now moving over to the Dems because there are 150,000 more of them in Westchester these days. If it was still a Republican county, ther would be no fund-raising for Cuomo.

    Nick Spano is an unprincipled opportunist – not independent. He is not the only one – just the poster-child for unprincipled political opportunists here is Westchester. Unfortunately, it is people like him who are always the winners in politics, and the perfect example of why New York and Westchester have been forever ruined and hard-working people are fleeing to other parts of the country.