Ball wants Assembly to step into Polanski arrest fracas


gball   Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, introduced a resolution in the Assembly today that would chastise Whoopi Goldberg for saying on ABC television that “I know it wasn’t rape-rape” in reference to movie director Roman Polanski’s conviction several decades ago for raping a teenage girl. Polanski fled to Europe before he was sentenced in California and was arrested in Switzerland on a warrant last weekend.

   Ball said the Legislature should demand “immediate disciplinary action including the dismissal” of Goldberg, who made the comments on The View.

   “Her disgusting remarks are an affront to anyone who has ever been molested or sexually assaulted,” Ball said in a release. “This type of popularization of criminality worsens what many face, especially since people who have been raped often blame themselves. No amount of cinematic achievement could ever justify this kind of heinous crime….”


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  1. All of a sudden Ball “sympathizes” with victims of sexual assault…

    Hmmm… click that link above and see what you think. Better yet, just google “Ball Molest” and see what pops up.

    Ball said, “Her disgusting remarks are an affront to anyone who has ever been molested or sexually assaulted.”

    Now if that isn’t the pot calling the kettle black…

  2. make no mistake about it..ball is trying
    to reinvent himself before he runs for
    congress…last week it was distancing
    himself from his past position of
    opposing abortion even in the case of
    rape and incest… he moderated that
    view….this week he’s all about distancing
    himself from his past behavior… just
    as you can see in that video, when ball
    gets angry with a voter he says to the
    voter – taunting, “you’re a little off.
    were you molested as a child?”

    where’s the compassion greg? where’s the

    your remarks are a disgusting affront to

  3. MenBehavingBadly on

    “Before he runs for congress”.

    He’s been running for congress all along. His intentions were to get elected to NY government and then head to Washington from the get go. He’s been running for congress since January 2009 which was when he started his second term in Albany. This is what legislation he comes up with?!!?!?!? Another Ball sponsored bill that will go no where.

  4. "Don't Tell" Greg on

    Is everything in Albany going so well that this …this is what Ball spends his time doing????

    I can’t believe we tax payers pay for him to spend all his time campaigning.

    He was just sworn in in January and announced he was running for Congress in february. Give us a break. Do your job for a little bit before you ask for a promotion.

  5. Cliff Weathers on

    Memorializing resolutions, like this one by Ball, are a waste of taxpayer dollars.

    Ball will do anything to get his name in the press and he doesn’t care if he does it on our dime.

  6. Do we really need another ambitious young man whose only loyalty is to his own career? I’ve never seen anyone better able to speak out of both sides of his mouth at the same time. He professes sympathy for victims of insurance company greed and then proposes that a solution is–get this–more subsidies for the insurance companies! He will say anything and do anything to get elected (and what is the real story behind that poor dead goat in his driveway anyway?) and then would accomplish NOTHING. Just as he has accomplished NOTHING in the assembly.

  7. Where's the Journal News? on

    This is the news of the day. No coverage in the Journal News… what gives?

    See below.

    October 3, 2009

    Campaign finance law violations complaint filed against Ball

    Michael Woyton
    Poughkeepsie Journal

    Allegations of federal campaign finance law violations have been leveled against Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Carmel, and his campaign organization, Ball4NY.

    Gary Levine, the Dutchess County Division chairman of the New York Democratic Lawyers Council, said the complaints were sent Friday to the Federal Election Commission.

    Ball is challenging U.S. Rep. John Hall, D-Dover, for the 19th Congressional District seat in 2010.

    “Assemblyman Greg Ball has shown a disturbing disregard for the law in his campaign for Congress,” Levine said. “From soliciting and accepting illegal corporate contributions to exceeding lawful campaign donation limits, from improper use of taxpayer resources for his campaign activities to voicing legally insufficient robo-calls, there is a troubling pattern.”

    Matt Mackowiak, the general consultant for Ball4NY, called the complaint baseless.

    “This is purely political. There have been no complaints or requests for information made by the Federal Election Commission. If we do hear from the FEC, we have full faith this partisan complaint will be dismissed,” Mackowiak said in an e-mail.

    Levine said Ball left the council no choice but to file a complaint with the Federal Election Commission and request sanctions.

    “We ask the FEC to make sure he does not continue to violate these important laws,” he said.

    The three-count complaint alleges Ball solicited and received “soft money,” unregulated contributions made to political parties; transferred assets from his nonfederal, or Assembly, campaign to his congressional campaign, and distributed ads without disclosing who paid for or authorized them.

    Supporting documents allege Ball’s congressional exploratory committee held a May 1 golf outing that included a silent auction, for which Ball representative Jacqueline Ambrosino asked for donations, such as tickets to sporting events, gift certificates, plane tickets and TVs. The request was for donations from businesses and people.

    The complaint alleged another event on July 25, sponsored by the New York State Rifle & Pistol Association and the National Rifle Association, offered a VIP congressional tent sponsorship for $2,900, or $500 above the federal limit.

    Also alleged is Ball’s use of “photos, videos and other assets from his nonfederal campaign and/or his official New York Assembly office” without compensating his Assembly campaign or the state.

    Levine’s complaint included an automated call by Ball to 19th Congressional District voters during which there was no indication of who paid for or authorized the call.