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These two announcements from state Assemblyman Greg Ball, R-Patterson, landed in my in-box today within a minute of each other.



You can read the entire announcements after the break.BALL CALLS FOR MORATORIUM ON “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL”

After a recent recommendation by a military administrative board
to discharge Army First Lieutenant Dan Choi, a veteran of Operation Iraqi
Freedom and West Point Graduate, Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson)
first called upon the New York State Army National Guard to put a moratorium
on the current “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” (DADT) policy affecting the military.

Following that announcement, Ball worked together with bipartisan members of
the State Assembly to draft and introduce a legislative resolution in the
State Assembly.  The resolution has since gained bipartisan support in the
State Assembly.

“As an Academy grad and former Air Force Captain, I was honored to serve
with the best and brightest of America. What folks need to realize is that
some of the brightest and best in uniform are also homosexual. These folks
serve honorably everyday, but are asked, forced really, to live a lie, and
that reality in and of itself is a self-inflicted security risk created by
DADT. To kick brave men and women out of the military, patriotic folks
willing to fight and die for our country, because of their sexual
orientation, in an era when we need every serviceman and woman we can get,
is foolish. The military is strong and resilient and can handle this
change,” said Ball.

As the former ranking member of the Assembly Veterans’ Affairs Committee,
Ball was instrumental in the enactment of many important pieces of
veterans-specific laws and programs, including the creation of the Veterans
Tuition Program and working with the State Division of Veterans’ Affairs to
increase efforts to combat post traumatic stress syndrome and other mental
health issues affecting veterans currently returning from Iraq and



Named “Honorary Chair” for inception of 2009 “Meet the Breeds” event

The American Kennel Club (AKC) and Cat Fanciers’ Association (CFA) have
named Assemblyman Greg Ball (R, C, I – Patterson) an Honorary Chair for the
2009 debut of “Meet the Breeds” for his support of Responsible Pet Ownership
in the community.

Ball, who often works with the Humane Society and other national
organizations on animal rights legislation, said, “Fighting for my
two-legged constituents also has included fighting for our four-legged
friends, and as a full-time State Assemblyman, it has been both an honor and
a privilege to fight to crack down on animal cruelty.”

“Meet the Breeds” will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 17 and 18,
2009 at New York City’s Javits Convention Center. Sponsored by PetPartners,
Inc., a leading pet healthcare provider, “Meet the Breeds” is a showcase of
over 160 AKC-registered dog breeds and 41 CFA-registered cat breeds and will
be the first stand-alone event of its kind in the world.

“When I joined 4H at a young age, animal rights became near and dear to my
heart, and I firmly believe that animals should be entitled to a happy and
healthy life,” Ball added.

Ball has worked hard in Albany to bring attention to animal protection. He
also co-sponsored legislation to allow guide dogs, hearing dogs, and service
dogs to be allowed in public places during their training, and, as seen on
the Fox Strategy Room, developed legislation to outlaw puppy mills as well
as to end the practice of using dog fur as trimming on coats popularly sold
in the United States.

AKC’s “Meet the Breeds” has been held at every AKC/Eukanuba National
Championship show since its inception in 2001, drawing thousands of
spectators to the colorful and creatively decorated booths showcasing each
AKC-registered breed. The booths, created by each breed’s national club, are
individually decorated to depict the breed’s country of origin, historical
purpose or function, and attributes as a family pet. Responsible breeders
and their dogs, puppies, cats and kittens will interact with the public to
educate them on various breeds and responsible pet ownership.

“Because of the overwhelming popularity of this feature at our past shows
and the tremendous participation of our Parent Clubs, we have decided to
create a stand-alone event geared 100 percent toward pet lovers. Bringing
the internationally-respected CFA in adds a new dimension and will allow
event-goers to experience every breed of dog and cat in the U.S. together
under one roof,” said Dennis Sprung, AKC President and CEO. “It’s an ideal
opportunity for any animal lover to enjoy the diversity and beauty in the
canine and feline worlds and learn about breeds directly from the experts.
We will offer attractions such as educational demonstrations, vendors and
activities for kids and we expect it to become an annual family event.”


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